Slave to Their Instincts OOC (R for violence)

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  1. Jason

    He knocked on her door.
  2. Name: Silia Narzak
    Species: Human
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 164
    Appearance: View attachment 954
    Personality: Keeps to himself. Is warm and kindhearted once you get to know him, but can be very abrasive.
    Name of pets: Naru and Niru.


    Name: Naru
    Species: Owl/Snow leopard
    Age: 4
    Height: 4'5 at the shoulder (below the wing at rest)
    Weight: 234 lbs
    Appearance: View attachment 955
    Temperament/Personality: Calm but aloof
    Name of owner: Silia Narsak
    History: Was created and then adopted into a family. You'd think that was the end of story, but the kids disliked Naru and the ended up returning the gryphon. It was then personally given to Narsak


    Name: Niru
    Species: Canary/some small rodent
    Age: 2
    Height: 5'' and eight centimeteres.
    Weight: five ounces
    Appearance: View attachment 956
    Temperament/Personality: Hyper and curious
    Name of owner: Silia
    History: Has always been with him since she hatched.
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  6. Good timing, I was going to close it, but if you're interested, I'll start looking for more players again.
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  10. Name:
    Catherine Jameson [She likes to go by Cathy]
    5' 8"
    140 lbs.
    Show Spoiler

    Although her appearance comes off as a bit terrifying, she's actually very sweet. She doesn't talk much unless she's interested or needs to. Cathy rarely shows fear, especially to animals.
    Name of pet:
    A college drop out that spends her time in a floral shop, owned by her aunt. When she's not at work earning money, she is at a cottage in the forest that she rents so Zero can have wide spaces to frolic and hunt. Ever since she found the pup, she was devoted to raising him so he could go out into the wild on his own. He has not left her yet and she heard about the hunt for hybrids, therefore she is protecting him in solitude with hopes it will all end. Cathy was always a lonely girl; she considers Zero the best thing that's ever happened to her.

    Wolf and Tiger
    4 years
    When on all fours, he is 2 and a half feet tall
    145 lbs.
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    Protective and energetic, however bashful and quiet around new people as long as they're not threats. He prefers not to socialize with other animals.
    Name of owner:
    Zero was a 'failed experiment'. They were aiming for a creature that would grow to be larger, but he is mainly a wolf simply with tiger fur and a few tiger instincts. He was released into the wild as a pup. Cathy found him helpless in the wild; he allowed her to help him even though he was afraid and tried to bite her arm off. He is now very loyal to his human and will do anything for her.
  11. Ok if we get more char sheets up in this bitch, then I'll put up an IC
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