Slayers and Slaves: Advent of Demons

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  1. The shrill screams that escaped the woman's mouth were nothing short of music to keiro's ears. There was nothing quite as nice as a cowering human. And her soul, it was so terribly delectable. She would make a fine meal. But of course that also meant he'd have to defend her from the lesser demons which were now attacking her. They didn't eat the souls of humans they captured. No, they had to sacrifice everything that was good to eat, trying to bring back a long damned demon from the personal hell he had been banished to. Keiro had no interest in releasing anyone. He wanted the earth for himself. But what he wanted now was a tasty snack. He jumped down from the burnt husk of a tree he was perched in and walked over to the woman. She was beautiful, with blond hair and blue eyes and a pretty dress. She was surrounded by a small horde of demons, which were little more than leeches with wings. Keiro wondered briefly what such a pretty girl was doing so far out in the forest, but he banished the thought as the demons got closer to her. Just as one was about to make contact with her it made a squealing like sound as Keiro sped over to it and caught it with his right hand. He squeezed the demon and reveled in the sound of its screaming until it finally disintegrated into a small cloud of ash and brimstone. Keiro laughed and looked over to the girl. "You seem so beautiful on the outside, but there's no mistaking that energy coming from you. Your'e no innocent little girl. You are a sinner." He made another fang filled smile at the girl. "You should make a delicious meal." Keiro hadn't noticed the drove of demons heading for him, but as soon as they were within range he spun around at an incredible speed and in a few slashes with his clawed fingers, almost all the demons had disintegrated into nothing, all but one. The girl screamed once more, but this time it was more horrific, more guttural and pain filled. Keiro craned his neck and then shook his head in disappointment. The last remaining demon had made contact with the girl and now it was latched on to her neck, tunneling it's way under her skin. It was going to possess her. "Perfect," Keiro said sarcastically. "Now she's tainted. She will taste disgusting." His eyes widened menacingly at the girl, who was now laughing madly and spitting up blood. Her eyes were bloodshot and her skin started becoming festered all over. It seemed as though there were worms crawling about under her skin. She screamed once more, then laughed, then screamed. She looked up and spoke through the upheaval of blood. "I have flesh! I have human flesh." Keiro snickered. "Yes, for the next few seconds." Keiro moved off like a bolt of lightning, but the possessed girl was fast. Each time Keiro lunged at her throat, she laughed and parried his claws with her freshly grown and sharpened fingernail. Keiro was disgusted. "If she cannot be mine, no-one will have her." His skin began to pale and five worm like tails erupted from keiro's lower back. They charged at the girl. She blocked one of them and sparks began to fly as her nails and the worm like tail made contact. She jumped out of the way of the next one and was barely back on her feet when Keiro was in her face. He smiled and she screamed as he dug his hand into her throat and ripped off her head. Time seemed to go in slow motion for Keiro as the severed head fell, and as it was about to hit the ground he woke from his dream. All he see was darkness. The area smelled musty and it was definitely wet. His hands and feet were chained and his neck coffled. That was when Keiro remembered. He had been sealed. Today they would hand him off to be the immortal slave of some human. But still Keiro smiled, because he knew, whatever predicament he found himself in, he was going to win. I am going to win.
  2. "arrrgggh"

    Slowly Vahn slit the man's throat wide open with his sharpened knife. His blood gushed out from the wound while Vahn hold him from his back "W-hy?" that's the last word the man said to him in his last struggle "nothing, just business" the struggling stopped after the man drew his last breath. Vahn picked up his cellphone and wait for a certain people to call.


    "This is Vahn.... Yes... Mission completed.... you can collect the goods at..." he speak for a few minutes then closed the line. Another job well done and Vahn still don't understand why did he do this. at the first time he do this kind of mercenary work is for live because he need money to survive in this harsh world. He looked at the man corpse which it's throat is wide open because of his knife. Anderson, a renown drug dealer in those area and also a demon worshiper. Because of his job some kind of shady organisation that also this man rival wanted this man to die and contacted Vahn to do their job. Now this man is nothing more than a cold corpse.

