Sky Burner: A New Era

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  1. lair-02-artwork.jpg
    On this day, we so swear to the Sky our allegiance.
    May my sword cut down those who'd threaten years of peace.
    May my blade guide them to the light, and find peace by the Gods.
    May my armor protect the innocent and shield them from harm.
    And may my dragon, bold and strong, forever take wing.
    May he be the majestic watcher from the sky, and his wings give comfort.
    Shall we forever be the Sky, and the Sky forever take us.
    We are the Sky Burners.
    The Setup
    The is High Medieval and the world is plagued by darkness in every corner. To endure, and possibly prevail from this, mankind united as one with nature's most powerful and unforgiving of creatures--dragons. For a matter of centuries man and beast have fought along one another as brothers enough to expand into an entire brotherhood.
    The story begins at Haestrom, the central settlement of the land, Tharia, where all Sky Burners are born. Those who are lucky enough to succeed and pass the Dragon Trials ascend from their current position, where they must then set out and bond with a dragon that chooses them. There are many who have failed just as there are many who have succeeded. Some even die. Regardless, once you are a burner there is no turning back to your normal life.
    Our heroes(or villains) are just starting out in the trials, fresh from their homes. You are an adolescent, a teenager(14 -17), who idolizes the Burners and what they do. In turn, you've signed yourself over in hopes to make the cut. Some locals argue training kids is mere madness, but others see it as an opportunity. For the duration of the trials, you shall be housed, clothed, and fed at Carver Keep--Home of Queen Katherine Carver, descendant of Garrett Carver.
    The World
    As the world was birthed, Tharia split into four kingdoms.
    Haestrom is the birthplace of history's first Burner, Garrett Carver, where all Burners derive. It is the apex of humanity and tranquility. Here dragons can be found in the masses--nearly thousands. The most common species seen are fire dragons. Monarchy rules as the nation's government, led by Queen Katherine Carver.
    Aria acts as the maximum tranquil home for the elves and fae, combining magic and nature in harmony. The most common dragons seen here are wind and earth, due to their lush settlement. Here, they are governed by a Council of four, only the eldest and wisest among them may take a seat on the board.
    Ascilia is a major market district for the land of Tharia. It houses some of the finest food and produce to date, as well as tailoring, blacksmiths, and guilds--specifically the Hunter's Guild. Here, colonists will find the occasional water dragon swimming about for fish. The district is ruled by a monarchy as well by King Moravar Cornielius III.
    1: This may be a fantasy RP--which includes magic--but be fair on your grounds. Be fair if you have magical abilities.
    2: There will be a 5 day limit for those who've yet to post. If you have not posted in 5 days, your character will be killed. Please IM me a day in advance to avoid this.
    4: Keep your posts between 1-3 paragraphs. If you have trouble/writer's block, post what makes you feel comfortable; but make it at least a paragraph.
    5: Battles shall come and go in this RP. You will not win them all.
    7: Do NOT be a one hit wonder! Taking out a small group of men with your dragon will make sense, but as a man and monster you are both vulnerable.
    8: The GM(Me) will control enemies for the sake of plot. If a hit lands on your character, it is only to add to the plot.
    9: Make note that you will not be starting out with your dragon. The start of the story belongs to the trials.
    Character Sheet

