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    Risa woke up in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar bed. Panicked, she tried to remembered the events leading up to her current circumstance. 'Study group....darkness..." She peeked under the covers and was relieved that her clothes were in tact. She sniffed the air and smiled, "Something smells good." She whispered to herself and quietly gets out of bed and peeks into the kitchen and her eyes widened, 'How did sh get to his house?!' The most beautiful man she knew was cooking a breakfast for two?
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  2. ((So I guess you can just jump in and be the man, so in I am! And Cecil is 25 despite that he looks 17-18))
    Cecil spun on his heels and sent her a charming smile, turning the stove down to assure that he wouldn't burn the food.
    "You're finally awake. After the study group we walked home together, but you practically passed out on the street and I don't know where you live so I brought you here on impulse... are you feeling okay?"
    Cecil's hair was the darkest black color, like ink, and his pretty eyes had the most green color, like grass in the middle of summer. His face made him look young, and he didn't seem like the most muscular type. He was tall and slim, and looked much like a prince from a fairytale.
  3. Risa blushed and a goofy smiled formed on her face, "Hi..." She blushed, she probably looked like an idiot in front of him. She walked over to him, "Um...thanks for helping me. I guess I was really tired."
  4. "Yeah... and you're okay? Not feeling ill or anything? It looked pretty serious when you passed out."
    He finished cooking the breakfast and put the things on the table while softly humming to himself. He had been living alone for a few years so far, after a line of unhappy relationships. He thought that he might have lost his interest in women - but the experience just taught him the fact that he felt attracted to both genders; he was just bad at relationships.
  5. "I feel much better." she giggle and sat at the table, "How could I ever repay you?"
  6. He shrugged as he began eating with a slightly distant expression.
    "You don't need to repay me, after all it's not like you could help it and I couldn't just leave you on the street."
  7. "You're right...but still. I'm indebted to you." she said stubbornly and began to eat with a smile.
  8. "Honestly, I don't really need anyone to owe me something, but you can keep thinking that if you'd like."
    He smiled a little while eating, wearing an open vest and an half-opened shirt. He hadn't really bothered to dress properly after waking up.
  9. She stuck out her tongue, "Fine maybe I will." she caught a glimpse of the time, "It's late. I have to be at work but noon. I should get going. Thanks for breakfast." she said standing.
  10. "You welcome."
    He smiled at her and lead her to the door.
    "I'll see you at the study group."
    He didn't want to bother her any longer and decided to just leave talking with her for another time.
  11. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, "See ya." she said walking off casually.
  12. He sat back baffled with a light blush on his cheeks. It wasn't like he was a teenager but they weren't going out. They hadn't done anything the night before, as Risa had been out cold. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
  13. Risa round the corner and realized how lost she was. She pat her pockets for her phone then realized her bag was not with her. Had she left them with Cecil? How was she going to get them back. It would be embarrassing after what she id to go back. She blushed, "crud..."
  14. He shrugged and went to take a shower, which he usually did after eating breakfast. His hair was messy and he just tossed his shirt on the floor along with his vest before he walked to the bathroom. Whilst standing in the shower, he had his head against the tile wall, letting the water wash over him as he tried to get a hold of his thoughts.
  15. She took a deep breath then when When back to the door and noticed that it was cracked open. She figured she'd just be in and out so she quietly went in and tip toed to the bedroom, spotting her purse as soon as she reached the doorway.
  16. He had just come out of the shower and put on his boxers and pants as he heard some rustling. He put the towel over his shoulder and walked out of the bathroom, careless to the fact that he was shirtless.
    "Oh... it's just you. I noticed you'd forgotten your purse." He smiled a little and took it, walking over to hand it to her.
  17. Risa stared at him speechless. Her nose started to bleed and her eyes crossed as she fainted again. She found herself surrounded in darkness and floating in a space of endless nothingness. She heard Cecil's voice and smiled as she was surrounded by warmth. (sorry I didn't get the notice that you had posted ; , ; )
  18. Alex leaned back against the tiled counter that lined the bakery's spacious kitchen, a flour covered palm helping to balance his weight as he dug through his pockets. He pulled out his cell phone triumphantly, clicking Risa's number into the keypad by memory. It was unusual for her to be late and even more so to have not called if she were going to be. He hit the glowing green 'Call' button. He was getting worried.
  19. The heavy metal ring tone she had for Alex bled through her dream and she woke up and sleepily grabbing her phone out of her bag, "Hello?" she yawned.
  20. Alex felt the air rush out of his lungs in a sigh of relief that he hadn't realized he had been holding. 'See?' he mentally chided himself. 'She's fine.' He folded his arms across his chest, rushing himself away from the counter with the phone now tucked between his shoulder and ear. "Your late," he reminded her sternly. He could hear their boss yelling something in French, probably more profanities, from the back room. It was the only place you could go unheard from by most of the bakery, unless you were screaming. He winced, not wanting Risa to be on the receiving end of his next tyraid. In a softer voice, he added, "Need me to pick you up?"
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