    Vahn cleaned his bloody knife with the bed sheet then sheath it back to it's place. He sniffed at his own body that covered in his target's blood "I need a good shower" he said.
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  3. Baku giggled, covering her mouth with her perfectly manicured fingers. Her long hair fell around her waist like ebony waves, the purple of her eyes shimmering against the sun.
    She watched the crowd go by, keeping her back against the wall, her invisible but weighted wings pulling against her back. They still throbbed as if newly broken.
    Inside her perfectly full lips lay rows upon rows of sharpened fangs, a tongue that stretched about a foot from her mouth.
    There. A little girl, terrified of even her own shadow, walking clumsily next to her mother, clutching a small bear in her arms. Her eyes were wide, the green pools flickering with fear.
    Baku snickered. This place was too easy for pickings. A Child's dreams were always the best, filled with hopeless abandon.
    Her image flickered as if a strobe light, and Baku vanished. She was there, but cloaked in shadow. Baku reveled in the famialiar pop and buzz at the back of her skull whenever she transformed into an etherial form, the static that coursed through her body just thinking about her next meal. For hours she followed the little girl in her mother, a soft chuckle reverberating in her throat whenever the little one tripped over a small crack in the sidewalk. The bear's head bobbed up and down as her little tap shoes ticked agaisnst the sidewalk.
    Baku started to worry, a feeling she seldom felt, but her energy was depleting, and fast. If she met a slayer during her hunt, she would be screwed over. The pair finally retreated to their home, a small apartment flat atop a thirteen story building.
    She watched in the corner of the girls room, still hidden by the secutiry of the shadows, arms crossed over her perfect chest, and waited. Her stomach growled, her wings stretched themselves, the creaking of the broken bones making her wince. She loved the ebony satin of her wings, though their weight and uselesness made them a burden.
    The girl retreated to her bed, still tightly holding onto her moldy and plump teddy bear. As soon as she closed her eyes, Baku advanced. She released the dark cloak of the shadows, the safety unraveling like beautiful, black ribbons.
    "Such a sorry, clumsy little girl you are." Baku stroked her face, and felt the familiar electricity of her dreams vibrate up her arm and at the back of her neck. Such delicious dreams this child had.
    Baku spread her wings, crawling on the bed with the girl, straddling her hips, her beautiful face over her young, innocent one. She hissed silently, casting a dark shadow over the little one's eyes, careful not to wake her. She allowed her tongue to slide out of her mouth and into the little girl's throat, and closed her eyes. A constant hissed dripped from her as she fed. The dreams floated past her eyes like a movie, sating her hunger. The girl started to thrash under her weight. With a dark pulse, the little girl screamed. The nightmares were taking their toll.
    "Goodbye, little girl."
    Baku giggled and eaped out the window, allowing the cool of the night to fill her bones and slide past her irridecent skin. The black satin of her dress shrunk, giving way to a very short skirt that barely flitted past her fingertips, The long silk of her top shirnking to show off her well formed bosom. The classy flats replaced with knee high heeled boots.
    The fantasies of men were also one of Baku's favorites.
    Baku knew very well all of her victims died shortly after feeding, her nightmares were fabricated to repeat each time they closed their eyes.
    "Sweet, sweet dreams."
  4. ~Senna~
    ~The Cursed Armor~

    "A shower?" A young, feminine voice asked in reply to Vahns question. "That sounds fun." She seductively giggled as she approached the human out of the shadows, approaching him from behind. She was wearing pitch black armor, that would have looked quite intimidating if it wasn't for the fact that it was broken in several places, revealing pale white skin underneath. Of course, it could be argued that it made the armor look more intimidating, especially in the places where it revealed a jagged scar or two running across the otherwise perfect skin of the wearer of the armor. "I did make quite a mess back there," she emphasized her point by holding up a clawed gauntlet, that was covered in quite a bit of blood. In fact, most of her armor was covered in a rather copious amount of blood. Even her long, raven colored hair was not spared. It looked almost as if she dropped to the floor and rolled around in it. "I could use someone to help me...get to the hard to reach places." Without another word, she wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a seemingly affectionate hug from behind.