    Name: (Full Name)
    Age: (14-17)
    Race: (Man, Fae, or Elf?)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Appearance: (Picture is preferred)
    Dragon Description: (Picture is preferred. Also be sure to tell their element/species.)
    History: (Include your origin, and why you're here.)
    Magic Ability: (Optional)
    Misc: (Anything extra you'd like to add)
    Plot Characters
    Name: Queen Katherine E. Carver
    Age: 42
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    History: Queen Katherine is a the fourth generation granddaughter of Garrett Carver, the first Sky Burner. Her royal bloodline left her next in line to become ruler of Haestrom. Inaugurated at the age of 12, she immediately established a stronger military force, solidified bonds between foreign nations, and secured peace throughout Tharia for her entire monarchy. For her early adult years(18--24) Katherine's military strength made a mark on history in the great war of Drow's Deep; the war that wiped out the blackness as people call it. Towards the start of her matriarch years, she confined herself to only her city in response to the aftermath of Drow's Deep. It is after then did she bare a child by a unnamed knight to carry on her legacy for the coming decades.
    Name: Princess Maya Carver
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    History: Maya was born for the purpose of carrying out her mother's legacy as the next queen. But with darkness in each corner, she fears she is not strong enough to bare her mother's weight. The start of her childhood mounted itself singularly to the confines of the castle, only to emerge during her teenage years. Her time is spent either by the docks, in the courtyard, or at the theater in her private booth to admire the shows there.
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  2. Hmmmm I am posting my interest here, I will update this with a character sheet when I get off work. I will be playing an elf that if possible would shoot for a wind dragon with a slight affinity for lightning instead of actual wind. Would that be possible?
  3. My aim with the dragons are to keep them in their elements: water, wind, fire, earth, etc. So your dragon would be wind, no question, but I can suggest your elf could possibly be mage that takes lightning magic into practice. However, as the story progresses I'll be updating locations and dragon species. Most likely today.
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  4. Ok Sounds good just thought I asked before just assuming I didn't want to do something wrong. The idea was of him to be a lightning mage with a slight bit of wind later on that he will shape with spells. The lightning now though, since he is rather young, would be enough to paralyze the muscles of the body of a full grown human male. Though here when I get home I will be posting my character sheet.
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  5. I suggest taking your time with it, and thinking your character out thoroughly. I've also noted that you are new to Iwaku. Welcome aboard.
  6. Thank you for the welcome. I am thinking up my character as we speak I need to find the old picture of the elf that I have as well as the dragon. Hmmm..
  7. Name: Riclamin Urthadar
    Age: 16
    Race: Man
    Show Spoiler
    Dragon Description:
    Water Dragon (open)
    Personality: Tranquil, relaxed, never ashamed to have a good-hearted laugh, prankster at times but generally means well
    History: Riclamin's father is a beast of a man, standing at 7ft with insane amounts of muscles, which is why many people in his town believe he is of orcish heritage. Despite this, he has little resemblance to an Orc other than that and even though he is famous throughout the neighbouring cities, he is a very humble man, with a very humble family.

    Unlike his father, Riclamin's genes did not grant him exceptional muscle mass, but gained so under his father's training and puberty was very generous with facial hair, especially on the upper lip. He has never wielded an actual sword, but is trained in swordsmanship, using sticks and wooden swords.

    Always looking up to his father, Riclamin tried his best to be just like him, being part of a highly esteemed organization. Which is why he joined the Sky Burners.
    Magic Ability: N/A
    Misc: A leather flask with some... Aqua Vitae.
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  8. Name: Nuearth mar Dè Seraphenin. Sarin for short.
    Age: 17
    Race: Elven
    Personality: Quite. Strictly loyal to a single person. Keeps away from crowds.

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG]"Borrowed" from DAO.


    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] Storm (Wind & Lightning?)

    History: Sarin had used to be a simple girl from her village. But, on a day her parents did not come back from a hunting party, became the shell that she is today. She grew more darker in nature, drawing away from city life. Only to one day disappear. She was once hunted herself, for betraying the Elven kingdom, but after quite some time was left alone, and passes freely through the town as no one recognizes her. She practices lightning based magic, along with wind. Not skilled, but not weak. She currently lives in the city of Ascilia, in a small shack near the western docks.

    Misc: Will most likely develop a strong bond with a single person during the Roleplay, be them Human, Elf, Fae, man, or Women. Much more detail will be added in when needed
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  9. [MENTION=4407]Majem[/MENTION], I cannot see your dragon's image, but as far as I'm concerned you're accepted. [MENTION=5367]Seraphinia[/MENTION] take away the knife and crossbow and you're all good. I wish to keep all characters coming out fresh and armed only with their wits for now.

    Name: Alan Malen Cross

    Age: 15
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male


    Dragon Description: mh_rathalos_fire_breath_by_roser2010-d5j80mx.png
    Standing 25 ft in height, 10 meters wide, and 340 lbs in weight the Lava Scale Fire Dragon is one of the most uncontrollable species of dragon. Their wing-span is twice their body length, giving them a bonus in speed and maneuverability. Like the local hawk, they hunt using their powerful talons on their feet by diving down and pinning their target. With short temper, ruthless tactics, and near nightmarish persistence, these dragons are highly rejected from society. This dragon is the only species mankind has avoided all contact with.

    Personality: From experience with two younger sisters, Alan keeps himself in mental and physical fitness. He's always on the up-beat, doing his best to keep moral up, but is also quiet at times. Just as much as he'll speak his mind, he's just as soon to be silent. He bares a determination that not many others posses. At anytime he can take certain matters into his own hands.

