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  1. I don't care about it but I know I'm far behind my generation in a sense that many of the phrases people say on the internet, I have no clue what they're saying. I recently found out what FML, tl;dr:, and sloppy seconds meant... I know nothing, but what do you guys know? Things like lol, btw, and brb are common so those come to me easily (but I'm still a weirdo and sometimes just a bitch for asking my partner what they're saying because I don't know what the text lingo is of the century). So, hit everyone up with those phrases!
  2. Uh, "belt up"?
    Dang, I'm a bit behind too...

    The pound symbol is apparently called hashtag now... Sooo... There's that.

    Then there's smh, Share my Hamburger? Uh, Shave my Hamster?... Save my hat?...Sydney Morning Herald?
    No, out of everything Smh could have been, its something as boring as "Shaking my head."
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  3. I thought it was So much hate.

    either way. In sweden, at the place I grew up. we have 9 different slang words for police, that that as you will.
  4. IMO - In My Opinion
    TBH - To Be Honest
    IKR/inorite - I know, right?
    TTYL - Talk To You Later
    TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
    GTFO - Get The Fuck Out
    STFU - Shut the Fuck Up
    FFS - For Fucks Sake
    IDGAF - I don't Give a Fuck
    FTFY - Fixed That For You
    ASL - Age, Sex, Location
    GG - Good Game (the olden days alternate to throwing a hissy and leaving.)
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  5. Wish I had heard of those sooner ;A; I've been so confused by some of those like "ffs" etc
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  6. Um. 'Chapped' maybe. As in, 'He's got me all chapped.'





    Flat as in a box of pop.
  7. I'm pretty sure 'macking' is that baby-talk pronunciation which has gotten so popular of 'making' as in 'making out', but could you define the other slangs for us?
  8. Woot? o.O I know one slang for polis (=snut).. Does 8 more exist? Gosh, I'm isolated.
  9. Snut, bengen, bananen, farbror blå, aina är de vanligaste. Annnd were I live everyone called them "Popen" (From american Popo), Siren Gossar, Grisar (Pigs) and my personal favourte (said only by me and my closest friends) Påkpatrullen. :D
  10. An Iwaku specific one:

    RACKS - a gag last month where we communally and good-naturedly mocked every avatar with a bosomy appearance, generally calls attention to the female breast; also can be substituted by a picture of Starcraft 2 Terran Barracks (a structure in the game known colloquially as a 'racks' in competitive play)
  11. @Hellis I think I've heard farbror blå in some movie before, but other than that I've never heard the other ones xD But I live in a really small town, so slang was almost non existing even when I was a teenager haha
  12. Oh. I lived in one the places with most crime in the entire stockholm area.... Might have something to do with it.
  13. Book it

  14. Wheelin is slang for banging a person I guess? `He's wheelin' that chick'.

    Chapped means you're irritated.

    LG stands for little girl. Guys who go after girls younger than them are 'LG Hunters' or 'Diaper Snipers'.

    Beaut stand for beauty. Like, if you bought a snowmobile, you'd say 'she's a beaut'.

    A flat is what you call a box of pop.

    To book it is to run as hard as you can. 'She booked it out of the convenience store'

    Groady means disgusting.

    Sometimes I say chesterfield instead of couch.

    Double double for a coffee that's 2 creams 2 sugars
  15. You're Canadian! 8D

    More Canadian slang:

    Toque: a wool cap

    To "give 'er": push the pedal to the metal, give the best effort, give your all.

    Mountie: a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Potluck: a meal where everybody brings a dish to share

    Cutlery: silverware, table tools

    Housecoat: bath robe
  16. Cutlery Aint a slang word. That's proper old english....
  17. So's Toque but Americans still get confused at it >.<
  18. I don't, But apparently I'm a "Proper American"
    Whatever the flap that means.
  19. In Pittsburgh we have our selves a few different words.

    Yinz- You guys, you all, you

    Jagger- A small, sharp object

    Jagger Bush- A thorn bush

    Jagoff- Jerk, asshole

    Slippy- Slippery

    And a whole bunch of other strange uses of words, grammar, phrases and speaking.
  20. Talk smack, get whacked.
    Snitches get stitches, bitches get ditches.

    Poverty has a lot of creative ones, then some not so creative ones, such as...

    "Kill that Cracker"
    "Fuck that whitey"
    "Stupid ass cracker bitch"