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    What's up, you roleplaying people?

    So, I was hoping that I could hop in on this site and have the honor of having wonderful roleplays with you lovely people. How does that sound to you people? I am a literate roleplayer and I do para RP to multi-para. I would have that on my little picture above, but I already had to crop the picture when I was getting it ready for RPGateway forum size. The picture itself is not mine, but the edit is. If you even want an edit similar, give me a ring and I'll be sure to discuss what you want and everything. Anyway, that's my little me section. Now, you people should just talk to me and tell me what kinds of lovely people you all are.

  2. literate raaaghhh! *Shakes! Shakkkesss!*

    Ahem. I mean, welcome to the community! :D Once upon a time, in a land far far away, in a time long long long long ago my username on the interbutts was Skyelight. You have brought back meeeemoriiiies.
  3. Uh oh... you activated the Diana monster!

  4. The Diana monster? Sounds dangerous. Thank you both for welcoming me so warmly. I can't wait to get all set up and started up on this site. The reason for my name is because I have a big heart for Skye, one of the characters on my Harvest Moon game. One last thing. Diana, please don't throw rocks at me. I accept all kinds and skills of roleplay, and I don't feel like being stoned.