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  1. I dunno, I just kind of wanted to do a Skyrim RP xD But maybe with a few changes/additions/personal touches, to characters of course but perhaps to the world a littlw bit as well if people had ideas in relation to that.

    I wanted to do some original additions that aren't normally in it(but that still somehow tie into or are much like the already-existing Elder Scrolls Lore), namely the character(or one of them anyway) being cursed with transformation into a creature, but different animal from a werewolf(still debating a few options of how this curse came about for my character).

    Any interest, and if so, further ideas?

    Okay, so a little bit of a summary of what we've talked about so far, if you're taking a peak inside here for the first time-
    • The plotline that we're working with and sort-of agree on is that there used to be a Death Spirit that rules Oblivion long ago and created the Deadra and the Princes of Oblivion. The Princes sealed away the Death Spirit, but the seal broke and the spirit tried to destroy the Deadric Princes. The Princes managed to partially-seal it's power again, but they were left weakened as a result and fled to Skyrim in weak, mortal forms. Likewise, the Spirit is weakened and possessing a Vessel while it tries to break the seal again to destroy everything and become more powerful than the Divines. Both the Spirit and weakened Princes are looking to form alliances with mortal men and try to fully seal or destroy the spirit once again, as well as regain their own strength.
    • Big emphasis on the fact that we all want to try and make an original plot, but that still stays closely tied with Elder Scroll's lore, or at least similar to it.
    • Going to be set in Skyrim, likely going to be NO dragons, going by personal preference of most wanting to participate(still up to debate).
    • People can play the Deadric Princes and/or Original Characters. Playing a Deadric Prince is not required but recommended.
    • I haven't decided on a Prince yet, going to be playing a male(likely Nord) in the Dark Brotherhood
    • Hellion has already claimed Molag Bal, and will be playing a female Khajit in the Dark Brotherhood
    • DoomOtter has already claimed Hircine
    • Dovahkiin has already claimed Sheogorath, and will be playing a female Wood Elf
    • Sir Basil is debating claiming either Clauvicus Vile or Sanguine
    • EquinoxSol will claim Clauvicus Vile if Sir Basil picks Sanguine. If not, debating whether to claim Boethiah, Mehrunes Dagon, or Hermaeus Mora.
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  2. I think there is already a Skyrim RP happening, but I can't be stuffed looking for it.
  3. I looked through the roleplay sign-ups and RP threads but didn't see anything ^^; But perhaps I just overlooked it
  4. It must have finally died. New Skyrim ones pop up and die a lot. >.> I'd advise you to create a well thought out plot or concept and an OOC and people are more likely to come. All the other ones where pretty much just basic concepts and just kinda jumped straight into the RP without thinking it through.
  5. Yeah, I figured it was something to that effect, which is why I was posting up to see if people are interested and go from there on developing a purpose/direction for it X3
  6. I might be interested though I would prefer we kinda stick to the elder Scrolls lore though I don't mind if we bend or expand it. And I wouldn't say we have to stick to just skyrim, there is all of Tamriel... And we could even set it at any timeframe...though the Elder Scrolls Online time looks interesting...
  7. Yeah, I still kind of intend to take some of the ES lore incorporated into the new ideas and such in some way so it's still very much in-line with that.

    I've played a little of Oblivion and quite a bit of Skyrim and ESO looks amazing =w= But I still don't know much about it yet(I know Skyrim best).

    But I agree that adding or expanding to it should kind of fall into similarity or in-line with the ES lore somehow
  8. Anyone Else possibly interested?
  9. I would like to be a part of a good Elder Scrolls story. I just hope it stays around longer than the last one.
  10. I am a huge fan of the entire Elder Scrolls series and thoroughly enjoyed my game time with both Oblivion and Skyrim playing two completely different characters and classes, an Orc Arcane Mage/Spellsword and a Dark Elf Necromancer. But I agree with the above comment, definitely make the OOC thought out, detailed, original, and interest catching. Details are important for long lasting roleplays. Especially based on a popular series. If people see the OOC and it looks half done or written in a lazy manner, they won't join. Tamriel is a BIG place, and the Elder Scrolls is a massive series with endless lore. If you want to take on such a project, be sure you have alot of time on your hands and a passion to keep the RP going.

    I'm in as long as I see the effort there.
  11. Yeah, I mean we don't have to plan out a whole ton of lore and storymaking, just enough to give the RP a direction and keep it afloat.

    I have a lot of vague ideas and such bouncing around, they just need to be further polished.

    Personally, my own character that I want to use would be an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood, likely having gone through the guild main quest and become the new leader after Astrid, who wield's a one-handed Ebony sword. He's relatively young, 19-20 years, but he's cursed. Specifically, the curse allows him to change to a crow or a large crow-like creature, and prevents him from dying(though not from injury or grants him anything else, he's still just as vulnerable to injury/dismemberment/etc). I'm trying to decide how this curse comes about though; I figured that Hagraven's could be the cause, as they're responsible for the werewolves' transformation curse, though a friend of mine suggested Nocturnal be the cause since he/she is often represented along with two birds/ravens.
    Any thoughts?

    Also, any other ideas on what to do for a plot/goal? This can include any info or sub-plot on your characters.
  12. I'd be interested in going into this, but I'd worry over breaking too much Elder Scrolls lore. I'd like to see that we stick pretty closely to it, and provided that goes down, I'm willing to jump in.

    The story or plot could have something to do with one of the daedric princes, maybe? That was a major theme in the games previous to Skyrim.
  13. Yes, it could.

