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  1. Hey there! I've been in the Skullgirls fandom for a while now,and I really wanna RP in the Skullgirls universe. We can use canon characters or OCs, and I have aSkullgirls OC Iwouldn't mind trying out. I'm a sucker for romance in my RPs but it isn't necessary, and I can do sex, but any underage characters will not be partaking in any of that (I could, however, be talked into Filia and Painwheel, but tbh that ship is better for much more fluff than smut). My OC is a girl over 18, so I wouldn't have a problem with shipping or smutting with her. I'm going to include a small blurb on her in case you want to RP.

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    Name: Desdemona (Mona for short)
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Mona is short, only 5'3", and is rather chubby, weighing in at 220 lbs. She has olive colored skin and curly black hair that goes down to the small of her back, and despite her headphones holding her hair back, some curls escape and hang into her face. She has dark brown eyes and a beauty mark right below her left eye. Mona usually wears a red bomber jacket with a large illustration of the Skull Heart crossed out on it, and a black tank top underneath. She also wears jade green cargo pants with four pockets, each one holding different cartridges for video games. She wears black converse and ankle socks. And she sports a pair of white headphones that host her parasite Orpheus. The headphones give off sparks of blue electricity, and from the headphones Orpheus' hands cover Mona's, enabling her to attack. Orpheus himself is made entirely of electricity, shaped as a grown man.
    Fighting Style: Mona uses Orpheus's hands in order to fight, going for the attack. She's not very good in the air, but can not only puncheffectively but also utilize her parasite for some long range attacks.
    Personality: Mona is avery energetic girl, tending to act rather than think. She is ruled by emotions, and rather gullipbe if someone tries to win her over with sympathetic speech. Tending to be optimistic Mona sees herself as the bringer of justice to New Meridian, and is rather igborant about the goings-on in the city, due to being cooped up in her home for so long. Orpheus, however, is a very level headed and rational character, usually the one to try and reason with the impulsive Mona. They have a good relationship, but are prone to arguing if on each others' nerves.
    Backstory: Mona's earliest memory is her mother carrying her away from a flying woman and many people at age six, but everything else after that is a blur. Her mother told her that her father was killed by the Skullgirl, and that Mona could wish him back when she was ready to face the Skullgirl herself. As a result, Mona has been living in a mansion for 14 years, closed off from most of the world. Her mother let her play video games, thus improving her reflexes, and that kept Mona distracted while her mother was gone, often on long trips that lasted for months. Recently, Mona has been sneaking out to get a glimpse of New Meridian, which is where Orpheus decided she would make a good host. Teaming up to fight the Medicis (both hated them, as Mona's mother claimed that they killed her father, and Orpheus' previous host, Eurydice, became a Skullgirl because of them), and both are now looking for the Skullheart.
    Note-there is more to Mona's backstory, but I didn't want to put it here. If you want to know when we plot together, I'm happy to tell you ^^
  2. Still looking owo;;
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