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  1. Long ago, there was only the Creator.

    The Creator, in His infinite wisdom, saw that the universe was empty and not in balance, and as such began to create the Seven Realms. The First Realm he named “Gevoth,” meaning “nexus,” as from it all of the other Realms would emerge. Then He created the Second Realm and named it “Gosvern,” meaning “Heaven,” and from here He would govern His creation. But He found it lonely, so He crafted for Himself seven children, each a god or goddess, though they shall be spoken of later. He then created the Third Realm which He named “Ausul,” which means “Hell,” where those who would threaten creation would be imprisoned. The Fourth Realm would be called “Ma’at,” meaning “Judgement,” and in the Realm creation would be judged to see to which realm they would be sent upon death. The Fifth Realm he named “Zii,” meaning “Spirit,” for it was from here he would craft the souls of the first creations and where he would give creations a chance to prove themselves. The Sixth Realm was called “Lein,” meaning “Cosmos,” and He left it to be place wherein creation would one day grow and expand. And Lastly, the Seventh Realm, which would house all of His mortal creations, He called “Nahlaas,” which simply means “Alive.”

    Now He named His seven children, each given Their duties. The firstborn and the eldest son was the god Prothos, God of Foresight, the Skies, the Moon, and Fires. The second child and firstborn daughter was Althea, Goddess of the Wilds and Earth. Third was another daughter, who He named Ophelia, to govern as Goddess of the Sun, the Muse, and Medicine. Fourth was his second son, Pophis, God of the Seas and the Storm, governing all therein. The Fifth born was another daughter, Milatia, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Marriage, and Childbirth. Last to be born were the twins, the Goddess of Magic, Wisdom, and Knowledge Siyla and her brother, Crassius, the God of War, Valor, and Great Beasts.

    The Creator gave His children authority in all powers allotted to them as well in some universal categories, such as making deals with mortals and coming to their aid. And it was in this time that He had His children began to craft a world filled with life.

    They started taking it slow, using up time to create the Realms and eventually focusing their time solely on Nahlaas. They began by forming the world from rock and bisecting the Realm with Lein, having the two Realms lie within one another. The first life forms they made were the microbial lifeforms, which in turn were followed by plants. From there, they created beasts and animals of the sea, land, and sky, which were shortly followed by sentient beings, namely humans. However, monsters soon emerged as results of the First Sins, wherein some humans allied with locked away powers and were punished for their crimes.

    Regardless, the Twins took a particular interest in the of humans, at times competing amongst one another and Their siblings to determine the fate of certain mortals. As a result, the Twins became the utmost worshipped gods in the pantheon. And the more They were worshipped, the stronger Their influence and power became.

    But, in recent years, Crassius has become hungry and seeks to spread his influence to all of mankind, corrupting himself in the process as he bargained with monsters and beings from the Third Realm to follow him, but their combined presences allowed for the god to corrupt his purpose from merely expanding His influence to subjegating the Creator, forcing his father into a seal within Zii that could only be undone by living human hands.

    As such, most of the other gods began to cower in fear of the youngest brother, many of them forcing their followers into alliances with Crassius. Regardless, the other Twin as well as Prothos, Pophis, and Ophelia stood against Their siblings.

    Prothos lead his siblings into a heavenly war, wishing to involve the humans as little as possible. And while this war was mainly fought in the heavens with armies of spirits, Crassius’ human followers were order to sabotage the temples and murder the followers of His enemies, ensuring Their power waned and while his power grew.

    But, alas to Crassius, Prothos’ power escalated as his followers channeled the blessings of the Creator from the Realms, giving Him great powers for a short amount of time as Prothos was able to cast His younger brother into the darkest and deepest levels of Ausul, chaining him with divine power while summoning a human to free the Creator before His enhanced power creased. It was then that the Creator scorned His youngest son, stripping away His aspects and dominions whilst dividing them amongst His loyal children. Ophelia was granted dominion over Great Beasts, the animals of the land coming into Her care. Pophis was given War, as many human conflict took place upon His seas. Lastly, little Siyla was given valor, as Her meek mages showed great bravery.

    And soon, when humans had all but forsaken Crassius- now called the Dark God- a peace entered the Realms as humans began to advance.

    Knowledge and reason led humans into an age of growth, wherein mankind constructed temples and palaces, plumbing, and many other advances. Soon enough, there was a revolution in magics as well, and human mages began to ponder the possibility of traveling to another realm. Truly, the humans wished to see the Sixth Realm, Lein, which had been promised to them. But mankind was not yet ready, and they had erred in their magic.

