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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have a little idea here that I would like to turn into a role play with your help hopefully! I have a few rules, but don't worry nothing too scary.

    Rules (open)

    1) Please be patient with me. I do have a life and I am sure you do too. I will let you know if I am busy. I'd appreciate it if you did the same

    2) Please have decent spelling and grammar. As lng as yew dn't tlk lke diz we wll b gewd...that was painful just so you know.

    3) Please give me your input on the role play. Meaning if there is something you would like to see happen or something you don't like just talk to me about it.

    4) Be willing to double or play the male. ( I prefer doubling..more fun )

    5) No Mary or Gary-sues. Meaning no generic characters who are perfect or who everyone loves. A little hate is fun.

    6) Please stick to the setting of the role play. Meaning time AND place. Meaning no pulling out a cell phone in the middle of 1763 ( this has happened to me before ) Unless of course, you are the doctor or have a time turner hidden away somewhere.

    7) If romance will be in the role play please allow me to give input on the males appearance. I just don't have fun if I am not attracted to the male. Don't worry I will do the same.

    8) I prefer to use pictures for the appearances in Bio's. Also unless stated otherwise no anime pictures. Don't worry though I will still describe characters.

    9) Please post AT LEAST 2 well developed paragraphs

    I believe that is all now onto the role play. Please keep in mind this is just an idea not a full fledged plot. It needs help.

    Just so you know my details on the role play are currently written really poorly. I got a tad bit excited and didnt think things through. I will be making revisions on this tomorrow so it makes more sense. Please bare with me and hopefully you understand the gist of the role play.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Skin-Walkers (open)

    [​IMG] Skin-walkers is a role play that deals with supernatural beings.

    In the Skin-walker world there are Vampires, Werewolves, Werecats, and Skin-walkers of course.

    In this world Vampires may only be males. This is due to the fact that vampires are born not made. They are born due to a genetic defect called the V-chromosome. The V-chromosome takes the place of an X-chromosome. Since men only give off X-chromosomes this would make the baby a male. Everything else about vampires is true other than the whole sun thing. They are inhumanly fast, inhumanly strong, immortal, and of course they suck blood.

    Vampires "mate" for life. Once they find their "mate" the mate and the vampire may never touch another soul except for one another. If the do they person they touch (sexually) gets incredibly sick. This is called the Mating Sickness.

    The only catch with the mating other than of course, only have one true mate is the fact that vampires may ONLY make with females with special abilities. Meaning they must mate with a Werewolf, Werecat, or Skin-Walker.

    The way a Vampire knows if he has found his true mate is a marking somewhere on his body that represents his clan will start to burn. Kind of like Imprinting with werewolves.

    Skin-Walkers are immortal ( just like a vampire), inhumanly strong and fast, and they have freaky fast healing. However, Skin-walkers do not suck blood. Skin-Walkers get their name because they can transform into any person at anytime. All they have to do is picture their face. The only way of knowing when they are their true form is their eyes. Their eyes take on a cat like appearance when they are not pretending to be someone else.


    In this world Skin-walkers and Vampires are enemies, but a common enemy brings them together. When the young king of the Vampires goes to discuss a temporary treaty between the Skin-walkers and the Vampires his mark begins to burn. It turns out that his true mate is the princess of the Skin-walkers.

    And that is all I have got. I really hope someone will be interested. I know there is not a lot to go off of, but like I said it is simply an idea not a full on story...yet. I could really use a partner right now who is willing to work this out with me! Please Message me or reply to this thread if you are interested!
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