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  1. A set of twin sisters (I want to play them) are bought by a cruel/mean Master at the age of 13 for his 18 birthday, along with his own mansion(the role play takes place two years later so the twins are 15 and the master is 20) He sees twin A as his pride and joy and will do anything in the world for her, and she is very keen on him herself, she loves being with him especially when he brings her out to social events as his girlfriend. Though This treatment makes twin B insanely jelous as she is treated like an animal. She envies everything about her sister's Luxurious life but is always put back in her place whenever she tries to stand up.

    That is just a brief explanation I know it seems all over the place so I hope it is understandable. I would prefure someone who is not afraid of sexual role plays (not in main chat if course) and would be willing to play the master and one more mistreated slave to be friends with slave B

  2. I'm interested
  3. alright =^.^= would you like to make a thread for it, I am not sure where it would go I am fairly new
  4. Is it okay if it's pm?
  5. Sure
  6. If you're willing to take on anther, I'm up for this too!
  7. OF COURSE! I love this prompt so much, could you please make a thread for it and post the link here? I am on my phone but can easily make it later on my computer if you would like me to.
  8. Is it okay through Pm? I don't trust the alerts to say when there's posts.
  9. If this is still up, i am interested.
  10. Of course, im always up for this roleplay
  11. Great! would you like to create a starter? And will we do this in PM or a main thread?
  12. I'd prefure a main thread but give me a moment to make it and get everything in order
  13. this HTML class. Value is the folder is in Libertine one on ones
  14. sure, take your time :)
  15. It is posted in libertine one on ones
  16. Ok i posted my bio
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.