    The first man to travel between the realms found himself not in Gevoth nor Gosvern, but instead the errors in their calculations placed them in Ausul, in the Dark God’s prison. This gave the Dark God, who gave Himself by His subjugation of the inhabitants of Ausul the domains of Darkness, Chaos, Deceit, Evil, Monsters, and Demons. With the power taken from the human mage and the power of His demonic followers, Ausul broke free from His prison by imitating the powers of the Creator. Crassius soon made for Himself a throne in Ausul, beginning to plan His return and his vengeance.

    It began with alliances, as the Dark God appeared in time to most of His siblings, tricking and turning most of Them, save His Twin, Prothos, and Pophis. The next step was to rebuild his cult among humankind, sending some of his demonic vassals to spread word of his glory to the humans, having them practice it in the shadows, away from the sight of the Creator. As such, Crassius’ power grew exponentially until He made His stand against the Creator.

    Crassius returned to Gosvern, standing in the white heavens as they all began to turn black from His mere presence. And while He stood in Gosvern- now called the Black Palace- He drained the Creator’s might and crushed the Creator’s essence, sealing the Creator within the confines of Ma’at until a human and a god, bonded together, break the seal with divine magic.

    However, the three remaining gods would not stand for the actions aforementioned and began to fight, vowing to kill Crassius as He had a mortality within Himself from the Creator’s punishment. A mage would be the key to defeating Crassius, one who would be capable of learning divine magics in a school of their choosing. As such, Crassius sought to eliminate and enslave all of his enemies’ followers, ensuring that none of them would praise the Twin and none offspring would be born a mage after a few generations.

    In this unholy and abominable war Prothos’ followers proved themselves to be mighty and sagacious knights and engineers whilst Siyla’s were powerful sorcerers and scholars, with the number of sorcerers decreasing each generation as Siyla’s cult waned and waned. Prothos’ followers, however, were barely able to recruit enough neophytes to maintain the cult’s power, all the while followers of Pophis kept superiority of the seas. But alas, Prothos and Pophis soon found Themselves sealed within two of the Dark God’s designs, each snared and sealed under similar conditions and forms as the Creator on Nahlaas.

    As such, the Realms soon fell under the whip of Their cruel master, with all who still praised the Creator, Prothos, Pophis, and Siyla doing so in secret.

    As generations passed, the mages became fewer until there was but one left: a crying, enslaved infant held in the arms of his mother. The boy’s mother kept hidden under her tunic a small medallion, which was a silver coin that had a flaming laurel wreath within a heptagram, the mark attributed to the Creator’s temples. The infant, who was named Brom, would have brilliant blue eyes and brown hair, as well as a hidden store of magic within him.

    When the boy was old enough, he was taken from his mother, who then gave him her medallion, and was sent to receive a minute education that all slaves received. The boy was instructed in rudimentary mathematics and language as well as the “approved” history and rites of the Dark God and His free siblings. Furthermore, the boy learned some basic sciences but did not have the chance to apply them as, shortly after he learned this, he turned twelve years of age and was sent to begin his formal slave labor in building the newest of the monuments dedicated to the Dark God.

    After he built a series of monuments, it was deemed necessary that Brom, showing more mental capability than most other slaves, be sent to serve in one of the Dark God’s temples, wherein he was constantly put to labors far harder than those he had been subjugated to before, beaten and whipped in flagellation and ceremony, and used as a source for blood sacrifice, during all the time his magical talent remained locked away.

    But one day, it all changed.

    He was part the initial period of slave torture in the eyes of law at the age of twenty-three, and his physical form was well-sculpted from years of laborious tasks while being decently fed. While he still kept the medallion, he kept the coin covered in a small sleeve sewn from animal fur in order to hide the identity of the one it honored. The only clothing Brom was permitted to wear was a simple cloth kilt and a pair of reed sandals, as well as the medallion and any items the High Priest permitted, which was brown cassock when it rained or was especially cold out. His hair, now a bit darker while his skin was a few pigments darker than the priests’, went down to his neck but remained slightly about his shoulders, lest he go bald as the only other option.

    Being in a temple, the slave was able to learn much, furthering his knowledge far beyond that of most slaves and learning how he could free himself from his slavery, needing only a dagger and to escape. For, in more recent days, he had been able to sneak into a section of the temple’s library where usually only the high priest could enter, wherein he had been reading scrolls about ancient storm magic. It was an impressive art, and one that calling about it to the priests would give him enough time to escape. After all, mages were considered valuable and powerful prizes by the lords and high priests that the Dark God had appointed.

