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    Are you a night owl or the early bird?
    Do you doze a full eight hours (or more!) or catch a couple winks before you're off again?
  2. I am a night owl, especially during summer. I sleep from around two in the morning til noon. Pacific time. I do love to sleep, although I hardly ever take naps.
  3. I'm a night owl and an early bird. I suck at sleep.

    I am at my best in the middle of the night. I deplore sunshine. >:[

    I also need a full 8 hours of -complete- restful sleep. Any less and I am just tired and cranky all day. >:[
  5. I don't sleep well ever, no matter the time of day :/

    I've had some time to think about why, because this has been a problem ever since I was really young, and I think I've found the answer. I FORCE myself to stay awake for as long as possible before I crash because I am legit afraid of dreaming.

    More specifically, I am afraid of my nightmares. Are there have been many nightmares. I think most of my dreams are "nightmares" and the few good dreams I have usually end up with me getting hurt before I wake up.

    I have had horrible nightmares since i was tiny. They'd be broken up into periods of reoccurring nightmares. I'd have the really freakin' scary nightmare, followed by increasingly smaller fearful dreams, until I hit a point where I'm having good dreams. And then a period where I don't dream at all. Then suddenly, BOOM, really freakin' scary nightmare comes back!

    And the whole thing starts all over again. At this very moment, I am in my non-dreaming phase, so I'm expecting the reoccurring nightmare to pop up at any time.

    Anyway, I think I've basically conditioned myself to have this deep routed dislike of sleeping.

    So yeah.... Lulu doesn't sleep :[
  6. Night owl like crazy. Also, function best with 10 hours of sleep, so I usually go to bed at 4 in the morning and wake up at 2.

    So many years of shitty sleep because I thought I had insomnia or something, and the first night I'm unemployed I hit the sack at 4 in the morning and having the best sleep of my life when I wake up at noon. ._. At least I solved one mystery in my life.
  7. Sleep? Uh.... I sleep when I am not busy.... I like my sleep.... I think I need more.... Zzzzzzz!
  8. 8 hours... whether i wanted it or not!
  9. I'm a night owl. When it's daytime, I'm not all that enjoyable to be around. I'm crankier than usual and kinda dull. >< Sunlight sucks, I'm way more active and chipper at night! It goes hand in hand with my phone shyness, too. I'll call places at like 11 PM to leave messages for them, that way they're the ones who have to phone ME, haha.

    I don't sleep a certain number of hours because baby and because PTSD. xP I sleep when my nightmares/flashbacks aren't troubling me and when my little one is nightnight. Lately the schedule has been that I fall asleep at 4, wake up at 7, go back to sleep by 8, wake up officially at 11 or noon. (The reason I stay up late is because it's when my boyfriend and I get alone time to ourselves. It's worth sacrificing those few extra hours of rest just so we can treasure each others company. xD) My son sleeps mostly through the night. I'm lucky for that.
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  10. Early bird! Always have been, always will be.

    I need to sleep roughly 8-10 hours a night. Although I could probably sleep less if I had a better bed and pillow. I can function at night, but I prefer seeing the sun.
  11. I didn't start staying up late until college lol. But I love mornings :)
  12. I'm a night owl... but i enjoy sleeping when i can sometimes 12 hours of sleep is nice :D