    She had spent the last little bit dealing with some demon worshipers. Ironic, since she was a demon herself. She didn't particularly mind though, as long as she got to kill things and make a bloodbath, she didn't care who she killed as long as there was blood. Lots of blood, screams of terror, and her enemies begging for mercy like the trash they were. The only reason she wasn't doing to the same to this human...well, she had been beaten by a slayer and turned into their lapdog. She didn't mind, to be honest. She lost in battle, by all rights and her beliefs, she should be dead. A mistake on their part, since if she ever decided her slayer was weak and useless, she was going to gut him.

    ~Kenneth Shields~

    "Alright," He said, pointing a gun at a man who was currently writhing on the ground, dressed in a business suit. He had three bullet wounds in his chest, and was likely to bleed out soon. Instead of being in pain though, he was laughing hysterically as he clawed at the ground, his fingernails digging into the wooden floor of the old building. Kenneth simply glared at the man, it was a look full of anger and hate, without pity nor compassion as he pointed the barrel of his pistol at the mans head. "Say whatever prayers you creatures say before I send you to that abyss."

    "Y-you think this c-changes anything!" The man ghoulishly laughed, a sadistic grin overcoming his features despite the obvious pain he was in. "When they come, they'll kill you all! I'll be a martyr! I'll be given a new-" Kenneth didn't even let the man finish, ending it with a quick, loud shot from his pistol as he looked down at the now still form of the man. He said nothing, simply sighing and taking a seat on a nearby pew.

    This place used to be a church. A holy place used for worship in some small village. These devil worshipers defiled it, however, and turned it into a place of demonic worship. They had manage to evade the slayers notice for some time, but they had finally made themselves known, and unlucky for them, they sent him in to clean them up. Now, there was nothing here but a pile of bodies and the smell of a freshly let cigarette.

    Kenneth took a long drag of it, reloading his pistol as he rested, listening for anyone or anything he might have missed lurking here.​
  5. He felt her warmth body on his back when Senna hug him from behind "hands off Sen, you reeks of blood" he said, but he never intended to shove her away. Her passionate hug made him feel somewhat uncomfortable. He turned his body toward Senna and grabbed her chin "As you know Senna the demon, It is the servant duty to serve the master, not the otherwise" he released his grasp on Senna and walked out from Anderson's blood stained room "come, our job is done. I want to take a bath ASAP" It's true that Vahn already seen enough blood in his mercenary days, however no matter how hard he tried, he never get used to it.
    With the entire building painted with blood, and human body parts scattered around the floor, Senna really turned this entire mansion into some kind of slaughter house for human. Vahn went downstairs tried not to step on the scattered body parts and searched for anyone who still survive. However he really doubt anyone still alive in here because most of their head were rolling on the floor "geez Senna, Remind me to remind you not to overdo it next time" he said as his feet began to walk to the entrance carrying his trusted Livra in his shoulder.
  6. Dragan and Eirian

    The defeated demon lay crumpled at Dragan's feet, gaping slash wounds splitting open its leathery hide. Black blood pooled beneath its body, and the demon rasped for breath, muscles twitching as if it still wanted to get up and keep fighting. Dragan stood over the pathetic creature in his business casual, huge blood stains covering his shirt and sprinkled across the rest of his body, his right arm in the shape of a large blade, likewise dripping with blood. Dragan chuckled and said, "Well, you put up a good fight for a little baby demon, but not good enough." Of course, Dragan wasn't actually hurt at all. He was just in a good mood. Any time he had a chance to gather even a little more power made him happier.

    He knelt down amidst the blood and gore of the demon and held his left hand out towards it, dark eyes closing. The demon's body started to give off a soft, reddish glow and it let out a weak protesting groan, one leg twitching uselessly. A small orb of red flitted up out of its body, and the demon went limp as it drifted over to Dragan. He opened his mouth and the orb drifted inside. He hummed pleasantly as he stood up and tried to compare the 'taste' of it to the human foods he had. It became something of a hobby after he started enjoying human cuisine. "Let's see... this one tastes like..." He brushed his stubby chin and thought for a moment as he stood back up, his knees now covered in blood.

