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    "I am the Scourge of Daedra, the bold defender of the friendless. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

    Name: Malakaus Gro-Vorinclex
    Race: Orsimer
    Age: 32
    Aspirations: To defeat the champions of other Daedric princes in the name of Malacath.
    • Scourge - The blessed mace of Malacath. Enchanted with daedric magics that allow it to disrupt and destory daedra and their influences, or summon them to serve the interest of whomever wields Scourge. In his quest Malakaus can use Scourge to cancle out the effects of other daedric artifacts, such as forcing a champion of Hircine back to his mortal form when he was struck by Scourge, and Malakaus can do potentially more if he ever comes across more Champions and their artifacts.
    • Banded Iron Armor - The armor of a mercenary. Malakaus made this armor himself and tempered the armored plates to be more durable than your average set of iron, making it comparible to orcish in terms of protective qualities. Comes complete with a spiked helmet to deliver a devistating blow with his head.
    • Spiked Shield - A brutal looking shield made of treated wood and steel. The edges of the shield are honed to allow Malakaus to cut his foes with a punch, but there are also steel spikes on the surface of the shield to allow him to impale his enemies or trap their weapons.
    • Dragonborn - A Ebony Tanto Malakaus has made in the design of the Blades. It's called the Dragonborn as he has enchanted this weapon with Fiery Soul Trap as well as Paralysis, making it a fearsome weapon that Malakaus figured would be worthy of the reknowned figure.
    • Box Crossbow - A weapon of dwarven engineering, adapted for Malakaus's use. Studying the design from a dwarven sphere, Malakaus has created a crossbow that can be loaded from a detachable box instead of by hand. He then devised a hand-crank system which would allow Malakaus to increase the firing rate without compromising the penetration power of the crossbow. Currently he only hse standard steel-tipped bolts, but he also has a unqiue type of bolt called the "Hook Shot", which comes with its own box. The Hook Shot can be fired up to a hundred yards away, and be used to cross over surfaces like a grappling hook or even latch onto large enemies, like dragons.
    • Pick Axe - A fairly large weapon of orcish design. One side of the head is a wood-cutting blade, while the oppisite side has a rock-breaking spike. A tool useful for both gathering wood as well as prospecting, and if the need arises, also to split skulls. At the hilt of the Pick Axe is also a narrow wedge that Malakaus can use to pry open doors and chests, bypassing the need of a lockpick if he isn't concerned about stealth. The Pick Axe is too large to use with one hand and thus require Malakaus to use it with both.
    • Ring of Hircine - The Daedric Artifact of Hircine, with this Malakaus is capable of transforming into a mighty Werewolf. He has yet to actually do that however and simply keeps the ring as proof that he had bested one Daedric Champions.
    • Caravan Bag - A heavy duty backpack suited to be hauling loads and loads of merchandise. For Malakaus, it's used to carry his none-equipment. He has two bags: His backpack and his satchel bag.
    • Journal - Malakaus's personal diary. It's filled with everything from reflective essays and blue prints to random notes and scribbles. He has multiple journals, though he doesn't bother to organize them in any meaningful way aside from dating them.
    • Camp Kit - A hold over from Malakaus's time in the Imperial Army. This Camp Kit consist of some basic items Malakaus can use to make a one-man camp. It has a tent, sleeping roll, cooking equipment, and lots of rope. Big enough to fit two people if they don't mind squeezing.
    • Enchanting Scroll - This rolled up piece of parchment is vital to Malakaus's craft, as it allows him to put enchantments on objects anywhere he goes. All he needs is a flattish surface, something to hold the scroll down, and soul gems.
    • Skooma - A little pick-me-up Malakaus has to keep his spirits high.
    • Coin - Malakaus is rather wealthy. He keeps all his coin in a strongbox in his satchel bag, requiring a combination code as well as a key in order to open.
    • Forge Hammer - A tool Malakaus uses to keep his equipment in tip-top shape. An heirloom in his family, said to be able to shape any material it strikes, so Malakaus holds it very dear to him.
    • Blocking (Master) - A defensive fighter capable of disarming opponents easily or forcing them off their feet with a single charge. He can even block magic attacks. Uses a tower shield carved from stone.
    • Enchanting (Master) - A master enchanter at the College of Winterhold, though he never applied for teaching and still remains a student. Not only knows almost every enchantment obtainable, he can also create Magic Scrolls with just paper and soul gems (To infuse them with the necessary magic powers).
    • Heavy Armor (Expert) - Is so accustomed to heavy armor that they weigh next to nothing to him and thus can move with astonishing grace and agility.
    • Smithing (Expert) - Knows how to work Ebony as well as Magical weapons. He can work with everything from bones and chitin to metal and wood. Also a well educated engineer and has created a new Crossbow Design that he keeps a secret.
    • Alteration (Adept) - A decent Alteration Mage, often employs Mage Armor, Telekinesis, and various Lights. He also has Detect Life, Water Breathing, and Water Walking.
    • Archery (Apprentice) - A decent shot with a Crossbow.
    • Two-Handed (Apprentice) - Is accustomed to using big weapons.
    • Restoration (Novice) - Knows basic healing spells.
    • Destruction (Novice) - Knows some elemental rune magics.
    History: Malakaus's birth was said to be a blessing by Malacath himself, as he was born on the 8th of Frostfall, Malacath's summoning day. His parents believed that Malakaus would do great things growing up, and Malakaus did his best to live up to that idea.

