Skyrim Roleplay

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Hey, I posted this on another forum (I did it by mistake and lots of people got the wrong idea. Sorry you all)

I have been wanting to do some Skyrim roleplay for a while. I totally love the game but I am no nerd of it. So it's okay if you don't know either. Although I expect you have at least played the game to know certain stuffs. Of course you can go do some research on Google but that is not what I want. You have to play the game to feel what I mean.

So, I have created a new version of Alduin from the game Skyrim. The idea is that, once Alduin was not really killed in the game - mostly because the dovahkiin did not take his soul in Sovangard - he was transported to another time. This one being the present millennium. Imagine Alduin in our Era... scary.

Of course the present time will have alterations. The cities name will be kept along with the geography of Tamriel. The Walls will also exist but as monuments. Some races - along with the dragon race - will no longer exist and are known to be stories, fairy tales and myths. But those are topics we can discuss and get new ideas. I really want to listen to your ideas about this.

I do not mind roleplay him back to the time of Skyrim, either.


Have a good day if you can, if not kick someone.
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