    "Hrm, I can't quite place it. I know what that means!" He swiveled towards the girl standing nearby and smiled from ear to ear in what he assumed would be a charming manner. "Oh Mistress! It's time to go get some food! I need to know what this demon tasted like, or it'll bother me forever!" His right arm shifted back into a human hand and he placed it over his heart. "And after a hard day fighting demons, I'm simply famished!"

    Of course, he didn't actually need food. But even so, he wanted it anyway. It was so good! How could he not?

    Eirian's eyes pierced the demon, peach colored eyes with a shade of a devilish glimpse. Her movements were fast, silent and without a trace of a brute force, just like water, calm at first but as soon the blades reached it target she unleashed a force slicing the demon’s head. With no time for a second reaction she placed her feet on a tree, with a large trunk and deep anchoring roots as her immobile object; she embraced, in a grotesque image, the second demon, both her weapons slicing the thick torso of the demon, followed by the sound of a brutal crash.
    She wore a white Victorian style shirt, even pompous for the work they perform, painted in the reddish color of the blood. Eirian stood up and dusted her black skirt, a skirt above her knees, chopped by the demon’s claws, now was suited for the trashcan. “Not the attire that I imagine for today.” She spoke in a low tone and stared at her partner. Compared to him she was quite a petite woman, with a messy hair of different shades of blonde. Made a few steps closer to Dragan and looked at him. “After a bath.” She only throws him a small glimpse.
    After she lost her, Eirian lost her appetite for food at a ‘fancy’ place, actually she thrown the shoes in their heads then, there was a scene from ‘Tarzan’, but with no jumping from a branch to another, and no lions, were eventually jumped in the lion’s mouth, is not like it was the first time. “A bath first, then we will see.”

    Dragan sighed and made an exaggerated slump of his shoulders, "Oh, right..." He stood up straight again and tugged at the blood-soaked clothes, congealing against his skin. "I keep forgetting humans don't appreciate it when you go somewhere covered in blood." He idly licked his bloody fingers and pinched his face at the taste. "Blech. This one's blood is awful. It tastes like... rotten tomatoes. Hm, yes, that seems appropriate."

    He made to follow his Mistress, pondering how he might coax her into a nice meal, somewhere with really delectable food. "I must say Mistress, you were in top form yet again today! And you look simply dazzling in blood. The torn skirt is very daring." His eyes wandered along the exposed bit of her leg with a notable gleam. He never passed up an opportunity to catch glimpses of his beautiful, oh so small-looking Mistress. Her tiny frame belied her strength and daring, and that intrigued him a great deal. But alas, she often rebuffed him. He wouldn't give up, however!

    She giggled and looked at him. “I forgot, good work.” Her face didn’t mimic any emotion, just a plain smile, with no desire on encouraging him or other way; after all, things only last for a short period. “And some shortcakes, later.” She played a little with her collar and throws him another glimpse. “Dragan.” She spoke and looked at him, a few seconds of silence made the atmosphere a little ‘heavy’, the true image of a demon was written all over him, power and beauty, how people described them, in a rather charming and bewitching manner. ”You wash the dishes.” Titled her head and didn’t wait for his answer as she started to walk, again.

    "Ah, you are too kind, Mistress, to praise one such as me." Dragan smiled wide, his too-white teeth gleaming. Shortcakes were tasty, but sometimes too simple. Plus he wanted to find out the taste of the demon essence. He started to suggest something when she spoke his name and looked him in the eye. He returned the gesture and tilted his head. "Yes, Mistress?" He almost started to hope, that she might be more open to his idea, when she gave her command. He sighed again and shrugged his shoulders, "As you command, my Mistress."

    Alas, denied again. But what could he do? Bound by the seal, he could not disobey an order from his Mistress. Not that he minded being bound to such a scrumptious looking girl. He hated washing dishes though. They were too fragile, and he tended to break half of them. But he would do as instructed. Perhaps after her bath and she ate, she would be more susceptible to suggestions.
  7. Hella Harlow


    Hella grimaced as Kenneth's pistol went off, its bullet burying itself on the crazied man's skull. She whistled to none in particular, watching the ground get painted in a deep rich red. Beautiful. The demon turned away from the corpse, resting both of her hands on her hip as she watched her Slayer sit on a nearby pew. He seemed exhausted, or perhaps disappointed. Probably the latter, since religion was something so important to the man, she saw it pained him to see other people worship the devil. Such a foolish creature. Kenneth, that is. Always hiding himself behind such believes. Pitiful.

