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  1. This Thread is reserved for the accepted character sheets from persons in the Slayers and Slaves roleplay. Please do not post unless you have been accepted in the O.O.C
  2. Senna (open)

    Senna or Sen
    The Cursed Armor

    Mid to Late twenties.

    Senna (open)

    Senna appears to be a young woman adorned in weathered, pitch black armor. The armor is obviously broken in several places, revealing her pale skin underneath it. The armor has obviously seen a lot of use in its time, but despite this it still doesn't seem to lose any of its protectiveness. Never once, has anyone seen her remove the armor.

    From what is visible, is that she has the eyes the color of a beautiful sunset, with long, raven colored hair and extremely pale skin. She has multiple jagged scars across her body, ruining her otherwise immaculate appearance.

    Senna, or Sen, is surprisingly quite amicable to most humans despite her violent temperament. Indeed, most would describe her as 'playfully curious' about them. It's gotten to the point where she has no sense of personal space and her hands tend to wander when she's near someone else.

    She's rather compliant to orders given to her by her Slayer, and rarely does she act out. She realizes she was beaten and as such, she lets herself be commanded by Slayers - so long as they are strong. If her slayer proves weak, she will refuse to work with them, and if she had it her way she would beat them to a bloody pulp for trying to tell her what to do. She has a fondness for people who as she puts it, have 'deeply sinned' - such as criminals and murderers.

    Despite her amicable nature, she doesn't like humans. They are weak creatures and deserve to be trampled and killed.
    To her, the strong trample over the weak or command those who are smart enough to listen.
    She also fights with an almost sadistic blood lust, and delights in bloodbaths.
    She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she actually likes having a human form.
    In the realm of Hell, she wasn't anyone important. Just A violent, despicable, creature with an almost insatiable blood lust. Some said she was nothing more than a mindless beast - a cursed set of armor that some spirit had possessed and twisted into an evil abomination. Whether this is true or not, she will not say. She will simply say, she was strong and it matters not.

    It earned her an infamous reputation, even among the nobility of hell. Some, tried to recruit her for their armies. Others tried to kill her for fear of her getting to ambitious for her position. The former, were simply sent away. The latter...well, the latter usually had their head ending up displayed on a pike somewhere. Some, decided to join her, and together they raided hell and fought anyone she thought would give her a good fight.

    Sometime later, she found herself on earth. Without realizing that earth worked entirely different than Hell did, she went on throwing her power about. Needless to say, she was sealed quite soon after, but not without gaining a taste for human blood.

    In sealed form, Senna excels in close range combat with her claws and the blades on her forearms. and moving rapidly. She can move faster than most humans, and can easily outmaneuver them with her superior reflexes, agility, and speed. She can also see in the dark quite well.

    In demon Form, she gains the ranged ability to shoot 'quills' at people. These quills are coated in a dark, sticky substance. While not deadly - they induce an uncontrollable blood lust in any who is hit with enough of them. The effect can be overcome with a strong mind and willpower. These quills regenerate rapidly, and she can fire them almost as if they were a machine gun. In demon form, she can move almost completely silently.

    Demon form:
    The Cursed Armor
    In demon form, her armor is repaired completely. Additionally, a single, long, armored tail grows, it has several spikes growing along it and ends in a bladed point. her entire face is covered in armor, with only the back of her head, and her long flowing black hair exposed and newly formed horns that curve outwards. The only parts of the face plate that reveal any expression, is a jagged grin and her fiery orange glowing eyes. Her feet turn into armored talons, and her hands turn into three, long deadly claws. Her armor is covered in small blades on almost every surface - these blades are actually her quills, which may be fired at targets.

    Her claws are long, sharp, and can cut through almost anything - allowing her to cling to almost any surface if she needed too. It must also be noted she can not talk that well in this form. Aside from guttural grunts, roars or other forms like that, her words usually consist of short phrases. It seems as though talking is actually a bit painful for her in this form.

