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  1. This is Skyrim. . . we are on the island of Volkihar. We are not all Harkon's slaves. Some of us may be his loyal vassals, and others of us may be working to cast the evil fiend down. There is a town, which is more like a prison on Volkihar island, neighboring the castle. Some of the vampires feed on the townsfolk, but this is a rare occurrence for a feeding to be forced on them. Most of the time, the people in the town merely live alone and provide Harkon's court with victims in exchange for their existence or power.

    Volkihar, the town is one of the most unusual towns in all of Skyrim. Technically it's out of both High Rock and Skyrim's borders but it's close enough that it possesses mostly Nords and Bretons. Lord Harkon demands "taxes" of Human victims, and occasionally more, such as the soft flesh of a serving girl. The people living on Volkihar island are forbidden from leaving the island, though they may usually live without harassment from their vampire neighbors.

    The town is normal looking enough to keep it's existence without the soldiers from Solitude or neighbors from High Rock destroying it. Now, however, adventurers have found out about Harkon's existence, and the situation the town's folk live in. Mages, warriors and rogues have banded together, or are carrying out their own investigation of the town, trying to find ways to destroy the steel handed grip of the evil Lord Harkon.

    The town of Volkihar is as large as Rorikstead, Riverwood, Falkreath and Winterhold combined. It's sort of like White Run in size, only growing to it's current population because of the rise of evil magic practicioners, the black market, bandits and pirates. Occasionally the Forsworn carry out their deals with Lord Harkon, and both parties in their negotiations profit very well in their involvements with each other. The cannibals of Markarth have come their way and settled in Volkihar as well.

    The long time locals of Volkihar island, however, are normal people, such as farmers, fishermen, hunters, and miners, etcetera that had the misfortune of being born as Volkihar's servants, and they are tired of servitude towards the blood drinkers. It may require a large number of factors to finally bring Harkon down.

    Character Creation:
    (Iron, Steel, Elven, Orcish, Dwarven, and Advanced equipment all allowed, up to and including the same material weapons/armor with "Flawless" Quality. You are allowed a total of 80 points of ammunition. . . including arrows and crossbow bolts). . .
    Occupation/Class: Doesn't have to be a traditional class. . . You are allowed to learn up to Expert level spells, or maybe even a single Master Spell. Master spells are more difficult to pull off however. No mage in this role play starts out as a Master magician. Like wise, you can be a master swordsman or archer, probably effortlessly cut down most mooks and even some "mini-boss" monsters and characters, but immensely powerful enemies are still ferocious towards you at this point.
    Followers (Yes, but you can only take one NPC with you at a time. It can be an NPC from the actual Skyrim game, but doesn't have to be).
    Materials (Ingots, Firewood, etcetera)
    Food (Important)
    Alchemical Ingredients
    Reason for coming to Volkihar:
    Include both your real reason for coming to Volkihar and a reason why the people would let you stay.

    You are under no obligation to Harkon to stay on the island. Only natives and "local yocals" have to follow that rule. You may need to venture out for weapons, etcetera.

    There is an Imperial Out Post a short distance from the Thalmor prison. This could be an important area for planning to take down Harkon.

    The Thieve's Guild doesn't like Harkon, but they have no reason to risk their necks against him yet.

    Auriel's Bow is important in this story line. Bare that in mind.

    The College Of Winterhold is in the same situation as Harkon. . . they just recovered from the Eye of Magnus incident, and thus can't afford to send anyone after Harkon.

    Even the Nords are enemies of Harkon. . . but only some local mobs and town elders know about him for sure. They can't just send an army against Harkon on a whim, especially since the Civil War is still going on.

    The Dark Brotherhood are cordial with Harkon. They will still attempt to kill him with the proper motivation. The Rite is not the only thing needed for them to deal with him, however. You must persuade the Night Mother to risk Molaag Baal's wrath for them to get involved.

    The Companions are currently mourning the death of their Harbinger, who had just been slain by a vampire invasion. They still won't get involved and slay Harkon. Volkihar island is far too large, fortified and powerful for just their warriors to take down.

    The Grey Beards can't really get involved with this, at least not at this time. They have Alduin to worry about.

    The Dawnguard would obviously love to take down Harkon if they knew he was there. They don't. Also, they don't have enough members to spare, yet.

    The Vigilants of Stendar can be persuaded to lend a helping hand. Even if most of them were wiped off of Skyrim, their are plenty of them located in nearby High Rock.

    Your imagination:
    Wandering Argonians and Khajit can be persuaded as mercenaries to fight for your cause. Not only that, but you may be able to pay off Harkon's own mercenaries.

    Also, Harkon is poking his nose in other's business across the pond over in Solstheim. Agents of Harkon attempted to intimidate the Redoran Guard and Skaal village into submission, and it didn't turn out so well for them.

    I suggest you consider well when and how to strike Harkon.
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