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  1. Name pretty much says it. Looking for s/m play. Me slave n prefer male dom. Can be group rp dont really care. Would like an on going rper.

    Plots involve force or kidnap mostly n always up for new ideas. Here are some I had

    Im a girl that ran away from her master n slave community n being hunted by them to bring back to the leader. When I am cought its by the most brutal leader n he/she doesnt want to give me back. This could be 1x1 rp with us playing multiple characters

    Or im kidnapped into a master n slave relationship n forced into obeying. .. this could end with me ending up to enjoy it or always hate it.

    Also thought of a girl coming home from work n gets cought outside after dark when she shouldnt be because of vampires n other night time creatures. Not so much the dom/sub rp but still putting it out there

    Can also give some ideas. I dont make long plots cuz I like seeing where it goes
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  2. Those all sound good :) Whatever you like the most I'm totally up for. :D
  3. Someones already doing the vamp one with me so either one of the other 2 n pm or forums?
  4. PM would be great if that's okay. Easier on my phone. :D
  5. I'd be interested in this.
  6. Ya.. pm me? Or forums?
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