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  1. welcome to SUNNY FALLS.
    "where you live a life you wished for sitting on your couch."

    that whole usual advertisement couldn't be a bigger load of bullshit to the young adults
    of sunny falls if it tried. more drama and problems go on in sunny falls then the kardashians
    have every month. crimes are committed, people are cheated on, hearts are broken,
    rifts between friends are created, fights are brutal, abuse is too real, everyone's scared
    to be themselves, and sunny falls acts like everyone's living in happy happy joy joy land.

    but, if you look past that, there are wonderful, blooming relationships of young love,
    new life made every day, people moving in (and out) by the hour, and sometimes,
    sunny falls lives up to it's name.
    but that's only about 45% of the time.
    if that.

    be prepared to meet the citizens, newcomers, criminals, and neighbors of
    Sunny Falls, as you venture into a world you definitely
    did not wish for.



    1. I would super appreciate it if everyone was nice ooc to each other. A Character hating another character is much
    different than hating on someone out of character.
    2. No godmodding, bunnying, controlling, or whatever you like to call it please. Godmodding, for anyone that doesn't know,
    is controlling someone else's character, so let's all refrain from that okay !! (:

    3. Limit your characters and even your genders. It sucks to get excited over a roleplay and then not be able to join
    because all the spots are taken up, okay? (: Alright cool. Even your genders. When I say that, I just mean that having like 4 girls and 1 guy is not okay. I'll allow you to have 2 characters at most.

    4. No gary-sues or mary-sues or whatever they're called pleaseeee. Nobody is perfect, including your character !! even if their faceclaim is dylan o'brien !!
    5. have much fun ok !! :D

    p.s extra tip rule 6. wait for everyone to post and then post freely! just don't post excessively, y'know? but you're all smart enough to know not to.
    7. After you're accepted, each character will have a secret so pm me it please.



    if you're making a family, don't go to crazy !! five at most, ages limit 0-50. (:


    Appearance/Gif of fc (NO ANIME OR DRAWING PLEASE TYSM (: ) / banner describing them

    Personality: (optional but must provide traits)
    Traits: +;- (positive and negative traits)
    SO: (sexual orientation; heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, gay, lesbian, asexual, pansexual etc.)
    FC: (faceclaim)
    Any backstory on how they got to Sunny Falls:
    Style: (may include link here :) )
    Something they would say?: (optional, just helps other players)
    Who are they involved with: (crush? relationship? friends w/ benefits? family?)


    Name: claire marie o'ryan
    Age: 18 (junior ; stayed back one year)
    Height: 5'7"
    Traits: +intelligent, deep, selfless, brave; -sarcastic, emotional, a bit reserved
    Gender: female
    SO: heterosexual
    FC: lana del rey ❤
    Any backstory on how they got to Sunny Fall: been here since she was born. sees everything, hears everything. people trust her with lots of things, because they know she'll never tell.
    Style: one two
    Something they would say?:
    "i carry a lot of secrets, and i've seen a lot of things,
    but you wouldn't really think that upon seeing me, would you? i'm just the girl who got held back. the quiet girl. oh, her? yeah, she doesn't matter. keep saying that. just remember i was the only one who listened when you submitted yourself to the dark."

    "i'm not one for people, and you're not one for friends, but that's what makes us attracted to each other right?"

    Who are they involved with: OPEN
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  2. Heyyy, would you mind if I join? : D


    Randolph Leroy Smith (He prefers Randy though)



    Randy is kind of a douche and has a habit of sharing his opinion on anything or anyone even if no one asked for it. Too bad his opinions are mostly negative and come off as insults more often than not. However, he will stand behind his beliefs and words to the bitter end, regardless what they are and won't back down even if he's proven wrong. Randy hardly ever lies but he's quite skilled at dodging questions and avoiding answering them. Even though he does come off as a complete a-hole, Randy has a habit of developing maternal instincts towards people he cares about. If a miracle happens and someone tolerates him long enough to befriend him, that is. Regardless of his habit of throwing verbal abuse at people, Randy doesn't tolerate any kind of physical violence towards anyone and, ironically, results to throwing punches to make it stop. He's also a bit reserved when it comes to women but he tries not to show it.

