Sleepover - Truth or Dare (❖BadDεεr❖, James1)

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  1. ~Character Bios~

    BadDeers Characters
    Name: Sophie

    Age: 19

    Personality: Very giddy and cheery. Sophie is kind of a dope and a bit clutzy, but is very caring and motherly at times. She worries over others too much and acts very comfortable around anyone who is very close/dear to her.

    Appearance: Long brunette hair, hazel eyes, short in stature, a bit curvy.

    Extra: She is incredibly adorable when she tries to act mad.

    James Characters
    Name: James

    Age: 20

    Personality: smart, fun loving and laid back. People normally see him as confident and outgoing, but those closest to him know that he can actually be quite shy and reserved. But with enough encouragement, he can be pushed into doing almost anything.

    Appearance: medium height, athletic body, brown hair, blue eyes



    Sophie, James' childhood friend, decides to pay him a visit in his dorm room and a game of truth or dare commences. The two then begin to realize that they feel a little more than being just friends...
  2. Love your characters, would love to do this rp if you'd like?