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"The best assassin, is one who does not know they are an assassin. . ."

The dreaded Draft is long dead in the eyes of the public.

Now we depend on the courage of the current generation to wield the latest weapons into war. However few the numbers of casualties, they are never small enough for the families who have lost loved ones. Anti-War protests have grown substantially all over the world. Peace is being sought after more aggressively than ever and several treaties that have taken years are just now coming under legislation. When the volunteers do not step up, PMCs [Private Military Contractors] take these roles as modern-day mercenaries. Standing armies are becoming more of a factor on the battlefield as the official budgets are continually cut by politicians. Meanwhile larger countries like the United States that can afford unmanned drones continue their wars of self-interest across the globe unhindered. The Military-Industrial Complex is slowly but surely declining in it's influence over governments across the world as the road to peace nears it's happy ending. Not everyone is ready for it, and some are unwilling to let it happen. Black budget projects that should never be greenlighted are rapidly finding support by 'other means' the world over.

A new breed of nanomachine technology awaits in the dark on the sidelines of war.

It has been developed in total secrecy.

Upon entering into the human bloodstream, it reaches the central nervous system within seconds. After exposure, control over the person's entire body is seized by whoever has the command codes whether it be a government or a lone individual. The results are immediate and undeniable: blind obediance to one goal that can be called upon and dismissed at any time. In the wrong hands an entire army of innocent civilians could be raised up to turn the tide of an entire war without their conscent. If it's existence was exposed to the public it would be recorded as the largest crime against human and civil rights in the history of the planet. Due to it's nature the technology has been codenamed. . .




As I stated before this will be a Metal Gear Solid inspired type of Roleplay. What that means is that all of the usual stealth and action will be there as long as you keep posting it. Cutscenes will only be as unbearably long as you care to make them. Hur hur hur.

As GM I’ll help create the scenarios and already have a few in mind for the beginning. So this thing will go off with a BANG once I get enough bios submitted to start an IC thread. But once you start posting it’s all about what choices YOU make on the battlefield. Real consequences will come from actions taken by characters.

There will be no “chapters”. Only “missions”. The only purpose of these “missions” is so a bunch of specialists aren’t just wandering around peeping in ladies’ rooms, raiding lockers, and reading dirty magazines. Although you can still do that anyway. When those mission objectives have been completed, we’ll move on with the plot.

Even if you didn’t find all the hidden weapons.

However there will be some differences from the MGS-verse. Mainly that this is happening outside of the cannon, obviously. No one is going to be playing Solid Snake or anything like that. What I want to see are ORIGINAL CHARACTERS.

I don’t want to see the secret unheard of before clone of Big Boss either. -_-;;;

For those of you unfamiliar with the tones & commonalities of the MGS series go here for some info that may inspire you:

Or just look up some cutscenes on youtube. There’s plenty of them that have been uploaded. Even better, buy the games!

Each of you will be a member of the elite High-Tech Special Forces Unit BLOODHOUND. The United States government has assembled you all for the unique talents each of you possesses. It has been active since the 1980’s. In it’s time a handful of members have joined and then retired while others have even gone rogue.

Technically it does not exist in the eyes of the public.

This unit specializes in black ops carrying out top-secret operations within "unauthorized" combat zones which are too politically-sensitive to intervene in through conventional means. Lately your missions have involved tracking down and dealing with plans from black budget projects that have been either stolen or leaked through espionage.

If you want to know the details of the first mission now I can edit that in here later tonight. Otherwise it will be a “surprise” as part of the IC once it gets posted. This area will be updated each time there is a new mission IC along with the IC thread itself to make things real simple.



Mission Zero
The Hi-tech Special Forces Unit BLOODHOUND has been sent in to investigate a seemingly abandoned village in France to investigate whether or not stolen nanotechnology is involved. Now they must search for evidence while avoiding a somewhat small unit of well-armed French soldiers.

