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Do you think every roleplay info content checks need to have surprise captions?

  1. Yes! :D

  2. No! >:(

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  3. Potato!

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  1. Does anyone notice this?


    When you are Creating a thread in the Libertine/Liberteen section, mouse over the BDSM check box in the Mature Roleplay info section. A surprise caption will show up as long as you keep the cursor there. :D

    Slap dat ass!


    Now, I'm wondering, why only BDSM? I propose that other check boxes each have their own surprise caption! Like... when you mouse over "Jail Bait", the caption will show "She said she was 18!"
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  2. I fully endorse this idea and also volunteer to come up with the captions. @Diana pls
  3. Good Diana says those are supposed to be a genuine description of the tag, and that was just me testing to see if I could do a mouseover and then forgot all about it.

    Bad Diana thinks it would be hilariously good fun. >:[
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  4. Fixed!

    Pretty pwease~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  5. You should let bad Diana take over once in a while. It's good for your mental health, relieves stress and whatnot. :D
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  6. I support this idea.
    Even though I don't partake in that section it would be funny to hear people come to General Chat about them. :3
  7. The votes are clear! All member are in favor of Yes! Potato is counted as a Yes, obviously :P

    Make it happen after the big update! :devilfire:
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