    As such, when an unpredicted rain came to the sky, the slave called out, yelling that the villagers nearby were saying a storm mage was responsible. As such, the slave had bought himself enough time in order to grab a bunch of random scrolls, coins, and his dagger before running in the opposite direction from all of the commotion as he read and heard about a temple lying in the west. It would be there that he would gain his freedom.

    Therefore, Brom ran and ran and ran for days on end, eventually losing track of all time as he eventually came across an ancient stone temple not in the Dark One’s honor. The cover over his amulet had fallen off, but it mattered not at this point as he ran inside, cutting his palm and writing the word he knew best on the altar, “SANCTUARY,” in his own blood. Brom was now free, but in his recklessness he had exhausted himself as he passed out, the world around him going black as his body lay limp in Siyla's temple.

  2. [xtable=skin1|562x150]

    Name: Madrigal
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Apprentice Seer
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 126
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Black
    Curious, Caring and devoted (at least privately) to her faith.
    Likes: Learning, Exploring, Caring for people.
    Dislikes: Rough Language, Rowdy Behavior, Intolerance{/td}
    {td=colspan:2}Madrigal was trained from a young age to be a prophetess of Siyla, and thought that she would live a fairly secluded life as she awaited the results of the prophecies that she and her mistress had forseen.

    Little did she know that the prophecy would come right to her, practically in her lap.{/td}
  3. Madrigal had prepared for this day, but she never dreamed it would be her, and not her mistress who would be the one to discover the prophesied one. It was with a mix of joy, sadness, anticipation and a little fear that she approached the scene. The blood on the altar, spelling out that word, "Sanctuary", was ominous in and of itself, and spoke to the severity of the situation.

    There was a brief, very brief moment that Madrigal thought she would turn away and go awaken the mistress, and have her be the one to fully discover him, and in so doing be the one who bonded to him. Certainly she was more prepared. And even though Mistress Sonnet was in her middle-age, she was a priestess, and faith preserved. She would have the strength and the experience to handle this better than Madrigal.

    But then, she thought of her promise, and... she looked at the man. She didn't expect a handsome man, not this way. She knew of course that the prophesied one would have been through persecution and possibly torture even before he was discovered - that much was in the visions she had. No... no she would be the one to take care of him. For the prophecy, for this sudden nearly matronly care she instantly developed upon seeing his unconscious form sprawled there on the floor... and for a slight tingle deep in her chest and other regions. Yes, he was a very handsome man indeed. Perhaps... perhaps she would not be denied love after all?

    And so, Madgrial moved over to the man, and carefully moved him from where he lie to the inside of the temple, and to the upper level prayer room, which had been appointed for guests to stay - though they never did - with a pair of cots, two wooden chairs that Madrigal had carved herself, and a low stone table, with a view of the wilderness outside.

    Madrigal stayed by his side, for those many hours before he awoke, cleaning his wounds, washing and changing him - a mixed experience of thrilling lust and unbridled embarrassment - and simply awaiting his awakening.


    He woke up in a cot, his wounds, if any, dressed and clean robes on, to the feeling of a warm, wet washcloth wiping at his forehead. The woman was in a black leather outfit, but one that left the shoulders and upper arms and partially the upper chest uncovered. Her eyes seemed to have an otherworldly feel to them and that black hair seemed to almost move of its own accord as he was tended to.

    "Don't move too swiftly. Your fever has only begun to break. I know not what other ailments you may have, but I and my Mistress have been tending to you for the past two days as you recovered. Do you wish some water?"

    She withdrew and reappeared with a small cup of water. "I am known as Madrigal. I know not your name but I know you are the one we have seen in our prophecies. I and my Mistress will tend to you in any way we can." She said as she offered the drink, helping to prop him up in order to sip.
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  4. The ground was slightly warmer than he had felt it a moment before, his body stirring slightly as he felt another consciousness nearby. Brom somewhat felt the muscle and skin in his hand knit themselves back together, but as opposed to a feeling of pain the freeman instead felt a sense of serenity, of calmness.

    It was then that he heard the words spoken above him; "Wake now, young one, for you have been granted what you sought. You have been granted sanctuary."

    Sanctuary? Truly, this was certainly magnificent as he been truly granted his freedom!

    It would be the last consciousness he had in a while, his being soon growing dim for the next series of hours.

