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  1. Camp Deep Wood, often mocked for its borderline suggestive name, isn't exactly the most posh camp on the block. To start out, it only allows campers ages fourteen through twenty-one, and the majority of camp counselors aren't much older. There's a long and proud history of alcohol being smuggled in, some soft drug use, and condom machines in every bathroom. It's cheap, it's easy, and depending on how gullible your parents are, might even be educational.
    Well, this summer, the students are about to get an education in one thing: fear. You see, Camp Deep Wood is waaaay out of cell range, thirty-odd miles away from the next closest habitation, and one week into a month-long stay someone's pictured the gas tanks of every vehicle and gut the phone line.
    Oh, and the head counselor was discovered in the staff bathrooms with his throat slit. That might throw a damper on things.​
    Status: Not yet begun​
    We open our scene on Camp Deep Wood at eight a.m. when the current six residents have just discovered the head counselor's death. They are gathered in the dining hall, each one suspicious of the other because they all know that one of their own is the slasher. Someone has just proposed they have a vote- like survivor. No point in sitting around like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. If they kept kicking people out they would eventually get rid of the killer, right?
    It's not like anyone else has a better idea.

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