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  1. Be silent, he said? Be silent?? So he was angry, annoyed, and... annoying. Indignance rose up and battled with the sadness that she also felt. Isalien welcomed it. She didn't like to feel sad, especially over him, the one she was supposed to no longer trust to stay with her. He was going to leave soon. Don't get attached. She huffed as he turned to the doorway, letting her blanket fall to her hips, then hurriedly began pulling on a sweater.

    "Don't you 'be silent' me... what century are you from, anyways..." she murmured when her head was inside the sweater in the process of pulling it on. Her head popped out, sending her damp hair into wild frizzy curls. She raised her voice. "And don't turn around."

    She let the blanket hit the grass, then pulled on a pair of drawstring shorts, grumbling about the fact that she still hadn't been able to purchase new underwear. It was distracting, this whole going commando thing. Finally, she walked over to him swiftly, brushing past him and towards the barrier.

    "Come on," she urged him, now as impatient as him. She held her arms out, waiting to be carted off since she couldn't run fast enough for him. There was no tenseness in her at the aspect of being close to Beal, though, even though she was irritated and hurt by him. If anything, it comforted her after the complete lack of touch in past few years, though he'd almost killed her once and still wasn't entirely gentle with her. It seemed like a long time ago he'd almost killed her, but once she thought about it, it wasn't even a day ago. Briefly, she felt familiar fear wash over her. Had she been entirely foolish to trust him so quickly?

    To her surprise, Isalien rationalized her trust of Beal with just a few thoughts. He might be mean and he would definitely leave her, but she trusted him with her safety until he did decide to leave.

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  2. He continued staring out of the doorway. Century? He was fairly sure he was from this one, or at least he had gained his consciousness in this time. It was another portion of his identity he wasn't prepared to grapple with at the moment. He distracted himself from the question of his identity with the anticipation of what was to come.

    She stood in front of him with her arms held out expectantly. His face looked from her arms to her face and he sighed. Stupid humans and their weak bodies. He grabbed Isalien and slung her over his shoulder like she was a sack of potatoes and started trotting toward the barrier. Inside her he had detected some sort of desire whenever she reached for him. He was unfamiliar with people's need for physical contact, aside from his own to kill or maim.
    She could not harm me, but if she tries I will cast her aside and leave her for the animals. With that thought, Beal started running while holding Isalien draped over his shoulder while and the sky began to brighten.

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  3. Even though she had expected rough treatment as usual, the impact of being flung over his shoulder brought on a short series of coughs. If she had just eaten a full meal, she thought she would've thrown up. When she'd caught her breath from coughing, she growled and shoved her hair out of her face. In amazement, she felt her hair stick to her hand, then remembered that he'd been covered with the remains of some trees, and she had gotten it all over herself since then. She occupied herself with separating her hair from her sticky hand, distracting herself from the constant dull pain in her ribs from her odd position. No way was she going to bother to tell him he was hurting her; he would probably just make his strides even rougher to be contrary and prove his freedom. As if she was controlling him somehow... He must have known he had all the control. He had the control to leave, to knock her out, to kill her, but instead he waited around and acted like a rebellious child. He didn't have to wait on her. He could have destroyed the school on his own. But then again, she had the helpful capability of making things explode. Probably, he figured that he could use her to destroy the building while he killed everyone in it. Or something like that. Grumpy over her situation, Isalien pulled her hood over her head and tucked her head against her arms.

    After a few seconds, though, she remembered that he hadn't acknowledged her previous statements. She started ranting, her voice muffled by her hood.

    "Beal? Would you try not to kill students that are trying to escape? Unless they want to fight. Then you should kill them. But the others... I don't want the population of strange creatures like us to decrease, unless they're evil. Because then there would be less targets for the humans, and around here I'm one of the only ones that're different, aside from the mutants in the forest, but somehow they've never been seen. If the humans think I'm behind all of the destruction and they come after me, I'll kill them out of fear and necessity. If I even had the power to kill them, since I steal all my power from the power-users that live around here. If they're dead because you killed them all, I'll have nothing. Understand?"