But half the French soldiers do not last long thanks to the unkindness of ravenous ravens commanded by the dark duo of Malphas and Karasuman. A young boy holds up one of the other VBCI's but it turns out to be none other than Beelzebub who leads them straight to a church filled with the bodies of all the missing villagers.

Feist, along with Phoenix and Whitesnake investigate the hospital searching for evidence of stolen nanotech. During this time the mission analyst Lark finds her communications temporarily hacked by a man who she recognizes by sheer voice alone as King Amdusias aka THE KING. As a result Young Chameleon is sent out to find him and kill him but is only met by a supernaturally strong musical score. The Widow and Eliah do their best to avoid detection by these strange enemies.

Eventually information of the stolen nanotech is found, but before BLOODHOUND can escape the villagers are brought back from the dead by the Sleeper Cells. Inside the church along with Beelzebub is Legion, a tactical genius who has planned out the entire ordeal. Combined with the nano-zombies they massacre the remaining french troops.

Despite the nano-zombies soon succumbing entirely to rigor mortis, the hospital trio finds themselves face to face with Legion and Beelzebub. Whitesnake is shot in the head executioner-style while Phoenix eventually detonates during the resulting fist fight between Legion and Feist. Legion escapes with facial burns while a wounded Feist retreats back to a french VBCI.

Meanwhile, Young Chameleon is losing in his battle against King Amdusias as Widow and Eliah fight off the relentless ravens. Young Chameleon refuses to retreat when ordered to by Lark. Widow and Eliah make it to the VBCI only to be told by Karasuman the raven that they have encountered the HELLRAISER BRIGADE. They are forced to leave behind YC in order to save Feist from certain death, only to have the entire village go up in Napalm as they flee to an evac location.


3 weeks after the Kayersberg incident was covered up by the French government as a viral outbreak, BLOODHOUND has gained three new members to replace those lost. Now they are sent out to Eliminate the HELLRAISER BRIGADE at the suspected location of their base in the city of Stuttgart Germany.

[noparse] Character Name: Name or Codename.
Gender: Man? Woman? Something ELSE?
Job/Role: What’s their job? What do they do in the unit? Or what rank are they?
Age: How old are they? How old do they look?
General Appearance: A picture or description will suffice. Be as detailed as you like.

Codec Frequency: When out of earshot, how do we contact you?
Weapons/Equipment: What do they bring onto the battlefield?

General Personality: What are they like, inside and out?
General History: Feel comfortable to share some old war stories. Or at least how you came to be in the Unit.

Special Abilities: What are they good at? What makes them unique?


Anyone who wants to join this RP but not as a member of the unit, post here in the OOC with your thoughts or PM me and I'll get to it ASAP. I'll let you know if it works.

Try to let us know here in the OOC when you might be unable to post for a long period of time. For example: an entire week. This way we can try to work your absent status into the story and keep it moving as often as possible. I hate seeing an entire RP die just because of one person and I’ve seen it quite enough. Let me know if you’re going to drop out of the RP as well so I can try to work around that as well. As GM I reserve the right to make your character go MIA or KIA if you hold up things for everyone else for too long without any warning.
Character Name: Mountain Feist
Job/Role: Expert in climbing, urban navigation and close quarter combat.
Age: 25

Codec Frequency: 142.89
Weapons/Equipment: Climbing gear (15 quickdraws, rope bag, chalk bag, lightweight harness), combat knife and 4 modified pistols:

Doberman: Armour piercing. Single and semi-automatic rates of fire. Never overheats.

Otterhound: Waterproof with perfect trajectory through liquids. Silencer included.

Russel: Short range with high stopping power. The pistol is highly durable. Bayonette included.

Stafford: Long range and high velocity, with perfect trajectory through gases. Silencer and scope included.

General Personality: Serious, stoic and tenacious. He keeps his emotions bottled up.

