Sleepless Nights: SNK FanFiction

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  1. Levi hated night time, or more specifically he hated bedtime. Going to sleep was one of the hardest things for him to do, and if he could avoid it he would, which he often did by finding some filthy room to clean up, or finding extra paperwork to do just to keep his mind busy.

    But even 'Humanity's Strongest Soldier' needed to sleep, when his eyes struggled to stay open, or his vision blurred, or words started to be spelled incorrectly Levi knew he was ready, reluctant, but ready to go to bed. He would stagger over to his bed and collapse into the fresh smelling sheets and close his eyes.

    But the moment he started to drift off was the second the shouts of anger and hate filled his mind, the images of his fallen comrades swarmed his body as they cried out to him claiming they hated him and pestering him with the questions of 'Why? Why Corporal, why did you let us die?' echoed in his ears.When his dreams began to be to much for him, he'd jolt awake sitting up in a cold sweat, he would run his hand through his hair before he climbed out of bed to find something for himself to do, for he was unable to go back to sleep.

    Night after night, Levi was losing much needed sleep, and night after night his nightmares began to get stronger and stronger. They would become darker and darker, they even began to get physical, where Levi would find himself attacking himself in his fitful sleep whenever he did manage to fall asleep.

    It eventually got to the point where Levi stopped sleeping all together, he felt exhausted but he was able to hide it fairly well.

    No one thought anything of it, because of the fact he hid it so well, that is until he one day collapsed during a mission outside of the walls, nearly being trampled by a Titan but luckily Eren had zipped by on the 3DMG taking him out of harms way just in the nick of time.

    Worried for his safety and his health Eren, and Hanji forced him to bed when they returned to the HQ. Yet, by nature he put up a big fight saying things like "You don't tell me what to do!" or "You are all f*cking idiots! I was just caught off guard!"

    "Caught off guard my butt! You passed out!"

    But despite all his fighting the two of them manage to convince him that he should rest, which sort of required Hanji to threat him about assisting her in her Titan research, Levi finally gave in and headed up the stairs. But on his way up the stairs, his legs buckled and he nearly fell due to fatigue, luckily for him Eren was following behind and was at his side immediately catching him just in time.

    In the end he required assistance the rest of the way to his bedroom which was down the hall. Levi's steps were slow and sluggish, his eyes were dull and unfocused and occasionally he would yawn, not caring if Eren saw just how exhausted he was.

    But he would also glance around nervously asking Eren if he heard or saw something, Eren recalled his father telling him that if you lose too much sleep you start hallucinating and seeing things, seeing Levi like this hurt him.It was nothing short of a miracle that Levi made it to his room without hurting himself or Eren. The teen boy helped him ready for bed and drew the curtains, Levi laid down and much to Eren's surprise Levi just curled on his side and closed his eyes.

    Eren pulled the blankets up to his chest and wished his Corporal a good night and sweet dreams. Darkness.Darkness everywhere.Levi looked around, the ground rumbled and shook as the sound of large footfalls were heard. Taking up his swords Levi knew what was coming he prepared himself for the attack.

    Sure enough two Titans stumbled out each varying in size one was five meters tall with brown hair and brown eyes with glasses, the other was a very familiar looking Titan and it was fifteen meters tall and muscular.These Titans looked all too familiar and strangely he felt some sort of connection to them but they were Titans and Titans are Titans no matter how they look or you felt toward them! Levi leapt up and launched himself forward with the 3DMG and aimed for the nape on the five meter tall Titan, he spun around with unbelievable speed and sliced down the Titan, successfully killing it, his speed didn't faulter when he aimed for and killed the fifteen meter Titan, both littered in lacerations and gaping wounds in the nape.

    Landing on the ground, recalling the hooks Levi turned away and began to walk in the thick darkness when he felt something grab at his ankle in a painful manner.

    His gray eyes glanced behind himself, but what he saw caused his breath to get lodged in his throat. Eren and Hanji, were grabbing at him, sustaining the same wounds as the Titans he had killed "Why!? Why!? Can't you show us any remorse? You did this to us Levi...why!?" they said simultaneously, their voices blending and wavering in and out of sync.

    Levi gasped, his eyes widening before he broke out of their grasp and fled! He ran as fast and far as he could though he felt like he was running in place with all the darkness yet he continued to run even up to the point where he tripped over himself and fell, but instead of landing with a crash Levi landed with a splash.