    - Loud noises, to name one. For some reason, loud noises easily disorient her.
    - Bright lights can stun her easily. She prefers darker, more dim atmospheres.
    - Her armor in demon form, is actually her skin. Think of it as 'armored scales'.
    - Any type of weapon that can pierce armor. She has a fairly weak constitution, the armor absorbs most damage done to her. Any hole in her armor emits a 'black miasma'. basically, it is her blood. There is no skin or internal organs inside of her armor. She still feels pain, and shoving a blade into where her heart would be, would instantly kill her. In fact, under that armor she can probably only take a few hits before she's down.

    Ken (open)

    Kenneth Shields.


    Kenneth Shields (open)

    Kenneth has messy dark colored hair, and grey eyes. He's pretty average for a guy his age, aside from his perpetual scowl. He normally wears lose fitting sleeveless shirts, under a dark colored jacket. That jacket, usually has several rounds of spare ammunition in it. It's obvious he's in pretty good physical condition even if he doesn't formally work out a whole lot. He normally wears lose-fitting pants and a comfortable pair of shoes that allows for easy movement.

    Think of Kenneth as...sort of like a grumpy feline who secretly likes being cuddled with. Sarcasm is his favorite pastime, along with his bad habit of smoking. That said, under that 'tough guy' exterior, he's pretty friendly if someone takes the time to actually get to know him.

    He's about the most loyal friend anyone could have. He'd easily put himself in harms way for someone else, if he had too. Even if it was a random stranger that he had never even met before. If someone actually takes a bit of time and allows him to warm up to them, they'll find he's actually pretty thoughtful and a decent guy. He's just not really that good at the whole 'touchy feely expressive' thing.

    That said, he's a highly religious person, though one wouldn't be able to tell all that easily. Helping people is part of his nature. Being raised by the church, their teachings were ingrained into him at a young age.

    To him, Demons, are despicable creatures. If they didn't need to use them, and he didn't have orders he'd kill the lot of them.

    Kenneth grew up an orphan. His parents were killed when he was just a kid, and without having any relatives, he was sent to a church-run orphanage. He was a fairly good kid, growing up - the he always had a mouth on him. Something not even the teachers could get rid of no matter what they did. Other than that, he was a fairly obedient, but sarcastic and mouthy kid. It was something that the people gave up on after a time, realizing that if he hadn't learned better now than he probably never would.

    That said, he was a devout believer in most of their teachings. He can recite the holy bible word for word almost - and when the demons showed up en-masse two years ago, he was more than eager to prove his worth and to hone his skills. He had almost unnaturally good eyesight and perception since he was a kid, so a gun and rifle was the natural choice for him. After training, he was accepted into the Slayers.

    He's fought demons before, and he still does. And before you think there's some deep-held reason why he works alone, there isn't really. He's just never needed one before - his guns and rifle can take out most threats by themselves if he's clever enough. However, sometimes he has to get...creative, when fighting. Said 'creativity', has lead to the unfortunate destruction of several houses, an entire apartment building, a warehouse full of inflatable pools, and a cabbage truck, among other things. He's been repeatedly reprimanded for his actions.

    Now, he's been hearing about these 'sealed demons'. He's fairly certain he's going to be getting one as a partner...which he really, really, really, doesn't like.

    He carries two, custom made pistols made by the church specifically for demon hunting. They can shoot bullets, or Holy Essence. They are identical to each other, and both are named after an angel. Azrael, the angel of death, and Kushiel, an angel of punishment.
    Azrael and Kushiel (open)

    Ramiel Class Rifle
    Another custom made experimental armament made by the church specifically for demon hunting. Like Azrael and Kushiel, it can fire regular bullets or 'Holy Essence'. It is named after Ramiel, the angel of Hope and Visions, and the 'Thunder of God'. He carries this whenever the mission calls for it. Its a bit on the heavy side, so mobility while using it isn't very good. That said, it can put a giant hole in the head of any demon from quite a bit a ways.

    Slow firing, incredibly cumbersome, but it packs a helluva punch.

    If Holy Essence is fired out of it, it often seems to look like lightning.

    Ramiel (open)

    - Close range Combat isn't his forte. While he is fairly strong, he's never had any formal training in close combat. Against someone who's specialty is it, he'll probably be doing all he can to avoid getting hit.

