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  2. No.
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  3. Why?
  4. username: addictx360

    display name: Gwazi Magnum
  5. Because not everyone wants everyone to add them ;p
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  6. It's also really personal.


    /slaps Gwazi's hands
  7. It's not a bad thing to be selective about who gets your personal contact info. Especially if you sign up for various things using the same email, or use similar usernames across the 'net. You'd be surprised how easy it is to track someone to different websites, or even to real life using something as basic as an email address, username, time zone data, location data, even a photo. That's not to say no one should ever put any of this information up ever, but it's good to be careful about who you give that kind of information to, where you do it, how specific you get, and how often you do so.
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  8. This is how you get spammed/DDOSED people. :D
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  9. Sorry, I only give my Skype (even my secondary one) out to someone I know/like sufficiently to add to my contacts.
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  10. Adding random people to Skype or giving your info out to random people is almost always a terrible idea.

    Especially if you're a teenager. Because it doesn't matter how smart you are or how responsible you think you are. The fact of the matter is that there are people who will try to talk to you just due to your age either for creepy or for just plain assholic reasons. Why put yourself in a position to be harassed by creepers or trolls?

    Even for adults, just putting your Skype handle in your Iwaku profile can be iffy. A couple years ago, we had an incident with a guy who joined and then added every girl he could find with a Skype name in their profile, then proceeded to message and sexually harass them over Skype. (He also added Diana's brother, which turned out to be hilarious because Diana's brother is a troll.) It was really fucking gross and one of the girls was in tears afterward.
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  11. What everyone above said.

    I mean, my Skype profile pic is a dick pic. Of my dick. So...
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  12. the last time i did something like this a creepy 53 year old added me so nope.
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  13. Well personally I already have over 50 of you people (62 being exact) on Skype and I never had an issue.
    Unless if it's one of you cretins that keeps calling my cell from some american number which cases me to never answer it for nothing more than long distance charges.

    But I also go by the logic of the main danger of giving out info online is them finding you IRL.
    Meanwhile I'm already meeting thousands of people IRL and nothing ever happen.
    The biggest danger I have from people online is them reaching the same level of danger as IRL peeps, and an IRL peep's level of danger is minimal.
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  14. Here's the big diff, my son:

    You don't have boobs and a vaginer.
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  15. I reffered more to writing your skypename on a public forums. Bots programmed to recognize this will add you and your gonna get targeted by ruskie botnets among other things. It happens all the time.
  16. Yeah, and our threads are not registration locked. O_O Any unregistered persons can see these posts and just snatch up names.

    That being said, I never get skype stalker pervs and I am disappointed. >:[ It's like, I am not cool enough to be booty-bait! LAME.
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  17. I just block them then.
  19. Spammed, for sure. Definitely one way.

    DDoSed? Really? No. There are other pieces of information people would need in order for that to occur. A skype name is not one of those things.

    Saying that, it's a fair idea to be selective about who receives your information.
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  20. We've been over this before, Gwazi dear.
    • The risk level is exponentially higher for young girls than for you
    • It's a great deal easier to control who has access to the information you give people IRL (ie; face to face, on the phone) than to control who sees and distributes what you put on the internet
    • Regardless of how minimally beneficial you believe netsafe practices to be, encouraging people to be UNsafe by saying there's no harm to being unsafe or that being netsafe doesn't really do a lot is not cool
    • Iwaku tries to protect its members by encouraging net safety
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