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  1. !~Hola~!
    I'm Skooma, Let me give you some info
    • 9th grade
    • Big Anime fan
    • Love reading and writing
    • Gamer
    • Kind of conflicting personalities
      • I can be a very loud, outgoing person
      • Or i can be very, very shy, and will just observe and say literally nothing
      • I can be a huge dick
      • I can be the nicest person ever
    • I am a tumblr boy
    • and finally, I am Pansexual
    ~Now that you know a bit about me, we can get to what I am into and what I am looking for~
    • M x M
    • M x F
    • Trans x M
    • Trans x Trans
    My kinks, interests, whatever you want to call it:
    • Sorry, but I'm very much into fluff
    • I like to do things that are a bit of fluff, but will also incorporate some sort of sex scene as the relationship progresses, HOWEVER, I am perfectly fine with fading to black if you are uncomfortable with doing sex scenes.
    • Don't worry, I can also do BDSM, etc. but not that into it
    • I am not afraid to do smut, and I can promise it won't be some ridiculous guy with a giant schlong pouring out gallons.
    • I can do things like bad backgrounds, homophobia, etc., but please don't make it too dramatic or try to make it the base premise of your character; It can be an aspect of them, but they need to be more than that
      • Expanding on my last bullet, characters are more than just cliché sex machines. There's nothing wrong with a bit of cliché, but think of these characters like real people- they react differently to different things.
    Things I absolutely will NOT Do:
    • Incest
    • Parent-Child
    • Anything that resembles pedophilia
    • Sorry guys, not that into furries. It is possible to convince me to do them, but I tend to stick to humans.

    Finally, on to the plots !
    (When I say 'you' it doesn't mean you take that role, I'm just saying that for the purpose of describing it.)

    = Craving
    §= Idea

    • A long distance relationship and the two in the relationship finally meet.
      • We can expand upon this, and have one of them move, or have a plot twist and have one of them be a catfish.
      • They can have met any way thats online: Video games, forums, chat room, etc.
    • §A new kid in school, who just happens to click with you. The friendship progresses until it turns into something more.§
    • §A university rp! I'm really excited about this one, (I got the inspiration for it from a fanfic). Two people who literally never talk, until a random event that happens that makes them talk, and they become friends.§
    • §A babysitter§
      • Let me explain this one: Your parents dont trust you to be responsible for your siblings, so they hire a babysitter, who just so happens to be your arch-enemy
      • Said babysitter doesn't necessarily have to be your enemy could just be random person. This babysitter is also within 1-2 years than you.
    • A summer school/summer camp that you are forced to go to by your parents, but isn't as bad as you thought.
    • A popular kid falls for a hard to get nerd, outcast, etc.

    Thanks for reading guys, and PM or post on this topic (preferably PM)
    If you are interested.

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  2. I like the first one. *^*
  3. @Gladis Unfortunately, that is taken
  4. PM me for idea crossing? I can do MxM with furries. If your ok with that, I'm up for any plot.
  5. I sent you a PM
  6. I'm really interested in the third plot! Is that one still open? I was hoping that you would be interested in doing one with a lot of satire, since these two people could turn out to have incompatible personalities. I see a lot of comedy in that idea xD. I prefer MxM if that's ok too.
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