Sleeping Strings

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    Her Royal Highness, Princess Astra II
    It had been a fair day in the kingdom and Astra had spent a lazy afternoon out in the forests with her handmaidens. It was, of course, not entirely appropriate for a future queen to be off gallivanting outside the safety of the city walls, but it was not like her father paid all that much attention so busy as he was, and besides, there was something hearty and fulfilling about being out in nature.

    Astra wished she could have more adventures then just this little escapade.

    She'd never been beyond the glen, never been beyond the mountains, the furthest she'd ever gone was still in view of the stronghold. Her escapades into the woods were precious few and far between, and those tastes of freedom were both tantalizing and cruel.

    Her pillows had been plumped, the day was drawing to an end, and Astra had insisted that her balcony windows be left open tonight. Now she lay alone in her bedchambers, propped up on these pillows that threatened to drown her, surrounded by her finery. It was all well and good, but she paid little attention to her trinkets and baubles, her fine silks and furniture imported from far off places.

    Her head tilted towards the window, the dainty curtains billowing in the breeze. Astra's eyes were trained on the stars as she lay her head down to sleep. With the softest whisper of a sigh, her eyelids fluttered closed, her mind filled with thoughts of far off places, a desperate wish in her heart to be free and away. Each night she went to sleep wanting, and each morning she woke up slightly worse for it.

    But not tonight.

    Tonight would be very different indeed.
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    Demon King, Bors

    Immobile, silent, observant.
    The three terms which defined Bors, sitting among the black plants which covered the majority of his realm. He breathed out a small flame, and he watched as it rolled harmlessly off the hellish flora. He stood up, and decided he would perform another test.

    As he rose to his feet, his sleek wings lifted his body above the ground, and put his right hand out in front of him.

    "Release." he breathed, crimson light emitting from his palm.

    To Bors' disappointment, his magic seemed to disintegrate to no effect. Just as he began to float downwards toward the ground, a light shone from above, and glinted off Bors' wide eyes. After years of fruitless attempts, he finally gazed into a world he recognized well.

    Though the image coming through the dimensional window was terribly distorted, Bors was able to discern the shape of a window, a bed, a blurred figure upon it; he hesitated, as the portal was not fully open, though ultimately reached forward with a wicked grin.
  3. Astra succumbed to sleep, but something was different tonight. In her dream, she was sitting on her bed, and the air seemed to shake, seemed to shimmer, and if Astra had any experience with it, she would of realised it was magic.

    But Astra was somewhere between sleeping and dreaming, like she was waiting to go somewhere, like there was something in her being that was propeling her elsewhere. . Astra felt compelled to look out her window. No longer could she see her familliar stars shining back at her. Some other land had taken it's place.

    Her eyes grew wide as she slipped towards the window, her hand outstretched, trembling slightly. This world beyond was more vivid then anything she had imagined previously.

    She went to press her hand against where the glass should be.

    And suddenly, Astra was falling through.
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