    Brom's vision was slightly blurred at first, but soon enough he saw the silken voice's owner in a clear, almost blessed light. Her hair was dark, so much that in his exhausted state it seemed to blend into the scene about him. The same could not be said similarly for her brilliant eyes, for they seemed to be devoid of any darkness. Regardless, her features and her very form were the ideals in Brom's limited perception of human beauty.

    But it was then that, as he slowly made his way to stand while using a nearby rail to stand himself up, he took note of her attire. They reminded him of the clerical garbs some of the celebrant priestess wore in the summer, though it reminded him more as some of the more prude and frugal attire that some of the priestesses who were chosen by the Dark God for sacred prostitution to bear his demigod agents. However, despite their similarity, the emblems and some of the more order-specific details, such as the color of the cincture, did not add up to any orders to any of the gods' cults that was aware of.

    Regardless, her voice was not the one he remembered. The one he heard last was wizened and sagacious, while hers seemed intently seductive and somewhat naive. But in his bass voice he looked around, seeing that his satchel was on the stone table and had not been visible tampered with. It was then that the freeman noticed that, for the first time in the entirety of his existence, he wore a full set of clothing as opposed to a mere loincloth. He was wearinga pair of grey pants, a white tunic (with grey leather bracers meant to go with it on the table), a pair of grey, roughspun boots, a black cincture, and a grey cloak, the latter three of which were hanging on or were lined up against the cot.

    He nodded in thanks to her help, but sat up on his own effort. He wasn't certain how to feel about her tended gazes nor her spouse-like behaviors. To him it was an oddity, but not one he had the energy to observe. He then drank the water, and once his throat had relaxed somewhat he spoke aloud, his bass voice coming to the apprentice's ears. "I thank you, Madrigal. You say you have a mistress? You look too well-cared for to be a slave... are you an apprentice of sorts, then?"
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  5. "You are most welcome, Sire." She replied. Even his voice is an attraction. But I must tend to my duties prior to any personal feelings. If I take care of him well, perhaps I can prove I am worthy to be... Madrigal thought, before she caught herself in the pause and nodded, her hair bobbing and cascading over bared shoulders.

    "You would be correct in your assumption, Sire. I am indeed the apprentice seer and prophetess to M'lady Sonnet. She and I have long awaited this day, her much longer than I. The prophecy is fairly specific, and I recognized the signs once I laid eyes upon your still form. I am quite glad that you have survived whatever trials and ordeals that led you to our modest temple. Our job is to bring you back to health, and then help you in whatever endeavor you wish to embark upon. The prophecy says you will be the one to shatter this dark time and bring light, joy, and balance to our battered world." She rattled on, following his movements as he took the water and then sat up of his own accord.

    He heals quickly as Mistress Sonnet said he would. Madrigal thought, as she kept an even pleasant expression on her face. It would not be bad, to be by this man's side, despite the great trials and battles that may yet come for him, if the prophecy could continue to be relied upon for such things. She fussed with straightening out her clothing and hair for a moment, then spoke again.

    "We will be having our afternoon meal shortly. I am sure you hunger, and I do hope that mere bread, cheese, milk, and a little wine are to your liking, Sire, as it is all we have access to at the moment. Mistress Sonnet and I must be careful in our forays into towns and villages, so that we maintain our sacred trust in our waiting for you, the savior of the prophecy." Madrigal added, ducking her head slightly as if in apology for the treatment they were able to provide him.

    After a brief sigh, she spoke once more. "Mistress Sonnet will return on the eve, as she had a task to do that I was not privy to. You could speak to her in more detail with any questions you have, but I would also be more than glad to answer what I know in my meager knowledge. You have but to ask, Sire."

    She thought back to her training, and how it had prepared her for this moment. Madrigal expected to be training her own apprentice by the time this prophecy came to fruition, but here she was, looking at the prophesied one. It was a surreal moment, frightening and suspenseful and exhilarating all at once. This was it, the start of an epic undertaking.

    If it all worked as the prophecy said, it would not be long before the Dark One's hold on this world was shattered into pieces and the pieces burned and buried. If they failed...

    If they failed they would feel the Dark One's wrath. They say there are worse things than death, and they also say if there were things worse than those things, they would be almost as terrible as the full ire of the Dark One.

    And Madrigal faced it head on, her thoughts on this and also on... well, a bit too much on the carnal side of her mind that simply would not shut down when she observed the young Sire. She would have to keep it together, as Madrigal doubted that the Sire wanted a concubine or whore. He wanted sanctuary, at least for now, and she would provide it.

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