    Malakaus's early childhood started in the Legion, based in Cyrodiil. His father was an Imperial Captain while his mother was a Forge Master. They both served the Legion loyally and was held in high regards, for orcs anyways. That being said, Malakaus's childhood was not an easy one for him. His parents expected him to join the Legion as they did, and wanted him to be ready for the rigors the Legion had to offer. Even as a baby Malakaus was in the forge alongside his mother, and as soon as he could grip a hammer he was put to work in the forge alongside her. Like any good orc, he was pretty good at it. By the time he was ten years old he could legitimately be hired to maintain the equipment of the Imperial soldiers.

    And it wasn't long before Malakaus started to train as one himself. He didn't participate in actual combat training, instead he was given an education. This was at the insistence of his parents and not something the Legion normally offered. Malakaus was admitted into the Arcane University for basic learning skills, such as mathematics and reading. But it was here that Malakaus's interest in scholarly pursuits were planted. He quickly grew attached to tales and lore of magic, and more importantly, the Daedric Princes. His parents were more than happy to teach him the tenets of Malacath and how they follow him even within the Legion, but on his own Malakaus also learned about the other Daedric Princes, their artifacts and their spheres of influence.

    Malakaus attended the Arcane University for about five years, and when he was sixteen his father had him join the Imperial Legion proper. Taken from his studies Malakaus was put into armor and found himself training as a soldier. Specifically Malakaus found himself part of the "Emperor's Wall", a heavy-armored contingent specializing in massive shield-wall tactics. Like Smithing, Malakaus was quickly able to learn the nuances of heavy armor and shield fighting, becoming one of the more promising soldiers in his unit.

    Malakaus served the Imperial Legion for around ten years. His unit spent most of their time as peace-keepers and patrolling the region, but found enough action to earn them prestige. Even so, Malakaus didn't really care much for it. He enjoyed fighting, sure, but whenever possible he was found amongst literature. He was perhaps the most well-read soldier in his unit, even his captain consulted him on more intellectual matters when the need arises. His parents were initially perplexed by Malakaus's interest in the scholarly arts, but it did not interfere with his ability in battle and indeed, made him more proficient when he started creating enchantments. After showing his ability in the magical arts his parents gave Malakaus their approval for his new found interest. After he served ten years in the Legion he resigned and sought to continue a magical education at the Arcane University. However with the break down of the mage guilds, the Arcane University became nothing more than a magically-inclined political organization. He found his chances of getting a higher education there lacking, and thus went to find other colleges. And the only one he knew of that would accept him was the College of Winterhold, in Skyrim.