    History: Alan comes from a small farmland near Haestrom's outer regions. His family live in service to the Carver family due to a deal made ages ago. They keep the Burner stables in tip-top-shape, helping both medicate, breed, and feed the dragons while the riders were busy with other matters. As Alan grew up around these beasts, he became attached to them enough to understand them as if they spoke English.

    As he got older, he began to idolize the Burners and their lives. He knew it would be one isolated from his family, but he'd find it worth it to protect them. At the age of 14, his father--former swordsman--trained him to the best of his knowledge. At times they would secretly take a dragon, of each species, from the stables and practice riding them; mostly water to help him hold his breath longer for when they'd swim instead of fly.

    Eventually, he had chosen to take this path into heart to make a name for his family. But his parents insist he do this for himself, to make himself proud, and be something the world never expected from a farm boy.

    Magic Ability: N/A

    Misc: Time on the farm has given him and edge in understanding a dragon. Extensive time around them has taught him how to treat their wounds, what to feed them, and how to nurture them properly.
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  10. Took them off as asked, if anything else needs to be changed then feel free to give a heads up.
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  11. We're in the clear.
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  12. Is a character who has an 'alternating' personality allowed? Someone that reflects whats happening, and how it is? Examples. After being with the stranger for more and more time, she felt herself beginning to change to reflect his personality, she was no longer as shy, and darkened by her past. But instead was becoming more and more cheerful, similar to his. Raging with an anger, she swore from this moment on that she would crush every creature that she meets, not caring if it was her own family. The bubbly, carefree girl was dead, and a monster has risen from her ashes.
  13. Bonding, a powerful role playing element. I approve this, of course.
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  14. I'm slightly spamming in the thread. You can just delete the extras if you wish. Sorry! owo
  15. Got really inspired with this RP! Working on a character application right now...hopefully it'll be up by today or tomorrow.

    Quick question though, can humans also learn magic or is it restricted only for elves and fae?
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  16. Sorry that this is late. But I came out with a 'translation' sheet for generally all of my characters, including the one in here. So its best to check it out.
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  17. Name: Jek Urudarr
    Age: 17
    Race: High Elf, Dark Elf, and Human
    Gender: Male
    Show Spoiler
    Dragon Description:
    Southeastern Swamp Dragon (open)
    [​IMG] Often unused due to their putrid habitat and unwillingness to cooperate, Southeastern Swamp Dragons are one of the most uncommonly seen dragon breeds, second to the Lava Scale Fire Dragons. Armed with razor claws a full set of dagger-sized teeth, streams of acid, and poisonous fangs, it is considerably in the top 10 deadliest dragon breeds. Roughly 17 feet tall, 32 feet long, and 320 lbs. in weight, this is a significantly large dragon. Their most commonly used tactic is ambush, hiding amongst the murky waters and grey rocks before either spraying their prey with a jet of acid or leaping in to inject the victim with it's deadly poison.
    Personality: Ambitious, strong willed, and patient, Jek will get the job done, no matter whatever it takes, however long it takes, or how many tries it takes. Not overly fond of people, he can usually be found either practicing his magic or exploring the area.
    History: Jek's grandparents were a Dark Elf and a Human who had happened to fall in love. From them sprung Jek's mother, a beautiful, adventurous woman with dark skin and white hair. She was one day exploring a forest and came across a High Elf hunter. The two, knowing it was forbidden, ended up falling for each other. One day, they produced a child. As he aged, his parents found he was as adventurous as his mother, and as patient as his father. They trained him how to use a bow and a dagger, though he never had ones of his own. He became interested in the Sky Burners as he watched the fly overhead while he was out exploring. That very day he packed up his belongings, said his farewells, and set out to become a dragon rider.
    Magic Ability: can summon lightening bolts with his hands and direct them where to go, but thus far they are only powerful enough to kill a small beast or temporarily stun the average man
    Misc: Not too much experience with dragons themselves, but his adventures have taught him a little about the different dragon breeds and their habitats
    Does that work?
  18. Any idea when this will begin?
  19. In possibly the next 2-3 days. My patience is drawn out by those who still wish to post a character. That said, I wait for them to respond.
  20. [MENTION=3669]Kage Tenchi-Kun[/MENTION] My question hasn't been answered yet...about humans being able to wield magic or is the magical ability only for elves and fae? XD
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