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  4. As Beal ran through the forest and like before he didn't make any extra efforts to protects Isalien from stray branches. Then he voice, muffled, wormed it's way into his ears. "I'll kill whoever attacks me. You can have what I take until the school is destroyed. After that you can have whatever is left alive" he referred to the people as if they were produce to be harvested. Why didn't she just drain the energy from the bodies like he did? Although as far as he knew they had to be alive for it to work for him, maybe he'd try it on a dead person when he had the chance which would be very soon.

    Now they came to the edge of the forest and from where they were the school was in sight. The sky was starting to get brighter and birds were beginning to sing. He crouched downward so that when he jumped Isalien's back wouldn't break or cause internal bleeding. When crouched enough he started lifting her off his shoulder and then jumped into the air, tossing her from his left arm to his right arm and landed on the ground holding her under his arm like a duffel bag. Now the school was in sight, they could sneak to the place without being noticed especially since it was barely morning. Beal dumped Isalien to the ground like a heavy bag of luggage he couldn't wait to get rid of.
  5. He juggled her around without warning, and combined with the shock of the jump, Isalien had to dig her teeth into her lip to keep from screaming like a banshee and waking the entire premises. Then there was no arm supporting her, again without warning, though she managed to catch herself. Her hands hit the floor first where her butt would have hit, changing the way her bottom half was going. It was a strange, balled-up sort of backward roll, but at least she remained close to the ground and landed on her feet. She stood and glared at Beal, but then became distracted by something she felt around the school.

    "There's not as much as before. Not as much power. Did the students already revolt?" She turned to Beal, confused. "Do you smell any blood? I know there are people still left in there, but I don't know what or who they are."

    This place was evil; naturally, she had to destroy it completely. It was her nature. It was what she was made to do, and she couldn't easily go against those instincts. The fear, too, came back to her in the anticipation of some sort of fight. It was just as built into her as the need to destroy evil things.
    Her feet started carrying her to a side entrance of the school without her full consent.

    But she wasn't actually alone this time. She turned to look at Beal, trying to remind herself that she wasn't alone, but against the stubborn pull of the fear that told her to be afraid of everything, it was hard to see him as anything more than an enemy. A neutral enemy, but an enemy.

    "You'll fight with me, right? Where will you be?"

    It was muddling her brain, all this stuff about enemies and friends, who to fear and who to trust, and how to stop the waves of fear from overwhelming her and turning her back into the creature that kills nearly everything out of fear. It was like being blind, not knowing what's going on around you, not seeing anything, only feeling helpless but powerful at the same time.

    ((Kill ALL THE THINGS.))
  6. Beal sniffed the air. "Magic has been discharged, I smell very little blood. I believe there may have been an uprising of students and that they have been detained." With his other senses he felt around, he didn't expect the disciplinarians to be expecting them to come back to destroy the school so there wouldn't be any external measures for keeping them out. However, with the dean and all his body guards dead and the staff trying to recover from the event may have emboldened the students and thus resulting in a revolt which would have also resulted in an increase of security. Their escape hadn't even happened a day ago so any extra staff they may have requested wouldn't show up until later this day or the next.

    From what Beal could tell there were things around. Not people, some kind of creatures he couldn't identify. He could handle them, Beal was sure of it, this was what he was built for. Beal watched as Isalien started walking for a door, he could tell she thought he might kill her during the fighting, she was right to feel cautious. Before he answered her he stepped in front of her so she wouldn't open the door, then stared at her for a few seconds until he said
    "I will be killing everything. Perhaps you should check the detention area to see if there are delinquents that will aid the destruction of this institute, not that I would need it as much." He looked at the door she had walked toward then up at the tall wall. "We should go over the wall" he said and then with an arm around her waist he bent his knees and jumped straight up and alighted onto the wall. It occurred to Beal then that they may have some kind of magical sensor system to detect students that may be trying to escape.

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  7. Having a mission made Isalien a little calmer, but it was still getting harder to remember things aside from the need to fear and kill everything. If she had been any further gone, she'd've freaking out at the arm around her waist, but after the initial panic, at least her fear of Beal went away. That was odd, but she had no time to ponder over it.