General History: Adam Riley was born the son a London businessman and from an early age was drawn into the underworld of street fighting and cage combat. He gained a reputation as one of the fastest and most cunning kick-boxers on the scene, known for his wiry frame and cage acrobatics. But when his father took a job with a Saudi oil company, Adam was dragged from his home and taken half a world away.

Angry and spiteful of his father, he soon found the Saudi equivalent of the sport - lethal fighting rings connected to organised crime and drug running. It was the time of Carmotin 40, a performance-enhancing drug that was later withdrawn from the black market once found to have lethal side-effects for 99% of its users. To this day Adam remains one of only a handful of people to have survived experimentation with this drug. But it almost killed him. After a gruesome street fight he was left for dead in the back alleys of Khobar and when finally he recovered he woke to find himself not in his father's mansion or a Saudi hospital, but in a safehouse belonging to none other than MI6 themselves. Her Majesty's government had tracked Adam down and now wanted him to spy on his father and his business contacts. They promised good money and a sense of purpose, and Adam was not only grateful for his life but glad for the chance to undermine his father. He took the job that same day.

For the next 3 years he gathered intelligence for MI6, receiving covert training when it was needed and struggling to cope with the permanent after-effects of Carmotin 40, which included excessive adrenaline production and associated emotional disfunction. He thought he had found acceptance when he met Saadiya, a woman who appeared to be the daughter of one of his father's business colleagues. A brief romance blossomed, but then Saadiya showed her true colours. She was an assassin, working for employers unknown, and had used Adam's affections to get close to the target. The woman shot Adam's father in the middle of a party and fled the country. Adam's life was torn apart and he boarded a plane that same night, eluding MI6 and the Saudi police.

He has been drifting the world since that day and finding employment with terrorist groups and mercenary forces, selling them out when he has to and switching allegiances. A life of fighting and betrayal is all he knows. Till now he has used alcohol and marijuana to counteract the adrenal highs caused by the Carmotin 40 damage, but this has proved an unhealthy solution. So now, by selling MI6 secrets, he has gained American citizenship and been granted access to government-funded medical facilities.

They have brought his chemical balance under control. And in return, he has pledged himself to BLOODHOUND.

Special Abilities: Free running (Parkour), fast-climbing and CCQ. The Carmotin 40 infection means that he produces unnaturally high levels of adrenaline which allow him to run and fight for longer and despite injuries. The heightened "tunnel-vision" also allows him to assess situations at rapid rate, whether this be choosing a parkour route, using his surroundings in combat or reconning a location. His information gathering and decision-making is almost autistic in precision.

Your talents can actually be as unique as the ones you see boss characters with in the MGS games. Highly specialized ones that can make a character more memorable visually and psychologically. Like Revolver Ocelot's marksmanship or Vamp's knife-throwing skills. I don't have anything against slightly exaggerated battle skills or strange powers. Obviously skills like marksmanship take practice or Asmo's parkour take training. But what I require for the stranger abilities is that they have an at least feasible form of technology supporting their existence.

Like Vamp's nanomachines or Fortune's luck.

As for custom weaponry, I'll let just about anything slide so long as it's feasibly based on currently existing technology. For instance Asmo's various pistols are perfectly fine. A crowbar attached to a shotgun is acceptable. Some sort of highly specialized sound gun is even still within the parameters. But I don't want to see Laspistols from Warhammer 40K or a robot like the 'Beauty and the Beast' unit uses in Metal Gear Solid 4. I'm trying to avoid an over-use of highly advanced robotics like those machines OR someone claiming they have a Metal Gear in their possession.

When this unit is working together, all members present and coordinated, you should be able to function with the appearance of invincibility that other units seen in the series have had in the past. So good that if you all went rogue, they really would have to send in someone like Solid Snake to take you down. Even on your own you should be formidable. Otherwise you wouldn't have been recruited onto the team, now would you?

