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That's right Skyrim comes out in exactly one week! The wait is almost over!

Here are some cool videos to help make this the longest week of your life.

Also You can get a theme and avatar items on Xbox live.
I could listen to the main theme on loop all week, but I'd go on a rampage slaying dragons and whatnot. Not safe for the work environment.
As much as I'm interested in Skyrim. Are there not at least two ther threads on Skyrim? Couldn't it of been better to post in at least one of the other threads?

Anywho yeah, looks interesting and I am excited. I'm however holding off on buying it until I get a verdict from a couple friends on how it is (and I get confirmation that the construction set is available on release or not). Rather not join in the train wreck if it turns out like say, Dragon Age II or something.
Even if there were already other threads, I did enjoy the metal mix very much.
I... um... need a towel. Stupid spontaneous orgasm... *runs off to clean up*
Prepare to have moments like this >:3

The metal...It speaks to me.
The metal, it makes me want to KILL.
That is usually what it's saying
If anyone is interested, I found a couple links to some leaked gameplay videos of the introduction. Since they's technically not exactly legal, not posting the links here. Will PM them to any who are interested.

Impressions from the gameplay video (mild spoilers).

- Once again the player starts as a prisoner (suprise suprise). Doesn't quite start out in a dungeon however, though one is involved.

- Graphics and models are very reminiscent of oblivion. Which is NOT a good thing. This is 2011, hopefully the construction set is released on 11.11.11 as well so we can get some decent graphic mods in (those who get it for PC).

- Some animations are better, others seem worse. Voice acting is a little hit or miss, some have good voices... others are cringe worthy.

- Not sure about dismemberment. A character was beheaded in the begining. However that was in a scripted event, not sure how it works in game combat.

- The atmosphere is awesome! After the lengthy and dull introduction of Oblivion and Fallout 3, this introduction has a much better feeling to it, and the tutorial is not nearly so long. It does a excellent job of introducing the player to the world of Skyrim.

- The console version was the one shown. So can't comment on the UI other than it'd suck on a PC. For a console, seemed to work alright.

- The dragons are awesome and should be feared (least in the begining when the player has no weapons).

- Meele combat seems to be improved slightly, with finishing moves and the like. Archery seems to be the exact same as the Oblivion version.

Overall it seemed pretty good. I'll get it, but holding off until I get some reviews from a few friends. Mostly interested in the construction set from the get go. If that is in on release day, it'll be a must get for me. For those excited for it in this thread. I don't believe you'll be disapointed.
Just a note on the graphics. The guy who leaked those admitted that the when he put the video up the graphics didn't look as good. He said that the graphics are amazing. Just watch the twenty minute demo, that was done on the xbox, and it looked amazing. Anyways, good graphics do not make a good game.

example/new video

Also here are the developer diaries.
I JUST figured out what Skyrim was last weekend.
Asked Fluffy Hair Man,
and he told me:
So watched a trailer,
and then
I understood.


That's a rather important factor in a game TO HAVE LANCES when you are FIGHTING DRAGONS.
Unfortunately no spears lances or polearms. Todd howard talked about it a while back, he said that it was something they really had no time to work on. Then again he also denied the existence of werewolves in skyrim. I recently saw footage of skyrim that did indeed have werewolves. It could be fake, but it looked pretty authentic.

Also, two days!

EDIT: New developer diary

New video

Werewolves are said to be in game by some of those that somehow got the disc early.

Lances spears 'n their kin are a no go. No reports of it, and the devs said they didn't have the time or desire to do so.
This game looks like some kind of nordic fangasm. I like.

I'll wait for Woodrat's review, hurrdurr.
. . . I feel like cancelling my pre-order now if there really are no lances.

Looks like I probably won't be getting this game after all.
Werewolves in Skyrim has almost definately been confirmed. It isn't absolute, but it seems almost certain. Right now Bethesda is having any unauthorized Skyrim game play taken down. Videos have been surfacing on YouTube, but they are being taken down because of copyright violations.
. . . I feel like cancelling my pre-order now if there really are no lances.

Looks like I probably won't be getting this game after all.
Swords not manly enough for ya?