    Landing on top of the wall, Isalien could then see the network of dim lines running along the the surface, three lines all parallel to each other. Probably some sort of sensor, and unfortunately not just a human one, because she wasn't seeing the lines with her eyes. She lifted her head, staring at the lovely sky, all pink and orange and blue, then at the school, where she suspected someone was about to notice their presence. Unless she destroyed the sensors. Easy enough. She bent, placed one finger on each line, and took two seconds to figure out what kind of magic it was. It a pleasant surprise when she discovered there indeed sensors, but also a barrier. Isalien figured they would try to shock her if they felt any magic from her, but until then, the magic was dormant. Dormant power was easy to absorb, which she did quickly. The amount of it the mages had put into the lines was more than she'd expected, but that was welcome. After she'd sucked the power away, the only thing left was the weak magic already at work, the sensors themselves. She let out a shockwave of energy, watched it travel through the lines, and then stood.

    "They're really dumb mages. If they weren't powerful, I'd probably laugh at them."

    Unlike Beal, Isalien couldn't feel that there were strange creatures around the school grounds although she could feel evil everywhere, but she could use her eyes alone to spot the massive shadow racing towards the wall they were on, its identity obscured by the building's shadow. It was quick. It seemed like it took the thing mere seconds to cross the grounds, and Isalien almost skittered off the back of the wall when she saw it up close, but she caught Beal's arm before she could tumble onto the ground.

    She guessed by the way her heart was pounding that it could smell her fear. It jumped, putting it much too close for comfort, and with a squeal she swatted at it. It would have been funny, that squeal and girly swat, but shortly afterwards the thing literally exploded, sending the tiny remains flying into the air. She hadn't entirely meant to make it explode so violently.

    "......" she gaped up at Beal incredulously, gesturing towards the spot where the thing had been and then at the bits of bloody carcass falling to the ground. "Wh-...Th-...Where did they get things like that?"

    A sense of dread filled her. She would have to kill those things so the students could escape without trouble. Then again, she held some amount of fear towards the students themselves, meaning they could probably take care of themselves.

    ((I wonder what the monsters are. Purple dandelion lions? Fearsome. ))
  8. The shadowy beast was quite fast and could jump quite high. Carried by it's velocity it drew closer to them on their spot on the wall and caused Isalien to panic and before Beal knew it he was being hit with pieces of flesh. He grunted and scooped up a handful of flesh that was on the wall next to him and brought it up to his nose. The beast was physical but it had a certain odor to it he couldn't quite place, it smelled familiar. Unable to place the scent right away he let the chunk of flesh fall from his hand with a splat and stood up and looked out at the rest of the grounds.

    To Beal's eyes, and some other senses, the beasts looked like large felines. These beasts fur had a way to blend with the shadow that made them almost unnoticeable in the dim light except for the shadow under their body, Beal had a hunch that these creatures did not like sunlight either because it hurt them or because they couldn't hide in it. These must be the night guard; it was a good thing for Isalien that there was as much light as there was right now.
    Without answering Isalien's almost hysteric question, he scooped her up and jumped across the ground toward the man building. He landed near the main building where, many hours before, he had been marched inside to be holed up in his cell. That's probably where they kept the rebellious students. Dropping Isalien to the ground as he spoke "Check the building for prisoners, you know where the dungeon is." Beal turned around to see the shadows shifting between the buildings where the shadows were darkest, the beasts were roused; he wasn't worried since these beasts relied primarily on stealth and speed. It wouldn't take long for him to dispatch them.

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  9. Isalien was getting accustomed to being dragged from place to place without warning. It was a good thing she knew who was hanging on to her. Her feet found the ground when she was let go, and she listened to his instructions with half an ear, too distracted by the shadows coming closer to truly listen. Isalien understood the gist of things, though, and quickly reached for the door.

    "Be careful," she said impulsively, then added, "If part of the building collapses, assume I ran out of options."

    With that, she heaved the door open and slid inside.

    It was pitch black. She had not been expecting that, since the morning sun had finally risen. She'd thought that at least some light would have filtered through the windows, but apparently she had been wrong. Briefly she placed her hand back on the door handle, ready to ignore her duties and flee for relative safety. But she shook her head and forced herself to step forward in the direction of the basement. In her head, she felt tiny flickers of power around the building, but none directly in her path. That was no comfort; many things did not have power for her to read. Including werewolves. Compared to the wolf-ish beasts from her forest, she felt that werewolves were worse. They were more human, more intelligent, but every bit as nasty.