    - Can be prejudiced against demons, even if they are 'friendly'. They are by nature, tricksters. One shouldn't trust one simply because they appear tame. Working with one, is going to be more than a bit difficult.

    - Works best alone. Others simply get in the way of his hunting. He could adjust, if given orders but he's done well enough on his own all this time and he doesn't want to change it.

    - Always has to get everyone out alive. He's not leaving some poor guy as demon food, even at personal cost to him and the mission. Everyone can be saved, and if he loses someone, its a major blow to him. Especially if they die right in front of him, and he's helpless to stop it.

    - Tends to brood over past mistakes a lot, which can hamper his focus on missions.

    And here's my two. Put in spoilers so the post won't, super really long and stuff~​
  3. Aaron (open)
    Name: Aaron Nuzum

    Age: 17

    Appearance: [​IMG] (Sorry its a anime photo, I can't see the one you posted but I cant change it to a real person if you want)

    Personality: Aaron is a very strict guy, he believes that the best way to get rid of the Demons are to follow what the higher ups say and do not question orders. Aaron has a younger brother, but he was too weak to be a Slayer and has always resented Aaron for becoming one. Despite this Aaron dedicates his work to his brother, promising himself that he will help rid the world of demons for him. Aaron is rather gullible and will believe anything, he is easily lead, even if he is the superior in the situation.

    History: His family were peaceful farmers and although Aaron always wondered about what was outside his small, simple village, but his need for home always won out against his thirst of adventure. Two years ago, Aaron's homeland was the first of the demon attacks. They wiped out not only his village, but many cities and the surrounding land as well. Aaron lost his parents and younger sister in the disaster, leaving just Aaron and his younger brother. The sword Aaron has is one he found lying in the wreckage of his village, it was then that he made his promise about the demons, vowing that he would use that sword to do it.

    Weapon: Aaron wields a black sword which he named Amaziah after his brother.
    Weakness: He is very skilled at melee fighting, but up against ranged or magical attackers there is little he can do to them but hide behind a shield.

    Gah, My somewhat extremely unimpressive C.S (Everyone has amazing detailed ones - should I update mine? xD)
  4. Eirian Hui (open)

    Name: Eirian Hui

    Age: 18


    Personality: Being part of a nobel family had it's own privileges, which included a cunning character, a sly and witty nature embowed with the innocence of a child. Former warrior, her father was deeply dissappointed that Gods granted him a daughter and no't a son. He taught Eirian from a fragil age the art of close-combat, being specialized on the dragon style kung fu and other basic martial arts. Was taught to have a calm and calculated behavior, never showing the true intentions. As she was first taught about body language, over time Eirian could understand a person far more better than speaking, "reading" him/her to know the true intentions and sometimes actions with a vague accuracy. In some aspects she is far beyond an average person IQ or reflexes.
    Inherited from her mother her beauty and that innocence in eyes, icons of a true nobel.

    Eirian was the first woman born as a heir in the Hui clan, after 20 days, was born her younger brother Aiden. As a disgrace and punishment from Gods for being a female, for 15 years she never left the house and gardens. Those years were spent with her father, nothing more than rigorous trainings and occasionally "lady" lessons with her mother.
    "You will be a great bodyguard. You must protect your brother !" Were the words, always repeated by her father, no life, just a souless puppet. Her weapon of choice were the "wind and fire wheels", the weapons belonged to her grand-grandfather who was known as a "witch hunter" and that his spirit will guide her in actions. Eirian had a beautiful connection with her younger brother who told her the beautiful landscapes beyond the walls of the gardens, the people and simply how he saw the world.
    Assigned to a simple mission, was the 15th birthday of her brother and he wanted a night out. Everything went fine, but during the returning home a man with red eyes sting her in the arm, eventually the man was killed and they continued their way home. Later that night, Eirian had abdominal pain and bassed on a witness declaration she went " on a killing party, eventually killing all the members of the family as a mad-man". No one knew the witness, of it was a she or he is a mistery, it just appeared out of nowhere and the same way vanished.
    Eirian left the clan, the house, her past. She traveled under the guidance of a former circus ringmaster and a learned a few things with him. During her travel she met a few demons, ugly and disgusting, no't even near the beautiful and dangerous creatures she read about.

