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  1. Welcome to Sky High


    The floating school for Heroes, Sidekicks, and Villains. Sky High is an airborne school for teenage superheroes.

    {Optional CS}
    Year of high school::

    Quick Rules!
    -No Godmoding!
    -3 powers only please!
    -please use good grammar/no text lingo
    -Have Fun!
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  2. Rosalie (open)

    Name:: Rosalie Lite
    Age:: 16
    Hero/Side-kick/Villain:: Hero
    Powers:: She can fly and manipulate water
    Year of high school:: Junior
    Personality:: Bubbly, sweet, sassy, tub born, head strong.

    Rosalie landed gracefully on the grass of her superhero high-school for another year at Sky High. She smiled brightly as she saw students walking around the campus getting ready for class. She walked into the building and made her way though the halls to her locker.
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  3. Show Spoiler
    Name:: Alice Maxfield
    Age:: 16
    Powers:: Soulself, levitation, and telekinesis.
    Year of high school:: 10th, Sophomore
    Personality:: She is intelligent. She doesn't talk much for she is very shy and tries to keep to herself. Although she is willing to answer questions and talk if someone else starts the conversation. She is very creative for she loves to draw, write her own work. She's also a book worm for she loves to read.
    Appearance::[​IMG] Eye color: blue

    Alice landed for another year of Sky High. She had her black book bag, and she headed to her locker to put up anything she felt she wouldn't need until latter. 'Great another year. I hope it goes better than last year...' *sigh* She began putting up a few books that she didn't plan on reading until tomorrow up in her locker.
  4. Ivy Lee (open)

    Name:: Ivy Lee
    Age:: 14
    Powers:: Ability to control grass & earth
    Year of high school:: 9th, Freshman
    Personality:: A bit dumb at times, but caring and sweet. She's very popular and has many friends, despite only being in her first year. Cheery and bubbly. Can be a bit of a brat sometimes though. Very concerned with appearances
    Appearance:: [​IMG]

    Ivy couldn't contain her excitement. She straightened the large green bow on her hair, gripped her purse tightly, and strode into the front entrance of the school. Despite being embarrassed of her lack of flying ability, she felt especially pretty today and knew she was going to have a great year. Staring at her schedule, she wandered the halls of the school looking for room 301.
  5. Rosalie was walking down the hall as she watched a pair of villainous boys shove a freshman into a locker. She rolled her eyes, her heart went out to the freshman. People here could be extremly cruel at time. She wasn't paying attention as she ran right into Alice. "Oh! Shit! I'm sorry Alice!" She apologized quickly to her classmate. She's seen alice around school but never really talked to her much. Rose was a bit shy when it came to knew people.
  6. Isaac (open)
    {Optional CS}
    Name:: Isaac Connor
    Age:: 18
    Powers:: Flight and telekinesis.
    Year of high school:: senior.
    Personality:: Isaac can be rather quiet when he is around those he doesn't know. But once you get to know him you find he is quite talkative and outgoing. Can be stubborn and sarcastic. Just all around friendly.

    Isaac had flown to school. He was excited for the beginning of the year because he was a senior. Also this was where most of the people he cared about were. He didn't get to see many of them during the summer so being back made him grin. He walked down the hallway and looked for his locker number that he found on the schedule he pulled out of his pocket.
  7. Time passed even more quickly as she searched. She was beginning to worry. She knew she had to ask for help. "Excuse me," she squeaked as she tapped on the shoulder of a tall blonde guy standing next to his locker. "Hi, I'm new here and I was just wondering if maybe you could point out room 301. Please, I'm sorry. I'm just about to be late and I can't find it and I don't know wha..." Her voice trailed off eventually. A bad habit she had whenever her thoughts moved faster than her lips. She stared at him eagerly and waited for a response.
  8. Darren (open)

    Name::Darren Ross
    Powers::Mind reading and ability to heal.
    Year of high school::Freshman
    Personality::Darren is a quiet kid. He's not a social butterfly and likes to keep to himself, but once you get to know him and break down his walls, he's an amazing friend. He's very loyal and would give his life to protect those dear to him. But, when it comes to strangers, it's not the same. He's not one for trying to save everyone under the Sun. Darren is really intelligent. They offered to let him skip 9th, but he declined. He is also very snarky, disattached, and sarcastic.

