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  1. I need a male master. This is mature for violence and sexual themes. This is present day. The master will have to be a vampire or demon.

    Preferably the setting with be in the middle of a war where the vampires/ demons have the upper hand and either the vampires/ demons will win the war and enslave the humans or your character will sneak into the human base and steal Jade.
    Name: Jade Silver
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Personality: Shy, doesn't talk much
    Bio: Jade's parents were one of the many humans who rose up against the vampires/ demons. Jade begged them not too, as did her twin brother, but they ignored them, and forced her brother to go out to the battlefield. They were all killed. She rarely talks, and always seems to flinch away from vampires/ demons because of her fear of them.

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  2. Vampire? Count me in!
    Name: Valumnd
    Age: 169 (looks more 22 Human Years)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: Confusing, but unlike some other vampires, has just the shred of a heart. Does not view all humans as food; he hasn't hit that stage yet.
    Bio: Valumnd was bitten about 170 years ago by his partner, Aerosk. When the war started, they both began doing more covert ops, due to his limited human resemblance and his confusing temperament. When his partner was killed, he swore vengence on the demons. Upon hearing of a human captive, he decided that, if she or any other human was worth stealing, then he would take her. He strives to deal with the humans by dealing with the demons. He hasn't discovered men's evil side...yet.
    (Sorry having file issues these past few days)
  3. alright, i can start, how do you want to stage set? Jade captured by the demons im assuming?
  4. btw how come you're always online? lol
  5. 1) I'm always online because I keep this website pulled up on my computer 24/7
    2) Not sure. Your call, you make the thread.
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