As for the nanomachines, no one in the unit is INFECTED. . . . . YET. >=P

I have plans for how the nano-technology will come into play as the story progresses. But if you really think you have a REALLY good idea for some different type of nanotechnology I'll at least listen to it. I'm not completely close-minded. If I like it enough, you might get it.
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@ Unanum, that robo-arm can be allowed considering the constant use of those Cyborg Ninjas in the game. We all probably know they have robotic prosthestic limbs for military personnel. Every year it gets more and more advanced. It's pretty amazing.

So feel free to give that the advanced EDGE of that picture you have up there.

But for the sake of what I'm going for it has to be capable of being damaged and things like that. No adamantium. Hur hur hur. Make sure you try to come up with a good backstory as to how she lost her original arm and then gained that one!!! To me half of the fun of these stories is the compelling characters that move the action along.

@ Asmo: By the way, just in case this makes you want to change your guy a bit that's perfectly fine. Nothing is set in stone as far as your characters until the IC actually STARTS.
MGS is actually usually set at most 4 years in the future from when each game is released. Part of it's allure, at least to me, was the fact that it blended things that were real with those that were possible and then mixed in Bi-pedal nuke mechs. One was even set back during the 60's under the backdrop of the Cold War. And supposedly during the 60's they had THIS:

lol hai

Character Name: Whitesnake

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Designated sharpshooter, scout, stealth expert.

Age: 30

General Appearance:

Codec Frequency: 142.20

Weapons/Equipment: Carries an M14 rifle, a silenced pistol, binoculars, and explosives to lay traps for the enemy.

General Personality: A man with a very dark humor, used to cope with his work.

General History: He is the youngest son in a family of war veterans, his grandfather fought in the second World War, his father in Vietnam and his two brothers served in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of them raised in the art of survival and hunting in Alaska. When he was of age, he joined the US Army, getting the rank of sergeant at 25, and before 28, due to his history of frontline engagements, he was hired by the CIA to work in black ops. Soon enough, he was transferred to work for BLOODHOUND, after he had failed the mission of assassinating the leader of FARC.

Special Abilities: An incredible sense of when he’s being seen or sneaked upon, expert marksmanship.
Character Name: Phoenix
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Assault Grunt, Flusher, and Ammo Stock.
Age: 25
General Appearance:

Codec Frequency: Communications device within helmet. 56.3 Hz
Weapons/Equipment: Suit-mounted HABB-3 (Heavy Assault Bunker-Buster)*, SMG Skeleton Key*.

*Note 1: The HABB-3 specializes in firing through concrete, mostly due to its customized ammunition. It is a denser casing, designed to when it is sufficiently weakened (due to being shot into concrete) it will explode. The concept is to weaken bunker walls, for heavier blast-fire.

*Note 2: It is a small-arm, merged to have a shotgun as a secondary barrel. Hence, "Skeleton Key".

General Personality: Most soldiers are naturally cynical, especially those in the blacker of the ranks. Phoenix is one, such soldier. He never boasts about his killing, or even mentions it once a mission is complete. Most barely know anything about him, as he acts more like a machine than a man. He responds to orders, doesn't backtalk, and never takes an opportunity to lead.

General History: Feel comfortable to share some old war stories. Or at least how you came to be in the Unit.

Special Abilities: Phoenix cannot leave the confines of his ballistic suit, nor can he remove his helmet. He is a successful test of a human bomb, forced to breath in a combination of chemicals that fuse with his central nervous system. The bio-electric current he produces prevents the chemicals inside him from reacting. Which means, should he die, whatever's around him is going to experience one hellofa show of fireworks.

(History to be Completed)


Character Name: “Lilith” [The Widow]

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Close Quarters, Infiltration, Night Recon, Electronic Disruption

Age: Looks to be mid/late-20s

General Appearance: A dark woman, in both action and appearance. Her movements and speech are fluid and sensual, giving the impression of some great predatory creature. She is athletic and agile (though far from unwomanly) and looks ready to pounce even when at rest. Her usual 'business' attire is a sneaking suit that closely hugs her curves, the fibers and cords of the suit giving her body a very lithe appearance.