    "A bit extreme, don't you think?" With a smirk, Hella nodded to the body on the ground. "You always take these missions so seriously. I actually get kind of hurt." The demon led her hand to her heart, or the place that pumps the blood, since demons' hearts doesn't really function the same way those of humans' do, or don't at all. "To see you kill all those demons mercilessly in front of me, sometimes I think it's an indirect." Hel couldn't hold her sad face, and giggled. Oh. Humans. Such weak, fragile creatures, but so complicated and interesting. Thinking they can slay all of her kind. Pff. Hilarious. But then, maybe there was a chance of that happening, especially now. To seal demons is a smart procedure, risky, but smart. Many didn't like it, for obvious reasons. Hella herself stopped caring a long time ago, she wasn't as powerful as she once was, not here on Earth at least, to resist would only result in pain. She wasn't stupid, she knew when was the time to back off and behave. To live is the most important thing, those who wore their pride on their sleeves were fools, and deserved to die. Pride is nothing, honour is nothing. Fear? Fear is everything. Fear is what lets everybody live. Fear condemns idiots.

    Hella watched Kenneth for a while, studying the man who held the leash, the man who had control above her. Hella was no idiot, not now, not ever. Hella was right to fear. For that's the reason she still lives.
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  8. ~Senna~
    ~The Cursed Armor~

    "Well if I didn't, then that means I didn't get to have fun." She giggled, when he grabbed her chin. She gave the human a smile, removing her arms off of him as she licked a loose drop of blood on her face. She rather liked this human, even if he was just that: A human. He had killed a lot of people, and the stench of death hung around him even if he couldn't smell it himself. She, however, could and found it to be incredibly attractive. She also liked making him a bit uncomfortable, which is why she affectionately attempted to nuzzle his hand with her chin.

    "I could argue that its also the duty of the master to make sure the servant is in top condition." She playfully replied, happily following after him as he left the room, after he had pulled away from her. "I mean, who knows? Maybe I forget to wash some blood off and I get some nasty human disease." She giggled. She was kidding of course, that would never happen. Well, actually maybe it could...she wasn't used to having a body that wasn't soft, fleshy, and squishy yet. Who knows, maybe she could actually get sick...Oh well, she'd deal with that if it happened. "Leaving already?" She wistfully sighed. "And here I was hoping to stay for a bit and decorate the place with more of my art...oh well."

    She followed him downstairs, looking quite pleased with herself. While Vahn had handled the guys upstairs, she made short work of the guys down here. She couldn't get as...violent in this body, but she did have to get creative. Her gauntlets were just as sharp as her old claws were, and she was actually a bit more agile in human form, since she could fit into smaller places. Either way, she was pleased with the state she had left the mansion in. "Overdo it?" She echoed, with a small laugh. "This is nowhere near overdoing it, Vahn. If you think this is bad, you should have seen the home I had in hell. Or even the warehouse where I first made my home when I came to earth. I think one of the slayers nearly fainted from the sheer sight of it." She giggled, as if that was supposed to be a pleasant thought. "I later hung him with his own intestines."

    If it wasn't obvious by now, Senna rather enjoyed a bloodbath. The more violent and bloody, the better. "Besides, these were all demon worshipers. Doesn't your religion state this is how they are supposed to be disposed of?"

    ~Kenneth Shields~

    Kenneth shot the demon...'hella' an unamused glance out of the corner of his eye. The...creature, the 'woman' if he even so much as wanted to even call it a she, was something he was forced to be with. If it wasn't a direct order, he'd have put her down the moment they had been partnered up. He had no idea what the church was doing, consorting with demons like this, but it went against everything he had been taught growing up. Still, he couldn't logically argue that she wasn't a good...weapon, as long as she did as she was told. He had no intention of trying to get close to her, or be friendly with her.