    Wind and fire wheels

    - She is dyslexic, an emphasized dyslexia. Hardly can read something, and at speaking she pronounce simple words.
    - During a mission, she got infected with a toxine that is rotting her intern organs. The process is slow and painful, often leaving the victim in excruciating pain, then it stops. Eirian takes medications, but does not cure her, everything they do is just to stop the toxine from advancing.
    - She tends to jump, literally into the attack, has nothing to lose, so being in the core of a fight became an habit for her.
    -Tends to get attached to men who resemble her younger brother
    -She sees demons as humans, humans with powers and more ugly
  5. Dragan (open)

    NameDragan (No surname)
    AgeLate twenties or early thirties
    In his human form, he stands just over the average, at six feet, and has a main of wavy, chin-length black hair he keeps combed back, out of his face. He has a short, blockier face, and a strong jawline, and perpetual five o’clock shadow. He has narrow dark blue eyes and bushy eyebrows. He tends to wear whatever suits his whims, either casual business attire like a button-up shirt and slacks, or an older style of dress, like medieval garb and armor.
    (I'll draw him soon)

    Dragan is indifferent to humans, and values them no more or less than his fellow demons. As a result, when he’s not in a battle, he doesn’t go hostile right away. He’s also acquired a taste for many of the fine foods and drinks of humanity. Any time he goes into a new city, the first thing he does is seek out the local food establishments, to see how good it is. Before being sealed, he was more interested in preserving his own life, and would prefer to avoid fights where he’s not reasonably certain he’ll win.
    Being forced to fight uncertain battles for Slayers runs counter to his nature, so sometimes his partner has to coerce/bribe or otherwise force him into the fight. Otherwise, he’s amiable enough and doesn’t cause too much trouble when he’s not hunting other demons. When it comes to women, he’s become curious, since he didn’t fraternize with other demons much when he could avoid it. He especially likes the frail-looking, small women. Something about how fragile they look, how they seem like they could break if he was too rough with them.
    He also has a biased dislike of high-tier or upper-class demons, and will be especially sarcastic with them. If he thinks he's strong enough to fight them and win, he might try to challenge them.
    Dragan is one of many demons that saw coming to the human world as an opportunity. With things in Hell so deeply entrenched and established, it proved to be difficult to gain power and move up in the ranks. For Dragan, as a higher level, mid-tier demon, this was especially true. The further up in the ranks one got, the harder and harder it got to advance or grow. That kind of stifling atmosphere frustrated him immensely. But on earth… things were different. Dragan practically salivated at the chance, and went along with the droves of other demons that flooded the world. But he wasn’t interested in slaughtering humans like so many others. He just wanted power! Power to show up the higher tier demons with all their fancy titles and arrogant attitudes.
    At first, things went well, he challenged and slaughtered minor demons, drawing on their essence to strengthen himself, until he grew strong enough to face the high tier demons. He made careful note of slaughtering any and all witnesses, human or demon, so that no one could give him away. But one of his witnesses must have slipped away, because a team of Slayers came hunting for him, for slaughtering a bunch of humans that saw him fighting other demons. Dragan recognized he was outmatched with so many opponents, so he quietly surrendered and allowed them to seal him, rather than risk being slain in a fight with an uncertain outcome. Now, as a Slave of the Order, he hunts down his fellow demons, which suits him just fine. So long as he can continue to accrue power, he doesn’t care if he’s fighting with humanity. But if his growth should be stifled, or he thinks that’s happening, then he will grow very restless, very fast.
    PowerOriginally, Dragan only had the power to shapeshift and mimic other people (their appearance and voice), in addition to the spiritual powers that most demons have. As he’s grown in power, he’s now capable of freely shifting parts of his body into weapons, or shapeshift into objects or what have you. Now, when he shapeshifts into another person, he can imitate their powers to a certain degree, but he cannot use any of his other abilities while like this. So if he wants to shift parts of his body, he has to revert to his own human (his typical human form is one he imagined for himself, rather than imitation of someone else, so he can still use his powers then) or demon form.
    Demon FormDragan’s demon form is an asymmetrical mess. His right arm is bigger than his left and ends in sharp claws, while his left is about the same size as most humans, though with spines protruding from his arm. He has four legs, two of which are insectoid and the others beast-like. He has a long tail ending in pincers. A long mane of hair flows from his head and down his back. In total, he stands at about eight feet tall. He hates his old form, however, and has become accustomed to being in human form. So he rarely brings out this form of his.
    WeaknessesHe’s somewhat of a coward and doesn’t like to fight if he doesn’t think he can win. Likewise, he’s something of a glutton, and being bribed with good food will usually win him over. He prefers to take out the target demons himself, so he can guarantee absorbing their essence to grow stronger, and as a result, does not work well in groups with other Order Slaves (and if the mission in question is about slaying a large or human-shaped demon, he will consider it a waste of his time and resist going).
  6. Hella (open)
    Hella Harlow

