Skype Games Group (Again... Again with these Again threads! AGAINCEPTION!!!)

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    So a while ago back during the primitive days of Skype I ran a Skype Gaming group, where once a week we'd all plays games, may it be Board Games Online, Town of Salem, Cards Against Humanity etc.

    And now with Discord being so popular I was wondering if people would be interested in trying it again?

    Note that I won't be able to dedicate to any specific day or time, but Discord by it's design (multi-voice chats, text chats etc.) seems to be more drop-in/drop-out by nature, so I think we could handle more spontaneous/last minute games more easily than we could with Skype.
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  2. I just downloaded discord a few days ago so, count me in 8)
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  3. Alright, I made the room. :)
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  4. Sounds like fun.
  5. Want to join? :3
  6. Id have to download the Discord first xD
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