    Darren let a bored sigh past his lips as he entered his new school. He maneuvered his way through the sea of students, keeping his head down. He blocked out all of the thoughts that would usually give him a headache as they buzzed in his head. The only thoughts he heard was his own and that's how he liked it. He glanced at his schedule, wondering where his first period was, as he made his way to his locker.
  9. Name:: Luna Song
    Age:: 16
    Powers:: Turns into a wolf, can grow wings, and can control lighting.
    Year of high school:: sophomore
    Personality:: shy, sweet, kind, forgiving,
    Appearance:: [​IMG]


    Luna was scared it was her first time in this school. She walks in to see people with powers just like her. She walks to her locker to get her first books for class. "Okay time to get use to people." She sighed and looked around the noise was something she wasn't use to.
  10. Isaac heard a voice and peered over to the girl who was standing next to him. She was short and cute. Intriguing. She was obviously new. A freshman maybe. "301?" He asked and knit his brows together as he thought about this. "Just down this hall. Should be the last one on the left." He grinned and pointed in the direction he had referenced. "Um.. I'm Isaac. You must be new?"
  11. Ivy let out a sigh of relief. Finally, she knew where to go. "Mhm I just started today. Freshmeat, I guess you could say", she responded, letting out a sly chuckle. "Ivy. Enchanted to meet you" She could feel herself getting lost in his eyes. Ivy had always had a particular fascination with people's eyes. They could say so much about a person, before the person themselves even opened their lips. She could read the honesty and kindness in his so clearly. She wanted to ask his power, but before she could, she was reminded of her imminent tardiness. "Listen, I really must be going. I'll see you around, ok?" And with that, she turned and began to run in the direction he'd pointed out. "Thank you so much!" She shouted as she ran off, her purse and skirt bouncing playfully with every step.
  12. Rosalie smiled to Alice before excusing herself and running off to class. She was TA-ing for her favorite teacher who taught Power control. She walked in to see it was a freshman and sophomore class and she smiled. "Freshies" She squealed as she went over to talk to the teacher, Mr. K.
  13. Alice was bumped into by someone and the girl quickly apologized. When Alice turned she had quickly replied. "Your fine." She knew it was Rosalie for she was the only one near her. She didn't really get to know her last year but she did have class with her. Once Alice was done putting up her books she looked at her schedule. 'Great power control. Probable a good thing after learning of my soul-self I'm still not sure what else i might accidentally do... Cool I'll be with the freshmen. That means I shouldn't be noticed again this year when it comes to being picked on. But I feel sorry for those who are not so fortune. I was once in there shoes...' Alice walked to class and once in she went to the back in the left corner and sat down. For she liked being in the back for she felt better hidden and unlike some she felt like she learned better near the shadows of the room.
  14. Darren hummed to himself as he shut his locker. He began to walk to his first period. Or to where he thought it was. When he got there, he poked his head in. Usually, he didn't like bringing attention to himself, but it was necessary. He needed to know if this was the right place before he sat went inside and sat down. "Is this Power Control?" He asked no one in particular, eyes scanning the room.
  15. Luna stared around she was lost. "Where is my first class its umm i actually i don't know uh oh!" She thought to herself. She saw the numbers 301 "Okay 301 i'm sure i can find it..... in a year." She said very quiet.
  16. Rosalie turned around to see a boy and smiled. "Yeah, this is Powers Control, take a seat anywhere. Mr. K is going to assign partners anyway." She told the freshman boy as she sat on a desk and watched all the students pile in."
  17. Darren groaned inwardly, annoyed at the thought of having a partner. He wasn't exactly a group kind of guy. He preferred to do things solo. At least, if he got a bad grade, he'd know it was all his fault instead of someone else's. The only sign of the freshman's annoyance was the frustrated sigh that he let pass his lips. He walked inside the room and sat in the back, near the window. Hopefully, he wouldn't be seen. Hell, maybe there wouldn't be enough kids for every person and he could work alone.
  18. Luna walked into Power Control almost late. She Quickly sat down a little embarrassed at being new and almost missing her first class. She looked at the person who said something about partners. "Why are we going to partner with someone?" she said very quiet but you could still hear her.
  19. Isaac walked past the room he had directed the girl too earlier. He peered inside to make sure that she had made it and smiled when he saw that she had. he noticed Rosalie as well and waved at her before continuing on to his own classroom.
  20. She chuckled slightly at the boys groan. Obviously he wasn't a partner person. She heard a small voice and looked over to the girl who had asked. "It's for group work honestly, this class is super easy." She said with a reassuring smile. Rosalie looked over and noticed Isaac and smiled. She waved at the boy and excused her self to go catch up with the boy. "Hey Isaac!" She smiled to the boy and walked next to him. "Where are you off too?"

    Mr K was a rough looking man, big in the sense as to look threatening. He leaned against his podium as his class settled down. "Hello everyone and welcome to hell.. I mean Sky High. For some of you this is your first year and for others this will be your second year. Well it doesn't matter because you are all here to take my class and in my class we will learn how to control your powers. I'd like to get a few ground rules straight. I"M the boss, not you. No back talk will be accepted and if you have a problem with that kiss my ass. That being said, I'm not a total asshole teacher, so if we can all get along that'll be great. Now please partner up and find a seat. We shall be starting momentarily."
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