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  1. IC

    Ten years have passed since the war between the skylands ended, and each one has recovered, each in their own way. Rapid industrialisation, the development of a revolutionary piece of technology or art style, peace seems to reign. However, there are still those who are bitter about the result of the war, and the humiliation they received as a result. These people have wormed their way into their respective governments, planting ideas in politicians' heads, slowly building up the tension. What was once minor resentment was turned to an underlying, bitter hatred, which could inevitably spark another war. But what of the innocent bystanders? Those who know are dealt with - no chances can be taken. Foreigners are randomly arrested - the people cannot go to war with a skyland they do not hate. Metal and fuel is stockpiled - for obvious reasons. Observing these, some people would not pay it any mind. You are not some people. You suspect things. A government suspects you. And they don't like to be suspicious.
    So what will you do, when the pilots come for you, and anyone else who even suspects something big is going down? Stand and die? Or fly, fly away, and live to tell your tale?

    Hello, and welcome to my humble little RP. Now, let's get a few things straight here:
    ·The technology is steampunk, with the exception of vehicles. Those use petrol, and the like.
    ·Vehicles are ones similar to those used in WW2 - as are weapons equipped to them.
    ·Engineers won't necessarily have their own plane, and pilots won't necessarily be well-versed in the internal workings of a plane. After all, just because you own a car doesn't mean you're a mechanic, and just because you're a mechanic, that doesn't mean you own a car.
    ·Speaking of cars, due to there being a lack of land, planes are the cars of this world. If your character is old enough to drive in real life, they're old enough to fly a plane in this RP.
    ·For the sake of keeping planes running, fuel is cheap and can be bought nearly everywhere. But that's no excuse to waste it.

    Signup form
    Name: Very important.
    Age: Anything equal to or above the legal driving age in your country of residence.
    Gender: No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender. Horse radish is not a gender either.

    Appearance: Text or a picture is fine with me. If it's text, make sure you're thorough - I want as clear an image as possible of your character.

    Personality: How does your character act?

    Home Skyland: Make your own, or with the original creator's permission, use somebody else's. Make sure to tell us whether they won or lost the war, what their current state is, and what they're notable for. Remember, just because somebody's Skyland produces high-calibre planes, don't think your homeland can't. Any additional information would be appreciated.

    Occupation: Pilot or engineer. Pilots fly, engineers maintain and upgrade planes. Both are vital to the other. If you choose to be highly proficient in engineering, you can't fly. If you choose to be an ace pilot, your knowledge of mechanics is limited to what the buttons do. And if you can do both, you're just about competent at each respective trade. If you can't fly, don't fret - someone'll give you a lift.

    Plane (if applicable): Remember, World War Two. No commercial crafts. Feel free to give it different name, should you wish.
    Engineering Speciality (if applicable): We can't let pilots have ALL the fun now, can we? Aside from maintaining aircraft, you can specialise in one other field of engineering - if it's mechanical, you can know it.

    History: Optional, but it'd be nice if you put it down.

    Other: Have I missed out anything you want to put down?

    My Form
    Name: Adam Johnson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Standing at a height that is considerably average for his age, Adam is built slimly, with sports seemingly out of the question. He's healthy, yes, but not in any shape to do anything athletic. His raven hair reaches down to approximately halfway down his neck, although the fringe is constantly trimmed to disallow his pale, ice-blue eyes from being hindered. He is often spotted wearing mild, pale or dark colours, not wishing to stand out too much, preferring to blend in with the crowd. Most commonly worn is his white button-up shirt with the top button undone for comfort, the kind often worn by the stereotypical office worker. He is partial to wearing navy-blue denim jeans, the whole thing rounded off with a pair of black velcro trainers.

    Personality: A mystery wrapped in an enigma, coated with intrigue and sent to the little-known village of Riddle, Adam's mind is one not easily figured out. Quiet, reserved and deep-thinking one moment, then cunning and cut-throat the next, his mood can change in but the blink of an eye, though a catalyst is often needed to stimulate his hotpot of emotions. For the most part, he is often the brain behind everything - while people may be fighting and toiling, he sits back, and plays the game of life, though treating a lot of people as pawns. That is not to say he cannot feel compssion, however. No, he actually does possess a basic sense of humanity, in the sense that he understands what makes a person tick, and why he should feel even the slightest bit of mercy. This notwithstanding, he tries to appear trustworthy, but with a slight, yet undeniable air of debonair and sadism.

    Home Skyland: Anderlia. Anderlia is renowned throughout the skylands as an industrial giant, producing revolutionary steam technology, and forwarding the vehicular industry at an alarming rate. They were the winners of the war, but they barely managed to scrape by - this prompted their rapid industrialisation.