    Hella looks to be in her middle twenties.

    A lovely lady, most would say- gentle, kind, elegant, one of a kind. Oh, that's not wrong at all, for a demon Hella is quite... "tamed". However, her name doesn't resemble the word Hell for nothing. Chaotic would be a good word to describe this being, and that is shown through her interest in humans. She loves their chaotic nature, how they can easily destroy each other and, at the same time, love each other; how they're able to live in a place where there's noise everywhere, people; how they are able to live mid chaos. She is easily amused by humans' antics and doesn't really mind to fight by their side, that is, until one of them offends her persona, then things tend to get a bit ugly.

    Hella came to life with the purpose of torturing the poor souls that were bounded to live eternally in Hell, and she did that by means of Illusions, or Nightmares. Each soul given to her had their own personal Hell, in which she would generate a whole new world, and in that world she would put the soul, along with its biggest fear; if the soul happened to conquer its fear, she would then create another one, and another, and another, until the soul was passed to another torturer.

    Eventually, she ended up on Earth, the land of the living. Her hobby? Oh well, to invade the human's mind and make them dream their worst nightmare, she also liked to fool humans by creating shadows or anything alike, it was funny how they reacted. Such poor creatures. Unfortunately, Hella's fun ended when she was sealed, at first she was pissed, mad even, the slayers had to keep her bounded for a great amount of time, until they judged her tamed. Hel was no idiot, she knew when to give up, so they released her and made her fight by their side, which she did without complaining. She was surprised to realize that humans were actually quite entertaining and amusing -when they weren't trying to kill you, of course.

    Sealed Form: While in this form, Hella is able to create simple illusions, they are just images and don't possess a solid body, and influence one's mind. She can also shapeshift, however, this ability requires the DNA of the desired form to be able to actually shift. For instance, hor Hel to be able to shift into a wolf, she needs a piece of skin, or perhaps hair, of a wolf. Because of this limitation, she usually carries around a purse full of skin and/or hair.

    Demon Form: While in this form, Hella can envelope her enemies in a dark force field, once inside it, she makes them live their worst fears, however this ability has a down side, each time she uses it, her sanity will decrease considerably, if the power is abused of, Hella herself will be consumed by her power, and thus live inside her own bubble of Nightmare. Usually, she'll just create this force field in desperate times, and if used, it will be on for only 10 minutes, or even less. Her hair can also expand itself and be used as giant needles, which can stab and/or slay anything on its path. This form is also able to shapeshift, and requires the same thing as the sealed one, a DNA. However, every creature that this form shifts into will have a more demonic form, and a bigger strength than the sealed ones.

    Demon form:

    Lady Nightmare (open)

    - Too much light, especially sun light;
    - Hella must not remain too much in an animal form, for her mind and body will start to pick up said animal's instincts;
    - The color white has a negative reaction toward her, usually leaving her uncomfortable and fearful;
    - When she gets too fond of a Slayer, she will risk anything to protect them, even her own life;
    - Coffee. It's not really a weakness, but it does leave her "odd".