    Malakaus traveled north. Using his connections with the Imperial Legion Malakaus managed to get to Skyrim in less than a month, and to the College of Winterhold in less then six months. During that time Malakaus actually spent some time in Skyrim increasing his magical ability. He first found himself a teacher in the form of a Forsworn Sorceress; Malakaus was captured while he was traveling through the rift, and he was more or less forced into a slave for the Forsworn. However he knew much about the Forsworn, and by relating his knowledge on them he managed to convince the Forsworn that he was sympathetic to their cause. He wasn't, but it was better that they think that he was than for him to be killed by them. While not free, he used his knowledge and ability to assist the Forsworn just a bit, mainly by giving them enchantments and improving their weaponry. During this time hew as assigned a watcher by the name of Revia, a Forsowrn Sorceress.

    Revia was an aspiring Hagraven. Like her mother before her, she was a native child of the reach and led their people. But when the nords took their lands, her mother was killed in the initial conflict, and Revia wanted nothing more than to take back her home and vengeance for her mother. Malakaus learned magic from her under the pretense that he was interested in her culture, which he was to an extend. More importantly however doing this allowed him to get closer to Revia. And unbeknownst to him, Malakaus was key to convincing Revia to abandon her previous aspirations of being a Hagraven and ultimately free them both from the Forsworn. Mainly because Malakaus began to regale her about the Daedric Princes, which was similar to the Forsworn's old gods. The trick, however, was that Malakaus was able to convince Revia that it was better to follow the Princes than the old gods. Inspired to follow these new gods, she escaped the Forsworn, taking Malakaus with her to ensure her escape. They fled to Riverwood where they parted ways. Malakaus never figured out which of the Daedric Princes that Revia wanted to follow, but perhaps it was best that the knowledge was kept to herself.

    After finally being freed from the Forsworn Malakaus hired a carriage to Winterhold. He passed their entrance exam with a show of telekinetic magic, juggling swords in the air and having them land back into their sheaths. It was here that Malakaus truly began to hone his magical abilities, specifically enchanting. With the access of the Arcanaeum Malakaus discovered the location of various magical items, and made expeditions to find them and learn the enchantments from them. He kept his skills sharp by also regularly going out of the college to gather soul gems and charge them, from petty to even black. It took him about five years to become an official Master of Enchantments, and even than he was not done with his life. His true calling did not come until much more recently.

    Malakaus and a few other students were sent to The Atronach Stone in Eastmarch to do some studies and excavation. Later they were also going to go do a tour of the Eldergleam sactuary, but before that could happen they were attacked. Half the group had died before they realized what had occurred. They were being hunted by a Werewolf. Of the six, only Malakaus and two other students survived the initial onslaught. While Malakaus was a trained warrior, his only weapon at the time was his tanto that he had not yet enchanted, and his Pick Axe. He did not even have armor or a shield, as he was used to using. He and the others set up a safe zone using runes but knew that it would only do so much to hold back the werewolf. They could not even be sure if their magic would be enough to defeat the wolf if they all combined their spells. And that was when Malakaus received a vision.

    It took the form of a heavy mist falling on their position. The other mages panicked when the thick mist moved in, and in their panic they tried to flee only to be cut down by the werewolf. But Malakaus stayed, partly because of the vision he was receiving, but mostly because it would have been futile to run. As the mist consumed the area he heard the voice of Malacath speak to him. He told Malakaus of whom the werewolf was; the Champion of Hircine. He had previously attacked others likes tonight to increase his own power, but made the mistake of killing a band of orcish traders. Enraged Malacath found Malakaus and gave him a divine mandate: To slay the Champion of Hircine, as well as other Champions of the Daedric Princes, and show them all that Malacath and his people were not to be trifled with. A task that for others seemed impossible and downright insane. But to Malakaus it was as clear as day (or at least more clear than the fog). By the time the mist had disappeared there was a weapon at his feet. It was all Malakaus needed to know that he was truly blessed by Malacath.