    He opened his eyes and looked around, everything was blue and shimmering as if he was underwater. He looked around as he noticed fish swimming past him, not caring to much to see what other aquatic life there was Levi swam upwards.

    But like the darkness, he felt like he was getting nowhere!


    'What was that!?'

    Levi turned and saw nothing but a stream of bubbles trailing from whatever had fallen into the water.



    Levi looked around for the falling objects, yet saw nothing! He knew he shouldn't let his imagination get the best of him but the sounds were heavy, if it was bodies falling into the water.

    He was about to tell himself it was something other then that, until the sound echoed out once more, this time he saw a body! The body was of Erwin! His eyes were black and his jaw was set at an awkward angle.

    Levi watched the body sink with half interest "Leeeeevvvviiiiii..." Levi stiffened, and he looked around "Leeeevvvviiii, you're nothing but underground scum! The sewer rats are better then you. I should've jailed you years ago. Once a thug always a thug!"

    That voice, Levi looked down but Erwin's body was nowhere to be seen. Levi shook his head and kept swimming as he tried to figure out how he hadn't run out of air yet, but as he swam he couldn't shake the eerie feeling of being followed.

    Levi would occasionally glance over his shoulder but saw nothing, he shrugged it off and kept swimming that is until he felt a tug at his boots and he looked down, growing nervous when he realized he was alone. He looked back up and cried out in surprise, bubbles bubbling near his mouth, before him was Erwin his eyesockets void of eyes as his teeth, which were bared were sharp shark teeth!

    Levi kicked backward but Erwin was fast and before Levi could move away from the dead man he felt his cold hands grab at his throat and the two struggled under one anothers grasp.

    Erwin shot a hand into Levi's hair and he brought his face close to his own "It's your fault everyone under your command is dead! It's your fault that Petra's father will never get to see his daughter again! She was suppose to get married, she had her whole life ahead of her!" Levi watched in horror as Erwin's face twisted into Petra's father "But you let her die! You let her die! Its your fault my baby is gone! Its your fault your sewer pals are dead! Everyone and everything you touch or come in contact with dies!"

    It was too much for Levi he twisted and flailed his chest started to hurt, as his lungs suddenly began screaming for air. Levi coughed as black spots filled his vision yet he continued to struggle to escape but the need for air became to strong and his consciousness faded and Levi went limp his eyes close and the dead man that was gripping him let go of his body, letting Levi fall to the bottom of the ocean.

    Levi jolted awake and looked around his room, it was dark but all seemed to be right...but he felt a heavy pressure on his chest. He shifted his eyes toward his chest, what was placed there caused his breath to come out in short trembling pants.

    On his chest sat the twisted mangled form of Petra, blood running from her mouth and nose as her head was tossed back "Le...Levi." she whispers before her neck pops and the head slowly rotates around until their eyes met dead brown ones lock with terrified slate.

    The action caused Levi to scream out of terror."I loved you Levi...I trusted you, we trusted you..." her voice was a gurgling crackle as she climbed higher up into a his chest her fingers digging into his chest "Everyone you ever known trusted you, you're a heartless man who should be dead along with us! My father, my father my poor lonely father!"

    Levi kicked and shot backwards trying to escape the corpse, but Petra dragged her body across the bed and clung to his ankles "You are responsible for our deaths!"

    At the word 'our' everyone Levi ever lead and that had died appeared in the room and lunged for him, tearing at his soft flesh and biting into him drinking down his blood and laughing as his screams echoed throughout the room.

    Meanwhile, Eren was sound asleep when a scream had woken him up. He sat up and jumped out of bed and listened for the scream once more just to be sure he wasn't still dreaming.

    When the cry cried out once more he wasn't too sure who it belonged to since his friends were also staying over, but whom ever it belong to it sounded like they were screaming bloody murder. Eren raced out of the room, up the stairs and down the hall as he followed the scream, he wondered if anyone else heard the scream but he quickly dashed those thoughts since Hanji sleeps like the dead, and the others were in the upper levels and if they did hear it none of them came down.

    Eren was surprised to find himself in front of Levi's door and he began questioning if entering his room was the wisest thing to do. But the scream filled Eren's ears once more and he knew he had to go inside.

    He pushed open the door and peered into the room, and the sight before him broke his heart.'Humanity's Strongest Soldier' was huddled in a corner as his eyes glanced about his room as if he expected something to leap out "Levi?" he called softly to him.The short man jumped as his gray eyes meet Eren's from across the room.