Codec Frequency: 140.48

[flash/smoke/chaff/tear grenades] - Smaller, cylinder-shaped grenades that allow for more variety/number to be carried at the expense of potency. For a larger cover, more are required.
[optical camouflage cloak] - A cloaking device worn around her shoulders. Appears to be a normal cloak of some kind of dark composite material. A memento from her late husband.
[Sneaking Suit] - Her suit highlights a few areas, namely her legs and arms with a lighter grey-colored hardened composite armor. The extra armor in her legs augments her speed and agility. The armor in her arms her ability to parry and shield close-up attacks.
[Twin Blades] - Not quite short enough to be daggers but not enough to be swords, these twin blades emit a concentrated frequency and vibration that allows them to slice through thick composite armor. Used mainly to strike at joint and arterial areas.
[CQC] - Close Quarters Combat.
[EMP Device] - A device strapped to the area over her heart. It doesn't have any particularly special markings aside from some faint blue luminaries that glow when the device is activated, namely when Lilith's adrenaline levels rise. The device emits EMP pulses that disrupts other electromagnetic and electrical processes in the surrounding area. As her excitement builds the potency of the device grows and the area affected widens exponentially. Used to disable electronics, etc in a particular area.

General Personality: A lustful creature who basks in the intense sensations brought on by the battlefield and relishes the thought of claiming a new lover. Enjoys causing fear and chaos among her enemies. Her mental instabilities and her tendency to be a victim of sudden passion make her a bit of a wildcard.

General History: Lilith is a widow in truth and practice. A creature of lust and desire who courts many lovers, her chief paramours being the desperation of a man’s last grasp as he falls, the delicate, warm sigh of his last breath and the fleeting shiver of life as it flees its mortal shell.

Lilith had loved a living man once, the man who had brought her into the fold of the special ops world. Their story has long been over, his chapter ending with one of betrayal and treachery that left Lilith scarred. She still mourns the loss of her love and yearns only to feel the passion and love for life that she felt with him again, although the trauma has twisted her perception of the emotions she once felt.

Special Abilities: Fast-regenerating night vision, close quarters combat, causing confusion & fear on the battlefield. Specialty is night recon and combat, particularly of the "run & gun" variety, using her speed and agility to her advantage. EMP Device wreaks havoc with electrical devices, i.e., lights, circuitry. Included with her combat skills is the legend that follows her, the belief that The Widow holds court with the shadows themselves…
Character Name: Young Chameleon (William Rollens)
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Spy/Scout/Assassin/All-around-weird-guy.
Age: ?? He looks to be around 17.
General Appearance:
This is what he looks like when outside his little suit that he made. Yes, his eyes really are like that and his hair is actually that color, not dyed.

Codec Frequency: 150.3
Weapons/Equipment: Besides the stealth suit (Thank you Late 'Uncle', you had the best stuff,) that improves his sneaking (nanobots, tailor made. You wish you were me.), he also has the standard flash grenade, frag grenade, stun gun, dart gun, silenced magnum, piano wire. But he doesn't have bubblegum.

General Personality: To sum William up would require a team of shrinks and another to treat the last team. In short, lets just say that he is a creeper and is undisciplined. And most of the time, he only shows himself to people when he wants to. He is also a bit egotistical and seems to never take things seriously.

General History:
Young Chameleon. As strange as the code name sounds, it is an apt description for
William. Like a chameleon, he blends in. So well in fact, that there is very little information that can be found. What little could be found was enough for the government to search him out, the last surviving test subject of a "failed" experiment involving special nanobots. The experiment was meant to eventually be used in the Special Forces, though (unfortunately) the process turned to be fatal to most. The person who says what happened next to William gets the Captain Obvious award.