    Resting at his feet was Scourge, the unholy artifact of Malacath and the Defender of the Friendless. Despite not knowing how to use the mace Malakaus picked up the weapon and met the Champion of Hircine in battle. Their ill-fate in the moonlight proved to be the Champion of Hircine's demise as each blow from Scourge weakened his ability to stay in his Werewolf form. After only three strikes the fearsome werewolf was turned back into a mortal man, at the mercy of Malakaus. He begged to be spared, that he was only answering the call of his god. Malakaus responded with the same reasoning, crushing the Champion's head with a mighty blow from Scourge.

    Since that day Malakaus had been on this divine mission form Malacath. He has not communed with him since then, but remains vigilant to his task. He first returned to the college of Winterhold to report on what had occurred that night, but said nothing about his own experience with Malacath. Afterwards Malakaus announced that he would be taking leave from the college for some time. He forged himself some equipment for his perilous task ahead. Now armored and equipped, Malakaus seeks the Champion of the Daedric Lords, so slay them in the name of Malacath. The adventures he'd have would also be pretty fun.

    Other: Doesn't really have any problems with the other Daedric Princes, he simply fights their Champions since he's following Malacath's will. He does however hate Thieves and anything associated with them, such as the Thieves Guild. He even holds Nocturnal in some contempt, though he's aware that she has little to do with them personally. Also considers himself "A Bold Defender of the Friendless", and thus would come to the aid of anyone he believes needs his help. While perhaps not exactly heroic or noble, he at least tries to have a good heart.
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  5. Name: Stayiir Verus
    Race: Imperial
    Age: 32
    Aspirations: To adventure
    Ebony shield, Ebony armor, Ebony battle ax: all of these are his prized possessions as he had spent four years of his pay on them and as a result he keeps them all cleaned and sharpened constantly.

    Lock picks: Stayiir was always handy with lock picks and getting locks off of doors though he never really stole anything he would just pick locks and walk in to the homes of his neighbors and would sit with them at dinner both confusing them and surprising them but they never really complained, it allowed him to hone his skills and his neighbors to know if their locks were up to standard.

    Pickax: Everyone could use a pickax, you never know when you might need to grab some ore or need a improvised weapon.

    Enchanted rings: Several rings that cast a moderate strength ward around him to defend against magic attacks.

    Possessions: Rough bag: His old bag from his days in the legion, used to carry multiple things such as...

    Books: several books for Stayiir to read when he is traveling or resting.

    tent: self explanatory, used to make a base in the wilds.

    Emergency rations: Food for an emergency with himself or others.

    Skills: Blocking and one handed: Master, he has been using shields and one handed weapons since he was fifteen and got even more time using them in his time in the legion. He has shown that he is able to take opponents of much larger size and power.

    heavy armor: Master, he has been wearing heavy armor for years and it's to the point that he doesn't feel the weight anymore and this also has had the effect of giving him a very advanced amount of stamina allowing him to do heavy labor without tiring.

    Lock pick: Expert, his years as a child who looked for trouble gave him this skill as mentioned above.

    Speech: Adept, he can talk down some merchants but that's as far as his skills go.

    No magic: Stayiir seems to have no skill in magic and every time he tries things seem to go wrong.

    History: Their was nothing special about his birth and he grew up as a farmer hos father was a stern but fair man and his mother was a gental and kind woman, at 15 he ran off to join the legion a his father had. He fought in several campaigns during the great war with the high elves but he never was anything else other than a rank and file legionary and only ever got into major combat twice. After the war he went to Skyrim to settle down but he gained an itch to do something so he bought his weapon and armor and walked into the wilds of Skyrim. (His history is intentionally bare because I am making Stayiir a very plain man that just wants to adventure, he's not special just a normal citizen of the empire if you have a problem with it just message me.)
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