Skyrim: Draugr Invasion (IC)

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  1. "Rise and shine, prisoner," An Argonians voice called out, "Today's your lucky day." She said, as her and another dragged you to a caged pit, and threw you in, locking the gate behind you. Inside one of the biggest castles in Skyrim, you were put in on of many of these pits, and were about to be forced to fight against one another, to the death.

    "Whoever can defeat all other opponents in their pit, shall be set free." The bandit started, walking the length of the pits, "If you fail to do this, or you simply don't want to, my friends here will kill you." She finished, sitting on throne to enjoy the show. Just then, Draugr poured into the room, overwhelming the bandits, and killing them with ease.
    They opened the gates, and stormed into the pits, taking the prisoners away. As everyone found their way outside, you noticed that various clouds of smoke were lining the skies.

    It seemed a full on invasion was in place, with the Draugr being the ones responsible. Immediately, the Draugr began to take fire from archers, and it seemed this was an ambush of sorts. Armored soldiers of the Legion rushed to you, and broke the shackles that had confined your hands, "It seems the Draugr had more numbers than we thought. So, my friends, what are your names?" The Imperial asked...

    There will soon be a list of places, and bounties, so that people can do stuff in the RP, and feel more involved, if things happen to be moving slow, that way, they don't necessarily have to be conversing with each other, they can just do their own thing a while, while we wait for things to move along again.

    Any thoughts on what should be put in/taken out? maybe some suggestions? Sign-Up/OOC Here
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  2. Vexal blinked a few times before he could answer, he surely didn't expect something like this to happen. When the Draugr began to carry them off, he thought for sure that this would be the end of him, but it seemed his young life would be allowed to continue just a bit further...
    Looking up at the Imperial, he replied in a raspy voice: "Vexal... Vexal Noxien..."
  3. Legion General: "Well then, Vexal, I am General Carius of the Imperial Legion. We were on our way to Fort Dunstad, to clear it of the bandits. Maybe you could be of some possible assistance to us?" The General stated, shifting his weight from one leg to the other, "Would you like to join, and if so, would you like to hear our plan?" He asked, silently awaiting the young mans response.
  4. Vexal hesitated for a moment, wondering just what else he was getting himself into. He hadn't been free for five minutes, and already his assistance was required. But of course, it was either help them, or remain left behind in an area crawling with Draugr.
    He gave a single nod. "Just give me a weapon and tell me what I need to do."
  5. Carius had his men bring some extra weapons from the caravan carriage. There was a steel greatsword, a few slightly worn Iron swords, and an extremely battle-tired ebony sword, which looked to be almost done for. "I'm sorry for the condition of our extras, as these have been taken from the draugr we've faced." Carius stated, laying out some bandit clothing.

    "We've... Confiscated this, from an annoying bandit who failed to follow our orders to surrender. We had no choice but to put him out of his misery. We need you to find a way to infiltrate Fort Dunstad, and make your way to the Bandit Chieftan. We've no doubt that simply taking him or her out, would clear them out, but with the recent attacks on fleeing citizens, this suggests they're more coordinated. Main point is, you find a way to get cozy to this chieftan, kill them, and then convince everyone else we've found our way into the castle, and were killing the Chief as you walked in." General Carius paced slowly back and forth, waiting to see what Vexal had to say.
  6. Throwing on the bandit clothing and picking up two of the slightly worn iron swords (for an extra, in case one should break), he thought over what Carius had said. Sounded easy enough, but he repeated what he said just to be sure.
    "So, you want me to sneak into Fort Dunstad, kill the Chieftan, and convince anyone else in there that the Legion has the place surrounded?" He said, sheathing one of the iron swords at his side.
  7. "Well, that's one way to put it, but no," The General said. "Once the Chieftan is dead, we'd prefer that you convince them that a few of us made our way to him, and killed him, and were likely still inside somewhere. With the majority of them running for their Chief, it would be easier for you to open the gate for us to catch them off guard. Once that is done, you're free to go, and whatever you find should be sufficient payment. If there's nothing of use, or you're perhaps greedy, come see me when it's over, and you'll be rewarded handsomely."