    Occupation: Competent pilot - not an ace, but enough to nullify being an engineer.

    Plane (if applicable): Sputterflare. This is the second in the line of Sputterflare models, their main purpose being for military use. However, Adam's father had some contacts in the AARCF (Anderlia Air Rescue and Combat Force), meaning an outdated model could be bought for a modest sum. And, with the weapons disabled and the engine toned down for civilian use, a Sputterflare came into his possession.

    Engineering Speciality (if applicable): N/A

    History: Having been at the age of three when the war started, and not really paying much attention to what was going on everywhere, the effects of the war and most of its events were largely lost on the boy. Irrespective of this, he had always had a huge admiration of pilots, and aspired to be able to fly as well as they could one day. And, with his father's engineering assistance, Adam managed to learn how to fly competently - if he concentrates, he can even do a basic stunt or two. Throughout all of his life, his mother had never showed up - both his father and him accepted she was dead, and had died years ago, but Adam's father never specified a reason, constantly changing the subject whenever it was brought up.

    Other: An event in the war has left Adam's father with a fear of flying - this will be shown in due course.

    Cast List
    Lord Cockswain the Insane - Adam Johnson
    Killerclover - Janine Fleury
    Church - Clara Coalsteen
  2. Aw no interest yet? I think this looks cool!
    I do have some questions, though. They're few and short.
    1. What is the plot here? Is there one in the works or do you just have the world set up for anyone who cares to venture in?
    2. What time period are we looking at. I'm assuming it isn't Victorian steampunk, so can I assume it's set in the future?
  3. Ah, yes, the plot. I knew I was forgetting something. I'll have that written up in a jiffy.

    As for the era, I'd say the technology is roughly late WW1-ish, bar the planes. Tanks haven't been developed as much, you see. Standard issue army weaponry is a revolver and bolt-action rifle. Automatic weaponry is limited to the machine-gun emplacements, and anti-air cannons are just cannons that fire flak into the air. Electricity will still be developing, however, so steam will be the main source of power for machinery, bar vehicles.
  4. Likes this idea!
    Will post char sheet asap :)
  5. Name: The Lady Janine Fleury.
    Age: Twenty two.
    Gender: Tomato Female.

    Appearance: julia_louis_dreyfusSEXY.jpg Basically stands five foot eight, curved with some muscle tone from handling the plane and from fighting. Black hair, white like skin.

    Personality: Shes quite easy going, with a pleasant attitude at times, but other times she can be mean, going with fist fights, weapons and other stuff. She tends to take place in flight races, starting off then going, it builds up courage for acrobatic air movements during flight.

    Home Skyland: Espatreos; the land of quite rich people to be exact. Everyone there tends to have enough money to buy mansions and other things of superb interest, being this their planes tend to have class or superb speed, they aren't much of a military Skyland but they make up for it in races and other fantastic games.

    Occupation: Ace edged pilot.

    Plane (if applicable): FG-1D_NAN3-53.jpg nicknamed Flamehead for the amazing flaming skull head upon the side of the plane, colored red and orange with the flame portions, the skull was pure white. The plane itself is black, one of the fastest planes in the racing games, given to her by her father.
    Engineering Speciality (if applicable): Little to none, knows how to use a wrench upsides someones head, not exactly the right location for it though.

    History: Janine is french point and simple, she is well raised and quite wealthy, her family was born to be flight racers and with that she took up racing once her father quit. She took his plane, the Flamehead, soaring through the skies like a flame so to speak, earing its nickname for the legendary hoop dash game where it had to spin into the middle of flaming hoops and won the compition, each time it has won, Janine kept that legend going too. With her history of fighting over the weirdest of things, touching her plane without permission, bugging her fans and so forth. She has learned to behave some but her streak of being angry is not over, only time shes clear headed is when shes flying around like a bat out of hell.

    Other: Janine's mother died in a plane transport wreck, causing her father to quit racing. It'll be mentioned sooner or later.
  6. You're in! I'll just add you to the cast list. Though, allow me this opportunity to say that I would prefer it if you made up your own nationality - you don't have to, but it'd be appreciated if you did. Plus, it gives you freedom to be what you like, and provide good reason. Within reason.
  7. I like French though, plus really, she quite is xD. I'll just stick with it, have the nationality that since her family is one of the few that is french upon the land.
  8. Alright, if that's what you like.
    Also, upon seeing "The Lady" in your form, I was instantly reminded of "The Woman/Irene Addler" from Sherlock. This wouldn't happen to be on purpose, would it?
  9. I like Sherlock Holmes, I did it as a joke, surprised you caught on actually xD.
  10. Alright I am in. But:
    A) What is the plot?
    B) I was going to make an engineer, and after reading your post, I was wondering if she could be working for your character's father (since you said he was an engineer)?
  11. The plot was in the first post. Cut down to size, it's basically saying that you suspect a Skyland's government of preparing for war, and after they realise, they're naturally going to try and silence you. Probably by making look like an "accident," or by making something up to arrest you with, and ultimately execute you. Basically, you're running/flying, while trying to piece together what's going to be the plan of attack. And when the time comes, there will be dogfights. But not quite yet.
    And in regards to B, I guess I can make that work. I might have to edit the IC post, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  12. Oh sorry. I thought that was just the introductory post. And thank you, I figured it would be a good way to introduce her. </SPAN></SPAN>J</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