    "W-What!? What are you doing here!? Who gave you permission to enter my room!?" Eren could hear his voice trembling as he tried to steady it, not liking that he has been caught in a weak state.

    Eren approached the shorter male and knelt near him placing his hand on Levi's back, the latter jumped as he began to tremble uncontrollably at the touch "Co-er I mean Levi, what happen...was that you who screamed?" Eren asked softly.

    Levi shook violently and drew his knees up to his chest crossing his arms over his knees and rested his forehead on his arms hiding his face. He didn't say anything, he couldn't risk his voice breaking or having his underling see him in a weak state, bad enough he saw him huddled in a corner."What's wrong? Please Levi, tell me." Eren begged "I won't laugh nor will I think any less of you." He added, hoping that Levi would take his words as truth. But Levi remained silent "You know...I would never laugh at you, Armin often woke up screaming in the middle of the night.

    So I have some experience with this and if you want we can talk about it." Eren said softly as he began to rub Levi's back gently.Levi didn't say anything, which left Eren just staring. Eren opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off by Levi.

    "Nightmares...its thoses blasted nightmares!"

    Eren gave a half hearted smile "Well, everyone has nightmares."Levi shook his head "No...not like me, mine are night after get darker and darker be-before I realize it I am unable to sleep at all! I-I keep dreaming of...of..." Levi hated how his voice was starting to crack and tremble he knew he was going to cry but he didn't want Eren to see.

    "I dreamt of..." Levi haulted in his sentence before he stared blankly at his feet."What did you dream of?" Eren asked gently, he was thankful that he has had experience with this situation thanks to Armin.Levi bit his lip as his body shook involuntarily "I dreamt of Petra and everyone else...all my squads over the years! I dreamt they were trying to kill me! They blamed me for their deaths and I dreamt about Erwin as a dead man he wanted me dead as well. I a-also dreamt of you and Hanji as Titans, you all were trying to kill me..."

    Levi didn't intend to have his words come out as small and weak sounding as they had, it just happened and it made Eren worry more than necessary.Eren watched him and gently began to massage the crook of Levi's neck "The worst part is..." Levi's voice had broke now and his words were laced with tears "I dreamt that I had awoken to Petra's corpse sitting on my chest she wanted me dead and she became her father as she said 'You let us die! You heartless man!' i-it hurts because I wanted to protect them...and I loved Petra but..." Levi scrubbed at his eyes viciously as he tried stopping the tears by force.

    "You, know it doesn't mean you're weak just because you cry...I can feel you shaking...and I can your breathing, its all shaky. I know how it feels, the need to always be strong even in your darkest hours, to not let anyone in and pushed them out. But, it's not always so good...the more people pushed away leaves you feeling empty and alone with no one to comfort you."

    Eren watched as Levi shook and curled closer onto himself "It hurts thinking that you can't trust, I'm just saying that crying is a good thing."Levi shook and whimpers softly, unbeknownst to Eren, Levi had his eyes closed tightly with his eyebrows knitted together as tears pricked in the corners of his eyes, his throat became tighter causing him to whimper and gasp.

    Eren looked at him curiously he then continued to say as he rubbed his shoulders gently "I was once told that tears, are the words the heart can't express."With that in said something in Levi broke, he lets out a heartbreaking sob and the tears rush down his cheeks as he lets go of his pent up sorrow.Levi sobs for the first in many many years, he hiccups and rubs at his eyes as his frame shakes.

    Eren sits with him allowing the older man cry, he can't but feel bad for Levi. He knows that Levi has seen many things and has made choices that most would consider cruel and inhumane. But is the price of being in the Scouting Legion.

    Levi is doing what many talks about doing but never puts it into play. And it engages Eren to hear the MP or the Garrison insult Levi behind his back.

    Eren tugs the shorter male into his arms hugging him close "You know...your squadrons wouldn't do that to you...except probably Olou, but they knew you had strength and would die to protect them." He told him.

    Levi weeps as he buries his face into Eren's should as the younger male reassured the other, and for a short moment Levi could've sworn he heard Olou laughing, Petra lecturing the other about real men isn't afraid to show their emotions, Eld and G√ľnther sighing, and Auroro chuckling.Levi sniffed and gripped Eren tighter, like a drowning man at sea would a barrel.

    Moments later, Eren felt extra weight pressing against him, he looked down and noticed Levi sleeping peacefully.

    After much struggle (Levi is much heavier that he appears) Eren lays him down and covered him with the sheets.

    Once again wishing him a good night.
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