    Carius mounted his horse, and signaled for everyone to start packing up. "The fort is just a good walk that way, then south just after the next cave." He said, slowly making his way to his position, along with all the others, leaving a horse behind, in case Vexal didn't want to walk all the way there. "The cave has been cleansed of bandits, so it might be a good idea to make something up about coming from there."
  8. "All right..." Vexal said, saddleing up the horse, pointing it in the direction Carius pointed out. With a nod, he rode off, the horse set at a dead sprint. As the wind whistled past his ears, he wondered how he would follow through with this plan. Bandits were not the smartest when it comes to civilized behaviour, but their tactical skills exceed most.
    Doubt began to plague him. What if the bandits didn't believe him? They would more than likely attack, and any sane person would realize that their numbers have the potential.
    Shaking it from his mind, he decided he would figure something out. He usually does... key word being usually.
  9. Carius and his men went the long way around, to the opposite side, to lay in wait, and wasted no time leaving wolves in the dust. They had a schedule to keep, and wouldn't settle for not being there if and when the gates opened. They needed to be as close as possible to the gate, so that they could storm the fort, and take it over.

    Draugr had their minds set on this fort as well, slowly making their way to it. Armed to the teeth, which plenty of Draugr, weapons, armor, and three Draugr Death Overlords, they marched onward the Fort Dunstad, intent on reclaiming yet another ancient landmark of their homeland. Though their weapons were worn, they would stop at nothing to reclaim it.
  10. Unbeknownst to the small army charging up the path, a short high elven girl was quietly following them. She had seen the cloud of dust they left and was instantly interested in what they were doing as well as how much money she could make out of it.
  11. The situation certainly was bleak, stuck in a pit with prisoners, fighting to the death. Brant thought about opening the lock and rallying the others to try and overcome the bandit guards, however there were too many of them and too few unarmed prisoners. Killing wasn't the first tactic Brant turned to in troubled situations but it seemed it was the only potential way out of this situation. With a sigh he started pulling in his magicka for a spell, when the Draugr attacked.

    The attack didn't last very long. Without remorse or compassion for living beings and their large numbers, the Draugr made quick enough work of the bandits, surprise didn't hurt either. Attempting an escape now would be moot; the undead warriors began dragging the prisoners off toward the outside for some reason. Well, Brant thought to himself, things definitely got worse. Then the Legion attacked.

    Now they were in a slightly better situation, surrounding by soldiers of the Imperial Legion. "Brant, Garrison" he said when the general asked their names. It appeared the general wanted them to get cozy with a bandit leader so they could come in and kill all the bandits. Running straight into more bandits seemed like a good idea. One of the other prisoners, a Dunmer, declared he was willing to go along with the plan. He might as well join him, can't pass up a chance to potentially get some pull with an organization, even the Legion. Brant grabbed up the old ebony sword, some heavy bandit looking armor, a banded iron shield, and a steel short sword. He hopped onto one of the spare horses and trotted off after the Dunmer, Vexal his name was, calling out to him "Ho there, Dunmer! Allow me to catch up." Trotting the horse up along side Vexal's he slowed enough to match it's speed. "The name's Brant, I suppose I'll be joining you on this...mission."
  12. Vexal flinched a bit when he heard himself being called and instinctively reached for the sword at his side. He relaxed when he noticed Brant riding after him, stating that he would be willing to accompany him on this mission, which would be much more than helpful.
    "A man might get nervous, someone sneaks up without warning," He said with a chuckle. "I may only be eighteen years old, but my reflexes are deadly."
  13. "Why would you be nervous?" A curios voice piped up from the bushes. The elven girl poked her head out of the shrubbery. She had grown bored of trying to keep up and was spying on these two who spoke of a mission. "And what's this about a mission?" There was a greedy glint in her eye but she seemed to mean well.
  14. A female Breton walked up from a path off to the side, with her newly donned Banded Iron armor, and a Steel sword at her side. "Yes, what's this about a mission? The name's Amara. Amara Nakitoma." She said, looking at everyone, taking in their features one by one, remembering every little detail as best she could. "I'll join in, but I'll only help if there's a promise of gold. Now, where are we headed?" Amara spoke again, asking Vexal, the one who seemed to be in charge.
  15. "I would hope so, considering where you reside" Brant said, gesturing to the whole of Skyrim with one sweep of his arm that did it little justice "and what we're riding into." Just then he noticed the elf girl poking out of the brush, and soon after a woman coming along on their opposite side. If the woman hadn't introduced herself he may have started to feel like this was some kind of ambush. He couldn't quite tell what the Elven woman had equipped so he kept his shield arm between himself and her.