    Actually, that just gave me the idea that my character's curse could be a wish gone wrong, like from Clavicus Vile, the Deadric Prince of Wishes. Anyway, point being that my character's personal goal is pretty much set xD But would need to come up with other characters' goals and a mian goal for the entire group.

    What, specifically, did you have in mind with the Deadric Princes, Sir Basil?
  14. Just thinking back on the Pre-Skyrim games, the story has mostly had to do with either Daedric princes having too much influence in the world, something about the Daedra getting a mcguffin, or upsetting the strenuous balance between them. After all, they aren't exactly friendly with one another.

    In Morrowind; I really like the prophetical story that follows your character around, and the sense that the character is really just a pawn to the wishes and fate set before him/her. Though the prophetical hero is a huge cliche, the sort of sense of dread that comes from the Morrowind Nerevaine prophecy is really excellent. At least, that's how I felt. I really -like- the daedric princes, but I don't want them ever being portrayed as 'good' guys. They have their own agendas, and that feeling of just being one of their tools was the best part of Morrowind. That and the lost divinity shit in Tribunal. That was cool.

    I fully admit to liking Morrowind's and Oblivion's main plot more than Skyrim. The setting was fine, but I hated the main story. Especially after playing 20+ hours, I'm fully burnt out on dragons. Daedra are far more interesting adversaries, and I like the idea that the 'heroes' have to deal with them on some sort of regular basis. Maybe they think they're the chosen one or some shit.

    Now, I'm just spitballing and giving feedback and suggestions; just trying to high-light what I liked about certain games. Erm, sorry for the tangent and the rambling this devolved into -- hope it helps?
  15. Ah, I see. I hadn't actually played Morrowind, and I only got into Elder Scrolls really when Oblivion was out and my twin got it after we had moved apart ^^; So I understand a bit of that but I haven't finished the main questline for Oblivion(technically I haven't finished the main questline for Skyrim either, even though I'm level 39 going on 40 haha).

    The dragons are cool and the graphics and free-roaming all-together really sealed the deal for me, but honestly I'm more fond of just haplessly wandering about completing random quests. Much more fun than the main questline to me haha.

    So, that being put out there, do we want this to be before, during, or after the dragons have returned to Skyrim?

    Personally I won't be playing a Dragonborn anyway, so it hardly matters to me. I think having dragon fights occasionally is nice, but the main plot I can easily scrap and move on to other plotlines and original ideas lol
  16. Ugh, nix the Dragons please. I would be happy if I never had to see another dragon in an RPG again.I realize that this game does not entirely cater towards me (which is 100% for the best), but good aedra/daedra, dragons. I'm willing to go with whatever the majority opinion is; but unless there's some plot point you're just dying to do with the dragons, there's absolutely no reason to include them in my very biased personal opinion that is clearly the defining feature of this play-by-post. -cough-

    I'd prefer before. Or after, when all the dragons are dead.
  17. I say why not take a gamble and try something afterwards. A new timeline entirely, after everything. I'm not saying make up new bad guys or what have you, I definitely think we can go back into the Daedra styling of things, but try a new storyline that involves all the events that previously happened simply as distractions and stepping stones to build up to something completely new and different. Say, there was news that the king of the Daedra whom was NEVER mentioned in the entire Elder Scrolls series, suddenly existed, but he is ailing, he is very sick because he is forcing himself to live in the mortal realm in hiding.

    The Daedric princes plotted his murder so one of them can take the crown for themselves. The king denied them that right and fled in solitude somewhere in the world of the living. Every time he uses his powers in the mortal realm, he grows ever weaker. Now the entire realm is seeking this king for their own sick and twisted rights, either to become king of the Daedra themselves, or to protect him for whatever the reason and return him safely to his palace to help him slay his terrifying sons. The king is evil too, yes, but what choice does he have than to trust those that choose to help him and defend against those that don't. His sons have become corrupt, with no longer a sense of control and understanding and connection of any kind with the living world and no longer a desire to cause mischief, but instead to cause complete destruction and death in every sense. If the king is not returned or killed soon, there will be an all out war and the Daedra will do everything in their power to take over the living world. To rule Tamriel by force if they cannot rule their own realm.

    Something like the above would still be the lore of the series, but with a twist, and since a king was never actually mentioned, we don't know if a king actually existed or not in the series, thus giving room to try it. Or a queen. Whichever.

    As for you growing wings and the like, I'd say that is a bit silly and stepping out of the lore into more of a different likeness. Yes it is a small change, but you must remember, if you want your character to be that way the rest of your RP applicants will want some special privileges too and so on, then it won't really be Elder Scrolls anymore and the demands and changes and ridiculousness will turn your RP into something completely different that you don't want. Stick to the knitty gritty of what made the series so fantastic, it certainly wasn't dragons.
  18. Knight Thaniel, you somehow were able to read my mind and put all my badly written feelings into eloquent and constructive ideas.
    Everything he said, I love and agree with.
  19. I kind of like that idea, assuming we can make it to a workable goal for our characters.

    And I wasn't saying my human character would sprout wings - rather, it would be transformation into a Beast, much like the Companions/werewolves, but more avian than lupine, and would be treated much the same(like how NPC's attack you and such in beast form).

    I have some specific reasons for doing that with my character rather than simply making him a werewolf and such, though I suppose if it's highly protested I can do without.
  20. Well, what would be the reasons for the avian-thrope? It's a bit of a departure from the other things in the Elder Scrolls.

    If its a Rule of Cool thing, which I definitely understand and respect, levitation was a spell in Morrowind and I believe Daggerfall; it could be reflavoured to let you sprout wings.