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    Risa woke up in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar bed. Panicked, she tried to remembered the events leading up to her current circumstance. 'Study group....darkness..." She peeked under the covers and was relieved that her clothes were in tact. She sniffed the air and smiled, "Something smells good." She whispered to herself and quietly gets out of bed and peeks into the kitchen and her eyes widened, 'How did sh get to his house?!' The most beautiful man she knew was cooking a breakfast for two?
  2. David turned from the stove, where he was frying up something in a metal pan, as he heard the patter of feet behind him. He looked over his shoulder, smiling at her. "Good morning sleepyhead. You slept long enough." He turned back to the stove, as the smell of pancakes and sausage began to fill the kitchen. An intoxicating aroma to be sure.
  3. Risa stood by the threshold of the door timidly, "What time is it?" she asked softly. She still wondered how she got to his apartment in the first place. She took a big gulp and slowly walked over to him, "Smells good..." she said blushing a bit.