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  1. Okay, post your characters first so they will be in one place, I will tell you if anything needs changing after that.

    Code\Magical Girl Name:
    Dress Sense:
    Appearance: (image or detailed description)
    Wings: (image or detailed description, remember they are made of solid energy!)
    Bio: Who are they?
    Power: All the girls have energy based blasts and access to SciFi tech... What makes yours special?
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Aliah (Allie)
    Age: 15
    Nationality: Afghani-British
    Code\Magical Girl Name: Hummingbird
    Dress Sense: Very effeminately, she prefers light clothing that hides her thin frame. She takes excellent care of her hair, and it is soft, despite her constantly bleaching and redying it (her hair color changes every 2-6 months)
    Wings: [​IMG] She has these wings, in a sort of lime green color- they beat at the same frequency as a hummingbirds, and she also sprouts a tail made of light to match the wings.
    Bio: Born to a rather average family, Aliad grew up hearing the stories of the war- she used to have family in the former US, and her own parents had barely escaped the devastation of the once-powerful nation.

    Not a terribly smart girl, Allie has always been more invested in sports- She's one of the lead sprinters in the country, and a few people say she might even qualify for the Olympics. Of course, that waa before her wings first sprouted- now her life is apparently going to go in a vastly different direction. She's never been terribly good at fighting- her specialty has always been ducking and running when things got rough.
    Power: Aliah can fly at ridiculously high speeds, and mostly ignores the factors of friction when in flight
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  5. Oops. Okay, well, if we're still doing this, I'll go on and finish my character.
  6. Part of me wants to do something like go full Saikano in this. I get the feeling that may be a bit against the spirit of things though, to be that heavy in tech.

    Uh, oh yeah, I find things interesting.
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