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  1. It was in 2042 that they first came, remarkably similar to humans the invaders attacked in small groups and quickly overwhelmed large forces before finally being nuked.

    Now in 2046 they are beginning to come back, and once again human technology has little effect...
    But there is hope, a rare mutation that has been observed since the early twentieth century which made specifically targeted girls and gave them beautiful wings of solid energy had been observed to have another effect, the energy of the wings counters the defences and weaponry of the invaders perfectly.
    And after quickly developing weaponry compatible with the energy, the united earth government has redoubled efforts to hunt down the winged girls, but this time to offer them any price to defend the skies.

    Hello! If you made it through the story then you know this is a new spin on the magical girl genre where the girls fight with their wings and a whole crap load of SciFi weapons and occasionally mecha.
    I'm looking for up to four other players for this RP.
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  2. Hey~hey^^

    K, soooo like yeah~yeah Boo feels like beating up some robots too!! :33

    But! Some of the Regular rundown: what is posting level, post frequency, and is there dice/stats use?
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  3. Posting level? No one liners, try to keep in the range of a paragraph and spell at a highschool level.

    Try to post at least once a day, if you don't I'll send you a message, and if you disappear for a week with no word you will be kicked.

    And once we have more members I'll have a poll to decide how combat works.
  4. I'm pretty interested here. Currently on mobile and about to fall asleep, though interest is high. Already watching the thread so that'll be fun and quick. :)
  5. K, thanks for answering but RP is gunna move too fast for Boo.

    Good luck with your RP ;DD
  6. I'm interested in this!
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  7. Is this still looking for people? Just the other day I was talking about a similar concept, so I'd be super down for Magical Mecha Girls.
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  8. With you we actually have enough people to start! I'll make the OOC\character thread as soon as I wake up a bit more....
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  9. So, ok, I have like a bunch of questions before I make my character:

    Do the names follow a certain scheme? Like, Magical girls tend to have a naming scheme (the Sailor Senshi have planets, Tokyo Mew Mew has animals), so what do we have? Are there color schemes as well?

    Are they bird wings, bug wigs, or just obnoxious rays of light a-la gundamn or Evangelion?

    How might the girls have adapted to this post-modern lifestyle? what cultures still exist, what countries still exist?

    What kind of powers are possible? Like, does my girl get a special energy snipe that no other character can have, assigning her the sort of marksman role? Or are they all really accurate? Would this special power be tied to anything significant (their origin, the shape of their wings, etc. etc.)
  10. The names don't follow a particular scheme, since they weren't any sort of team before being recruited.

    The wings can look like anything and even consist of muscle and flesh, they become energy like when in battle.

    Most countries still exist though the US collapsed and the world is now one government.
    Changes in tech include holograms, lasers, cloning (it's illegal but hey) hover cars and AI.
    Culture is still similar but changes from country to country obviously.

    And your powers are things like fire, ice, super strength.
    Basically what you can do with no tech helping out.
  11. Don't worry, I realize that this thread might be a tad inactive at the moment, BUT as the weekend started and my schedules cleared up a bit, I've reached a point where I can work on this stuff here.
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