  7. Keiro (Lord of Worms) (open)
    Name: Keiro (Lord of Worms)

    Age: He appears 19


    Personality: Keiro has a very laid-back personality. He doesn't seem to care much about the fact that his own will has been sealed away and even tries to get on well with his human partner. Despite this he is actually very cunning and evil. He is not truly to be trusted as he is always looking for a way to escape his life of servitude and regain control over himself once more. Since coming to earth he has taken a liking to the clothes worn by humans and he is often seen wearing and even fighting in expensive suits. One who does not know Kiero might easily assume that he is completely reformed because of his mannerisms, but despite his good nature, he can still be very heartless and savage in combat.

    History: Keiro was never well liked in hell despite his high breed lineage. His father was a duke and so he ruled over a small portion of hell. Because of Keiro's conniving nature even the demons in hell were weary of being around him. He acquired the title lord of worms for his unique powers as well as his ability to appear harmless. When he came to hell he had the intention to conquer a continent and rule it for himself, without any input from other demons. He did well at putting down his eneimies until a slayer managed to seal him, at the cost of his own life. Since then, several other demons have taken the opportunity to try and kill him. His main goal is to find a way to rid himself of his seal and kill the slayer who currently masters him.

    Powers: He has the ability to heal at an increased rate due to his worm like structure. He can survive near fatal attacks by healing quickly, but he can only heal so many times at once before the ability becomes temporarily dormant. In his demon form he is able to defend himself with his tails as well as grab and hit persons with them.

    Demon form: In his demonic form Keiro's skin becomes pale and pasty. His bones and important organs become softer and less easily damaged and he sprouts five worm like tails from his lower back which he uses in combat.

    Weakness: He has a severe weakness to fire as it can dry him out quickly and render him immobile. He is also weak against the Holy Essence and despite the fact that he has increased healing he cannot re-animate if he is killed.
  8. Vahn Black (open)

    Name: Vahn Black

    Age: 23




    Born in harsh environment made Vahn one of the people who live by using every ways possible. Murdering, thievery, robbery, Vahn already done it at least once. He often got into a trouble because of his short temper and sometimes he got into a fight with his fellow mercenary because of their difference way of completing the jobs. Even after being chosen as one of the Holy Slayer, Vahn still couldn't abandon his mercenary's way of life and still doing his mercenary jobs beside his main task as a Slayer.


    Both of his parents died when he was 9, Little Vahn forced to live in the harsh environment when he is still a young boy. He committed his first crime when he was 11. Starving made him to steal a bread from a bakery unfortunately he was caught and beaten to near death by the baker and the employees.

    Thievery is an everyday routine to him until he was recruited as a mercenary few years ago. Surrounded by badass people Vahn learned to handle guns and swords by observing his senior in jobs. He got the tittle of Marksman from the mercenary leader because of his outstanding performance using a gun.

    A few days after the first appearance of the demons, a massive demon appeared near his mercenary camp and killed every single person who occupied the camp except for Vahn who fortunately went on the jobs that day. When Vahn got back to his camp, there is nothing left except for his comrade corpses and the ashes the demon left behind.


    1. Livra

    Livra Picture (open)

    Livra is one of his most trusted comrade in CQB. This sawed-off shotgun can easily blow an adult person head up close. This shotgun can shot either bullets or grenades thanks to Vahn modification, however it can't shoot holy essence.


    Scorpion Picture (open)

    Remodeled after HK-G3 assault riffle, Scorpion was a gift from his deceased mercenary leader after Vahn finished his first task since he joined the mercenary group a few year ago. Vahn remodeled this weapon many times since then. His latest modification is to allow this gun for firing holy essences and increased it's RPM and bullet capacity.


    1. His short temper always bring troubles for him and anyone nearby.
    2. Bad communication. Vahn always bad at communicating with other slayer and often ignoring another person opinion.
    3. 'Follow to the letter'. This is one of his mercenary code and he will obey it until the day he die.
    4. A bullet to the head or a bullet to the heart. as long as you do this you can make sure that Vahn is dead.