    "Maybe it is." She replied, obviously not caring about her own feelings. She was a demon, he didn't believe her to truly have any after all. "But these blasphemers got what they deserved. God will decide to give them mercy or not." He grunted, obviously not enjoying 'talking' with his 'partner'. "They willingly turned their backs on the lord. I doubt he would be so kind." In any case, they were done here. Well, almost done. He was certain he had killed all of them. That meant he had just one more thing he had to do.

    He stood from the desecrated pew, cigarette still in his mouth as he set about doing the last part of his job. Really, it wasn't such a necessary step, but after seeing the things here he would feel better if this place didn't exist at all. Or at least he got rid of as much of it as he could. "Go make sure there's no one else around here while I get everything ready. I'm going to burn this place."
  9. Hella

    Hella grinned wickedly. God. God. It was all about Him.

    "You humans are funny. You say God..." The name rolled distastefully on her tongue. "Is all about love and accepting each other, and yet you kill in his name" Hella raised her chin and a brow in an act of superiority, the corner of her lips still curled in a grin. "Amazing."

    Hella reached for the little purse hanging on her side, pulling out a big black feather. She huffed a laugh at Kenneth's plan. The man was always so extreme, he needed to chill. Another huff. Yeah, chill. Said the demon that came straight out of Hell. Though Hell wasn't always hot. She wasn't sure why humans came up with the idea that everything in Hell must be burning, of course, there was places like that, but not everything. "Sure thing, hon. I'll be right back." And the grinning mouth gave place to a beak, arms to black wings. Hella transformed in a raven, a little bigger than the usual, and perhaps more evil looking. Either way, it was big and creepily beautiful. She took off, flying out of the church through one of the broken windows, and landed on top it. The place itself was already kind of isolated, but she still kept an eye out, casting an "you have nothing to look here" idea in the head of anyone who came close.
  10. Baku pulled her tongue from the throat of the man she had been making out with. As much as she reveled in the dreams of men, she hated going to them.
    She slid off of the man's lap, who was now writhing in the midst of his new nightmare, and snickered.
    Her hunger never satiated like it did with humans. When she fed, it was like her body was vibrating, filling her bones, making her mind swirl with images only she could see.
    Her snicker turned into a scowl. This man was the lowest of the human race. He bought his love and sold them the next morning. He stank of chewing tobacco and alcohol. His place was nothing more than a small apartment flat littered with chinese takeout cartons and containers filled with who knows what.
    She leaped onto the window sill and jumped. It was only two stories, so the fall was nothing.
    She stretched, the bones in her spine cracking. She didnt think she would need to feed again, atleast not for a while.
    The moon was high, and the silver light cast down made her wings more prominent. Baku wasnt worried. Nobody was out this time at night. However, her time in this city was gone. No doubt word had spread about her presence, and if anything she would be being hunted right now.
    Her voilet eyes flickered. She couldnt use too much power, or she would be forced to feed, and at that point a Slayer would be on her trail.
    She turned and started torward the city limit, contemplating her next city.
  11. "I know it very well about you and your hobby" He said while looking at the blood covered wall beside him. It almost like an art but he won't say it since it will make her happier and encourage her to do the same thing in the near future. Although they are a demon worshiper but they also a human in the first place. they deserve a quick death he thought "Well. as long as the job's done, I can't blame you for what you did" he said scratching his head.

    She began to rambling about her house in hell, about how she decorated her house and stuffs "you know, you need to check your head to a doctor already" he began to laugh when she told him about the fainted slayer and his intestines. He's still shouldering his Livra, his most trusted CQB weapon as he walk "although religion is one of our reasons to kill them but it's not a reason for us to disrespect their corpse. ahh.. now my mouth is bitter with all this blood" He said as he took his cigarette from his pocket and lit it, tried to erase the taste of iron in his mouth.

    "Stop right there!" He's surprised by a voice that came from his back as he walked to the entrance. He aimed his Livra fast and found a little girls covered in blood stood right there. She held a pistol in her trembling little hands "Why?! Why did you killed my papa?!" she tried to aimed at his head but her trembling hand made her aim a little bit miss of it's place "is she?" His eyes wide open when he saw her trembling body.