Sky Burner Reboot



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Back when i first arrived, one of my best RPs was called Sky Burner. After a while of thinking, I've come to feel like "Hey, why don't I start it up again?" I gave that one some thought and finally say yeah why not. Only with a few additions this time. Below will be the run down of the story.

In the middle ages Chaos riegned without a single piece of opposition. It's ruler was the Great God Bollack The Dark, a sentent being that had the form of a massive evil dragon. His rule was unapposed until later on when his brothers and sisters turned ties against him, by creating Burners. Humans born with the mark of a creature they are destined to meet, master, and ally with to save their land of Lazarous. In the begining there was group of four Burners of the elements of fire, water, wind, and earth. They rose up and struck down Bollack The Dark and reclaimed the world's rightful place in tranquility. Now it is destined that every 100 years, a new group of Burners is born and will stop the return of Bollack The Dark.

So what do you think? Should I take it and reboot the OOC and IC or leave it were it is and wait for another time?

Please leave some feed back :P