    For what felt like about five minutes, she almost blindly navigated the dark hallways, trailing her fingers along the walls. Left, right, left. The darkness thankfully was not so deep that it allowed for no light; there must have been some light, otherwise she'd have been completely blind. As it was, she could only she shadows and outlines. Something growled behind her, and it was so close that she wondered how she hadn't heard it approaching. Trying to control her rapid breathing, Isalien turned. Any effort to conceal her terror was abandoned. She looked up into yellow eyes, human, and scanned the shadow's shape to determine it was human as well. A warm hand brushed her jaw, forced her to look up, and for a moment she was too stunned to move. Was this a teacher or student? Should she kill them or wait?

    "You're the destroyer, aren't you?" The hand wrapped around her throat gently, but the threat was obvious. "You shouldn't have come ba--"

    It was a voice she recognized as one of the ones that had helped capture and transport her to the school. His words were cut off, ended in a gurgle. Isalien's hand slid away from his midsection, or what would be left of it. Deceitfully appearing to be unshaken, she turned and located the door to the basement, then carefully descended the stairs.

    Power signatures were everywhere, evenly distributed. That made it easy to find the rows of cells. She heard voices ahead of her, and a din of crashing footsteps behind her. She rushed forward, haphazaradly locating the dormant sensors along the walls on each side of the hallway of cells, then soaked the power through her fingertips.

    "Back away from the cell doors!" she shouted. Her voice sounded too strong to be her own, but it was. "Keep your restraints connected with the doors, though!"

    The students' voices got louder with excitement, some of them trying to communicate with her while she was busy blasting the doors off their hinges, and the students' hand or foot restraints along with those doors. In about thirty seconds, a flood of students rushed out of the basement, Isalien purposefully hiding in the center of the mass. The footsteps she had heard behind her earlier were taken care of by the more powerful students. Screams and shouts and cheers disoriented her, but at least no one could catch her.

    She followed one part of the flood out the same door she had come in after leaving Beal, and she waited there while she tried to locate him. She caught one female student by the arm and inquired about the rest of the students.

    "Dude, most of the ones in the normal rooms bailed in the night when news of the dean's death got around. Everyone was going to bail anyways, but whoever killed the dean and those teachers started a rebellion. I'm out of here!" the blonde girl stated, then jerked away from Isalien and ran.

    It was chaos, everywhere. Teachers chased the students, starting brawls everywhere. There were werewolves, mages, vampires with their white skin and untraceable movements, all chasing after students that weren't so different from the them. Isalien huddled in a corner, eyes flicking back and forth looking for Beal, but she was interrupted by a familiar face; a blue-eyed busty female mage, the one that had inspected her upon entry to the school. The woman looked positively enraged.

    Before a battle could even begin, Isalien yanked the woman's hair, dragging her face to her own, and sucked the mage's power straight from her mouth while the woman clawed at Isalien's face and arms. A male teacher, mage uniform still neat, rushed out of the doors and stopped to stare at what appeared to be a young woman with her legs wrapped around a female teacher, kissing her with determination. The expression of confusion mixed with lust stuck to his face, but when Isalien was done with the now-powerless mage, she gave the same treatment to the male mage, and he understood why the female teacher had been so desperate to get away from Isalien's kiss.

    Isalien detached herself from the man when he seemed to be less fearful than lustful, even attempting to violate her while she stole his power, probably trying to get some enjoyment from something he saw as inevitable. She kicked him between the legs and ran back into the dark building, preferring to hide in the dark until she could calm herself down from experiencing the small war raging outside. Then something cracked once against her skull then once across her left cheekbone. Things went even darker than before, but whatever had hit her soon scattered into dozens of bloody pieces.

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  10. There were only sixteen shadow-beasts prowling around but they were a little hard to keep track of, oh well it mattered not. He would kill them all. With a grunt at Isalien he stepped challengingly into a dark shadow and swung his leg in front of himself. The beast that it met with was quite surprised, and then dead as it's skull broke apart from the impact. Shadows all around him bristled and Beal heard what sounded like hissing but it more resembled a gust of wind rustling a field of overgrown grass. When the shadow-beasts didn't come after him right away all at once, Beal thought that their main purpose was not to kill but to corral the students, another thought came to him and he wondered how they controlled these beasts.

