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  1. Big Bess.
    The name was printed on the side of the ship, its blood-red colour seeming to blend in a little with the rusty parts of the metal. However, the airship was far from dilapidated, even if it did consume a monstrous amount of coal. A hulking alloy behemoth of a ship, it functioned as a flying fortress, a hangar, and living quarters, for the crew aboard the titanic transporter. There were all sorts in it – cooks, cleaners, writers, navigators, engineers… But, predominantly, there was one type of person on there.


    And, as it just so happened, a legend of a legendary plane – possibly a whole squadron of the same one – had surfaced in recent months, and a multitude of treasure hunters and ragtag groups of fliers had taken it upon themselves to find it. There were even rumours of military groups being sent out – not confirmed, but there were rumours.

    One such pirate group, aboard Big Bess, had made little progress – they had the map everyone was following, but it had only been obtained recently, and navigators were still trying to figure out where the crew was on it. Lloyd Alphonse didn’t have to trouble himself with such things – instead, he was busying himself with seeing to working on the ship, as an engineer on board it. There was not much to do as of now, however, so he was just doing odd jobs – rust removal and prevention, oiling squeaky doors, that kind of thing.

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