    His paranoia starting to set in, he closely examined the two one at a time and sized them up. He couldn't tell too much about the Elf girl since she was still inside the foliage, but this led him to believe she would be either a sneaky type or maybe even a spell caster, she was an Elf after all. The Breton woman looked like a close combatant, her light armor and lack of a weapon or shield in her other hand led him to think she was sneaky or had some spells ready to either protect herself or harm enemies; he would have done the same thing. He didn't trust any of them, however he could trust their desire for gold.

    He gave Vexal and gave a shrug "I suppose we could use the help?" He directed his next words to the ladies "This mission involves stealth and subterfuge, and being surrounded by people that want to kill you.-" Sounds like when I first bedded a woman "Think you can handle it?" If they still wanted to come along they'd have to ride along on the horses, it didn't appear they had mounts of their own. They would have to ride up front, he didn't want a blade in his back while steering the horse. Brant somewhat waited for a response from Vexal, since he was involved with this mission as well.
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  16. Amara simply shrugged, and pointed in the direction that lead towards Fort Dunstad. "If you know what's good for you, you may want to back out of this mission, is it was given by an Imperial." She stated, "Since it seems you've been making your way toward the fort in that direction, without taking any of the other roads, or diverting from the course, I'd say you are headed to Dunstad, one of the more strategic places of this land."

    She paused, and shifted her weight to her left leg. "That place has been trading hands since this invasion started. The bandits want it, to shake down or kill travelers, the Imperials have eyes on it, because it's a good area for supplies to be moved through, and the Draugr, of course, want to reclaim every ancient landmark in Skyrim."

    Amara breathed in for a moment, then stated, "If you're still up to it, we do this OUR way. We get there fast, and destroy everything. By Sithis, if we are to do the Empires dirty work, we do it our way, and not theirs."
  17. "Well, to be completely honest, I find the Empire's idea of taking the fort much safer. If we charge in there swords raised, who's to say the bandits won't be armed to the teeth? It would certainly be the end of us all if they just so happened to be better prepared than we would expect." Vexal stated, looking back and for between the two women. Of course, he would definitely need their help, but it would have to be settled in a way they could all agree on. And it was clear that their styles differed from his own.
  18. Amara looked at the man, and simply asked, "Have you ever seen a bandit before? They're stupid and clumsy, even with weaponry. The sad part is that they only keep taking over the fort, is because the Draugr and Imperials are equally as dumb." She looked him in the eyes, with an unshattering voice, and a serious tone, not so much as mocking him, as asking if he'd ever actually faced the weakest, and dumbest that Skyrim had to offer.

    "Well, whatever you decide, I'm going on ahead. Shroud!" Amara called out. In an instant, a dark purple shroud of mists engulfed a small portion of the land by her, and a dark horse, with a faint purple tint to his fur arose, and stood at her side. This was the summoning of one of the five unholy steeds of the Dark Brotherhood, since the passing of Astrid. The new leader of the now-Dawnstar Sanctuary.

    With that, Amara mounted her horse, and took off at a trot towards the fort.
  19. "Sounds like fun!" The little elf exclaimed. She did a cartwheel out of the bushes that ended with her launching onto Vexal's horse, landing behind him. Since she was out of her hiding spot one could see that she whore a brown cloak, green top, and orange pants. On her back was a long bow and a quiver full of arrows, both of elven make.
  20. Who did this woman think she was? This was supposed to be their mission. Oh well. The girl in the bushes made a flashy maneuver and with it landed behind Vexal on his horse. He exchanged a look with his Elf acquaintance. " I guess we'll figure out the plan when we get there, whether she spoils things or not." With that he nudged his horse into motion "It did seem like a pretty dim plan anyway." Even if everything went bottom up there still might be a chance for him to grab some loot and re-outfit himself, and maybe see about getting back to what he had been doing before getting taken captive.
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