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Wake up.

When I was young, they told me it was all in my head.
The monster in the closet, the one under the bed.
An average, nightmare-free life I led.
But now I see them everywhere, my sanity's hanging by a thread.
It could be much worse. At least I'm not-​

Well, you can finish the rest. The was from one of us, before he died in his sleep. You're one of us too, aren't you? I bet you are. Bad dream last night? I had one too. We all did. Now, the man who wrote that nice piece of poetry wasn't wrong. It is all in our heads. But sometimes, just sometimes, they get out.

Trust me, its true. That bad dream you had? It was real. Well, it will be real. Unless we stop it. Now, this is where I introduce us. We're sleeper agents; we get nightmares, and we stop them from becoming real. Not the silly mundane ones where you're wearing nothing but your underwear at school. The nightmares where the boogieman just killed your family.

You're special. You're just like us. You can see real nightmares, not only in your sleep, but when you're awake. And you can affect them just like they affect you. Watch this. See this gun? See how I'm pointing it at this man walking by? See how I shot him? See how no one but you gasped in surprise?

Us. We're special. We can do things that are as real as anything real is. This 'gun' is just me pointing my fingers. That 'man' was the boogieman you saw last night.

I'll make this quick. You want to be one of us? Because that isn't the last nightmare anyone's going to have. Far from it.

Age: Teens are allowed, but no kids please.

Appearance: Description, image, or both. I don't mind anime pictures if you really want to.

Dream weapon: Like the guy's finger gun, every sleeper has a weapon that only you, us, and they can see. You need a real, physical object to manifest it though; fingers, pencils, umbrellas, etc. And no unrealistic weapons like lasers and bazookas.

Nightmare: A nightmare you almost always have, like drowning, burning or falling. Or a specific person or entity, like a lost loved one or a monster. Will be explained in-character once the game starts.

Background: A short description about who they were and what they did before they found sleepers. No personality description; we'll explore that in-game.

  • First and foremost: Iwaku rules.​
  • The staple RP rules: no godmodding, mary-sueing, and powerplaying.​
  • Human etiquette: don't be a douche, jerk, or bigot in OOC. You should know that hurtful remarks IC are towards your character by their character, not towards you by them. It's all for the story.​
  • Don't be a wallflower. Participate! Barge into the plotline, or I'll drag you by the ears if I have to!​
  • Don't be a gloryhog either. Let others participate too. Let others have a chance to respond before you post the thirteenth reply.​
  • Use OOC! If you aren't sure about the plot and what to do, ask! If you want to know what your friend's character is planning on doing, ask! If you want to add something to the plot and know everyone's opinion of it, ask!​
  • If you read the rules, write the title of the poem at the top of this post.​
  • This RP will contain vulgar language! Whether you use it or not is up to you, but it will be used.​
  • No smut. Take it to PM. Or go incognito mode and go wild.​
  • If you can handle it, you can use two characters. You don't have to, at all, but if you want to and you can handle it, go for it.​
  • Not a rule, but I will not make a character for this. I'll handle all the NPCs and events, except what happens to players; that is for you guys to arbitrate.​
  • Finally, the setting'll be in two places: a bustling city that never sleeps, where you guys have HQ, and a sleepy little town that has far, far too many nightmares.​
A delusion game? I like it! I'll think up a character once I have an idea that isn't a schizophrenic 12 year old.
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Posting expectations? This looks really really interesting, but I don't wanna join if I won't be able to keep up.
No posting expectations needed (and you're a good writer, Rainjay!) because I don't want this to be a chore for anyone. If you feel like it and you got the time, do it! However, I don't want it to lag either, so I'll step in and speed things up a bit if needed. I'm not picky about length either.

tl;dr: No posting expectations other than at least once or twice a week. Write long enough to provide everyone else something to work with.
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Name: Aryana "Ana" Whitacre
Age: 17
Gender: Female


Red hair to her lower waist, deep brown eyes, 5'1 and 110lbs. Average to fair complexion.

Dream weapon: Dagger, in the real world - whatever that is anymore - she holds a carved stick, similar to a stake.

Nightmare: A young man walking across a gladiator pit in modern day. He slowly turns around as the wind rustles, glancing at Ana just as her heart stops beating and the bullet that kills him is sent hurdling toward his heart. He turns, preparing to run from a bullet. Blood splatters across the dirty ground as the metal casing enters his upper back. Feeling the tears falling all ready, Ana doesn't hold back her sob as the man falls - dead - to the ground.

Background: Ana grew up in a pretty normal and stable family. She had an elder brother, Trent, who was her inspiration. Unfortunately, her life changed When she was fourteen. Her elder brother unexpectedly passed, inadvertently causing her parents to divorce that same year. She is still on good terms with both parents, however. Currently, she lives with her mother and visits her father on most weekends.
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Name: Frank Jones
Age: 66
Gender: Male

Appearance: Frank has a generally scruffy appearance. His grey hair is starting to fall out and has become thin and wiry. His figure is slight for that of a man of his above average height, but he wears a large, shapeless coat which hides this. This is not the reason he wears it, however.

Dream weapon: Concussion Grenade. The grenades themselves are visually little more than black shells, and the explosions have a radius of about 2 meters. Naturally, being a delusion, they can only affect those who also experience or are a product of said delusions. He creates these grenades by throwing pebbles, which are consumed in the process.

Nightmare: "Hah, I don't get nightmares. Or at least, I can't tell them apart from normal dreams any more. There is one though. He always shows up. Well, it might be a he anyway. Could be female. Could be neither. Doesn't matter which dream I'm having, nor whether I've had it before, though I usually have. He doesn't do anything either, he just... stands there. Watching. The strangest part is that, while in the dream, he doesn't seem scary at all, but whenever I try to picture him or remember him, he's a horrific beast. Or rather, I instinctively feel that I'm looking at a horrific beast, even though his actual appearance has always been a mystery. To me, he manifests as little more than a glitchy static you might see on an old TV screen."

Background: WIP
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I don't know what to put for background. Any ideas or suggestions?
Anything of a normal background, really. No combat experience irl needed; imagine Matrix-like physics. Also, I don't plan this to be 100% combat. Plenty of descriptive posts, horror themes and interrogations!
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