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  1. Looking for rp partners for a Skyrim-based rp. Para/ multi-para posts preferred though the occasional shorter post is acceptable as long as you aren't taking forever to post. Knowledge of basic Skyrim lore a must (it is a plus if you are knowledge of other locations within Tamriel).

    As the game is rated MA anyway, 18+ players only though content may not reach those levels. Literate posts please, no text speak or abbreviations. Contact me for more questions.

    -- Ayla_Stark
  2. What do you mean by forever? I usually do a few posts a day... Is that okay? Or do you expect faster? Twice a week I can only post once a day... Is that a problem?
  3. That would probably be fine, depending one how the story was going for the day. If it is moving quickly, then make sure to check the location and such before posting.
  4. Oh so this is a group roleplay? Will there be a posting order? Also are we allowed to be non-original characters ( cannon ) ? Will this be via private messages or public forums? I am sorry to ask so many questions but I enjoyed the game Skyrim and things of this nature interest me. I personally would use a original character but I was curious.
  5. I am trying to make it a group play but some things may end up being via private. Posting order will depend on how the story develops. Characters can be original, just use the Skyrim race and powers charts to create one. Just no Dragonborn.
  6. Hard to turn down Skyrim RP I guess.

    Any plot to work with?
  7. I'm not intrigued, please tell me more.
  8. Plot-wise: I am trying to figure out my character, as far as what her story is. I had developed her for another rp (which fell apart). We would start in Riften. From the rp I was in, her backstory was that she had been a part of the Thieves' Guild and did fairly well and made her way up the ranks quickly and then eventually got betrayed and almost killed (Dark Brotherhood was involved but never figured out in what capacity because I have never gotten a chance to play her backstory). That is the goal of this rp. While it will help write her backstory, it will not be exclusively about her, of course.

    Also, all sorts of characters welcome. Just message me to let me know what you are thinking of.

    Sorry for the delay everyone, was sick last week.
  9. Well I already know what I want my Character to be I was just waiting for a CS to go up.
  10. That link has been removed since she posted the OOC in the wrong area. You can find it here now.
  11. Does it work now? The link that Cypher gave you?
  12. Yes.
  13. I'm quite interested myself. Skyrim has always been a super fun game and such.
  14. Oohh super interested!
  15. Go to the OCC board (I just posted it to the post above yours) and put a profile up. We should be getting started soon!
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