    Name: Clara Coalsteen

    Age: 17</SPAN></SPAN>

    Gender: Female

    Clara (open)

    Personality: Clara’s love of mechanical things affect even her personality, and she has a bad habit of disregarding the feelings and thoughts of other people, treating them like automatons or simple engines. Still, just as she would with her engines and automatons, she will treat her friends with care and loyalty. She is prideful in her work, although she feels as if it is the only thing that defines her. She has a quick tongue, and an even quicker mind, and is quick to retort without thinking about her words first.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Home Skyland: Rathguar. This town had lost the war and gone into a depression, so the family moved to Anderlia.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Occupation: Highly proficient in engineering. She knows everything about a plane, except how to fly it.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Engineering Specialty: Aerospace Engineering</SPAN></SPAN>

    History: Before the war started, Clara was a middle-class toddler living with both her parents and her older sister. But, once Rathguar joined in the fighting, their life began to go downhill. Her father was killed during an air raid, having been at work in one of the factories, and it was soon clear to every citizen that Rathguar was going to lose. The Coalsteen family spend every last dine to be snuck out of the country and into another, barely able to afford a small one room apartment in their new home. Clara spent most of her life in this new city, and was determined from the age of seven to become an engineer like her late father. She would take scraps and start trying to build things, actually showing true talent. Her sister had been secretly selling her body to raise some money for the family, but one day simply vanished, probably raped and killed by one of her clients. Her mother had to work two jobs, but she managed to get Clara some small bits of machinery, and the girl taught herself. At twelve, she managed to get a job to clean at a place shop, and would sneakily fiddle with engines after hours. Her boss once caught her, and she was fired, but she started to hang out at plane races, sneaking into the Pit to aid the others in repairing broken planes.</SPAN></SPAN>
    After her fifteenth birthday, she managed to get a job as an engineer, and loves it with every speck of her being.

    Other: She enjoys building automatons in her spare time.</SPAN></SPAN>
  13. Accepted. I'll put you in the cast list, and edit my IC post. anyone else interested, get a move on, I'm only allowing one more space. Small groups are the easiest to manage, you see. I'd prefer a male character, to even things out, but nobody's forcing you.
  14. I'll reserve a spot and my own unique idea.

    I want a blimp. No planes, I just want a small floating ship that can go higher than what most planes can manage. They had blimps in WW1 I believe.

    Also, how about a Skyland that is known for their telescopes and maps. The inhabitants of the Skyland, particularly lookouts, tend to be called Peeping Toms since their telescopes are powerful enough to see the embroidery on a lady's knickers from miles away.

    Ill post my character sheet when I get a bit of sleep.
  15. Name: James Vanoy
    Age: 19



    Home Skyland: Karnja is a Skyland that is known for a number of things: mists that seem to lounge about the land during the summer months, the high altitude of the island and it's maps. Karnja reminded safely out of the war due to the actions of a number of spies replacing the maps of other skylands to not include Karnja. The ruse worked so well that Karnja has been treated as a myth by many people. Which is a blessing and a curse at the same time.


    Occupation: People are still trying to figure out which he is more skilled at: pushing a blimp past where any sane person would go or the creation of maps.

    Speciality: Navigation is a key skill in his Skyland and the Vanoys are known as one of the best mapmakers and navigators. If there is a way to get through an area, safer, faster and without anyone knowing they're there, it is the Vanoys who know about it.
  16. Sure, put a blimp in. I have to say, I m curious to hear about the material/method that prevents bullets from bursting your blimp, however. Just fill out your form, and we'll go from there.
  17. Flying high and a bit of plate on the blimp itself.

    And flak. Deffinately flak.
  18. Not to rush you or anything, but would it be all right if you showed us some sign of having made a start on completing your form? Only, I relly wnt to start this, and not let it die, eheh...
  19. Well, I posted in the IC a while ago.
  20. Sorry! I've currently been in the process of writing a research paper and its due today (typing this in my 1st peroid class). Thankfully I got it done and the teacher will help us clean up our papers a litte. I'll complete James Vanoy later today.