BLOODHOUND wasn't sent out though they nearly were deployed. William had led the agents that were sent out to "recruit" him in circles, literally in some cases, before showing up at their field headquarters, grinning like a fool. Really, it was all just a big game to him. And that attitude went with him on his first mission, just a simple, get in, kill the target, grab finger, get out. Of course, they never said he could never take anything from the place. Thank you easily adaptable steal suit for the BLOODHOUND RnD. CHA-CHING!

Special Abilities: William's body is filled with small nano machines, although most are concentrated just below the skin. The how is not firmly cemented in his mind, but he knows the what. In short, they render him invisible to the unassisted human eye. It doesn't block heat so he is as visible as a streaker in thermal vision. That brings to the 2nd restriction. The nano machines only effect his body, not his clothing. Meaning he has to go primal to go invisble. The exception is his stealth suit, which in corporates a similar system (aparently). Honestly, he doesn't care about that stuff, only that he doesn't have to feel the breeze to be unseen.
Okay .. here we go.

Character Name: Eliah

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Jack of all trades - when all members are present and accounted for he always seems to be lacking a bit if his abilities are compared with each member's specialties. However, his actual function is as a backup to the group: in the event of an agent termination, Eliah is able to efficiently fill the missing tactical void without asking others to act outside of their specialty.

However, he truly enjoys engaging in guerrilla warfare. There is nothing more like total war than guerrilla tactics. Hit and run, taking out key personnel, destroying supply lines, poisoning the water hole, setting up spy equipment .. all of these mundane activities, done by him a million times, somehow become engrossing when mashed together, giving him life, enjoyment ..

Age: 26; but years in the field have aged his face.

General Appearance: Here is something rather racey:


Codec Frequency: 77.7

Weapons/Equipment: Besides the prosthetic 'Z' blade, a pistol and a knife. Standard fare and can be easily replaced with whatever is at hand.

General Personality: Easy going, however, is he quick to anger and uses his past trauma as a tool to win 'let's see how bad we can make each other feel!' contests.

General History: Eliah is a soldier of fortune - a mercenary. Born, raised, and lived with blood money. Thinking about the deep moral and ethical consequences of his actions is unsettling, so he prefers to live in the present. Day to day. Will I have enough money to buy food? Can I find a clean toilet to shit in? For pennies, nickels, dimes, or dollars, he is willing to kill anybody. His is only value as a human being is his ability to kill other fellow human beings. So, why is he ... enlisted with the army? It's simple. The world isn't doing so well right now. Corporations would rather hire government backed private security or shower the Somalis in AK47s and RPGs. It's not like he wouldn't mind working in Africa; it's not his place to question where and who he is being sent to do some killing. But the army pays the best right now, and that's where he will go.

Naturally, his background as a grunt gave him essential training in all aspects of being a soldier - survivability, marksmanship, CQC, negotiation, demolitions, vehicle handling, helicopters, and on a good day, he might even be able to fly a jet fight in a straight line (before crashing and dying on the landing attempt). He is not world class at any of these skills, but he is good enough.

Special Abilities: Jack of all trades.
*digs the irony*
@ Raiu -- Much better. Approved.

@Unanun -- Awesome bio so far. Now all you need is a name, gender, job/role, age, appearance, codec frequency, some weapons/equipment, a personality, some sort of history, and a special ability beyond just pasting the bio template. Then we'll be good to go. Hur hur hur.
Derp derp! Inspiration comes slow when you're being lazy.
@ Unanun-- You're fully approved pending you get a picture. But I'm sure that'll be easy enough.

Well now that all the bios are up I'll work on getting the IC post finished up tomorrow. Mostly I just needed character info for any custom fun that was going to be had depending on what you all came up with. I can get by without Killjoy's full backstory to at least start up the RP so no one is left around waiting.

At the latest the IC will be up by Friday night.