    + Protective / Honest / Hardworking when he's interested in something
    - Outspoken / Stubborn / Rash / Uncompromising


    Homosexual but he doesn't exactly go announcing it around.


    Zac Efron

    Any backstory on how they got to Sunny Falls:
    Randy was born on the other side of the country and he grew up as the only child of a workaholic man and an impulsive and abusive woman. Neither the boy or his father ever uttered a single word of what happened between closed doors but eventually people got suspicious when Randy's mother would slip up and hit either of the men where it was visible. The questions got harder to avoid and in the end the family decided to move when Randy was almost 15. By chance, they ended up in Sunny Falls.

    X | X

    Something they would say?:
    "Like I care what you think."
    "I don't like your face."
    "Back off or you'll be choking on your teeth!"

    Who are they involved with:
    Matthias Brian Smith -Father
    Carol Isabelle Smith -Mother

    >Surprisingly, likes tea and warm blankets.
    >Hates the color orange

    Brief bios of parents (open)
    Matthias Brian Smith


    + Hardworking / Gentle / Caring
    - Timid / Self-conscious / Let's everyone walk all over him

    Male / Heterosexual


    >Works as a paramedic.


    Carol Isabelle Smith


    + Strong-willed / Organized / Good at talking
    - Domineering / Short-tempered / Emotional

    Female / Bisexual


    > Is a police officer.
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  3. Accepted! (: Great character. Love the backstory.
  4. Yayz, and thanks. : D
  5. No problem. (:
  6. Name: Elliot Steven Collins
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5
    Personality: Elliot usually only looks after himself when it comes to the small things, but that's not to say he is impolite. He knows when he should act mature, even though he really isn't, and will sometimes do things just to spite someone else. If someone is his friend, he will look after them, stand up for them and help when they're in need, and no-one is more prominent than his sister Zoey. He enjoys doing things at all times, which has lead to him picking up and dropping sports and extracurriculars fairly often, but he has always been passionate about acting. He tries to remain from getting too much attention. His father had always been a collector of comics, and so Elliot follows the same pursuit, although he usually keeps his level of passion under wraps.
    Traits: + Good actor, outgoing, intelligent; - uncaring, selfish, not patient, cocky
    Gender: Male
    SO: Heterosexual[​IMG]
    FC: Lucas Grabeel
    Any backstory on how they got to Sunny Falls: Elliot lived in the busy streets of New York when he was a kid with his nice if not distant parents, and little sister. He began acting in his previous school, and collected all sorts of X-men, superman, and Lord of the Rings memorabilia, as his father had done before. His sister was nearly killed in a car accident, and although she made it out alive, she had been paralyzed from the waist down. Elliot's parents decided to move to a supposedly quieter town, Sunny Falls.
    Style: 1, 2
    Something they would say?:
    "Look at that. What am I not good at?"
    "Oh, I'm sorry princess. Did I ruin your party?"
    "On the bright side, at least you've got your looks."
    Who are they involved with: -
    Family (open)

    Name: Zoey
    Age: 11
    Traits: + Kind, Outgoing, Energetic
    - Reserved, Impatient
    Appearance (open)


    Extra: Paralyzed from the waist down.

    Name: Matthew Collins
    Appearance (open)


    Extra: Works at the post office.

    Name: Karen Collins
    Appearance (open)


    Extra: Works at a car dealership.
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  7. Accepted! (:

    Also there is a new rule so if both of you could check it out that'd be great. :D @Finhawk
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  8. Interesting....

    I'll have to think about this. (And sleep, for now. xP)
  9. I'll get on that

    EDIT: Sent it
    also what is a "face claim"
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  10. Face claim is pretty much claiming a face.

    It's just saying that your RP character looks like a well-known person or celebrity from real life. You know, Johnny Depp for example. Since you used Conner Kent from Smallville as your character's appearance, you could just put Lucas Grabeel as your face claim.
  11. oooh, thanks!
  12. No problemo, amigo~
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