    His answer would come shortly. Four beasts silently charged at him from behind. Waiting until the right moment, Beal threw himself backward, smashing the faces of two shadow-beasts with his back and then quickly hopped forward and kicked another beast around it's middle. The shadowy thing was launched through the air and smashed against the top of the wall and then fell all the way down to the ground. The last beast of the quartet kept trying to circle around behind him and as Beal followed it's movements he felt four more arrive in his immediate vicinity. They were slinking low to the ground and in the shadow of the wall their own shadows became almost unnoticeable. Beal made a move to strike at the shadow-beast and almost stumbled when his foot tore through something that felt like wet paper towel and as he looked down to see what it was, all five attacked him at once. They were fast and two of them managed to slash at him and leaped away before he could destroy them. Of the five that attacked him, one was dead on the ground, it could barely be seen with regular eyes in the shade.

    Beal looked around to see what it was that had almost made him stumble but saw nothing, so he focused his attention on the beasts. They hadn't wounded him, it's like he didn't even feel them and he once again began an attack. And again he felt his foot rip free of something and the beasts closed in for another attack, again two managed to strike him but this time two had their heads smashed in. Just as the two hit the ground, seven more showed up. Beal was getting bored with these beasts and was going to begin the onslaught when something tickled at his senses, some one was working magic very carefully and it was directed towards....The beasts, and his feet. He looked down and saw dark shadows holding onto his feet and creeping up his legs to where the shadow beasts had struck him, which he just now noticed looked like four lines of dark shadow. Lifting his leg he found it slightly difficult, who ever was working this spell must be trying very hard or must have friends helping them. Bah.

    The beasts charged at him with their claws and teeth bared but now they were solid black, their features barely definable to normal sight. Beal twisted his body and jumped upward. The shadows on his body tore like cloth under too much strain but managed to take a little of the velocity out of his jump. It didn't affect his aim as he smashed onto one of the beasts, and crushed it's head in. Even as he destroyed the beast another one tackled him off and started mauling him, the fangs scrabbled against his flesh but found little purchase before Beal thrust his hand through it's throat and kicked the beast off of himself into another one that had been waiting to pounce. He swung his fist, predicting another beast to pounce on him and connected with it's shoulder and breaking it. However another beast bit at his face and others clawed at his legs and arms and torso. As they crowded around him he felt the shadows layering themselves on top of him but they still couldn't pin him down completely.

    Filled with annoyance, and now slight pain from the persistent clawing and biting, Beal roared and thrashed his limbs around, breaking muzzles, legs, and ripping at the layers of shadow bonds. His hands blackened into claws he tore at all the bodies he could reach and spun up from the ground in a flurry of blood and claws. Swiftly he jumped at the wounded beasts and smashed their skulls one by one. Not staying still long enough for the shadows to grab at him, he sped toward the beasts that were trying to regroup and slashed at them with a roaring bellow. Almost invisible limbs, dark blood, and entrails littered the...what was this, the courtyard? Wherever it was, it was a mess. Now Beal needed to find the one who was controlling these beasts, who ever they were they were going to be very exhausted. He scanned around using all his senses and found some one who noticed that he had noticed them and they tried scrabbling down the roof they had been standing on. Tensing his legs, Beal launched himself upward and onto the building, cracking the roof slightly and frightening the darkly clad caster. He frantically blasted Beal with dark bolts of energy but they hit his skin with no effect. Beal slapped the face of the cast and grabbed him up with one hand and plunged the other deep into his abdomen and sucked the life out of him.

    Not but a second afterward there was a ruckus that caught Beal's attention and he looked back down at the entrance of the main building. For a moment no one came out, but he could see the prisoners approaching and the they were out, faculty and student body poured out and a small war began. His eyes and senses cast around for Isalien to see what her status was and he noticed her sucking the power out of a man who seemed to be groping at her, at what he didn't know, he was probably just fighting for his life but it didn't really seem that way. As he prepared to jump down and enjoy the fray he could see Isalien inside the building and being clouted twice around the head. The person exploded and he could see the affect the strikes had on her. With a sigh he jumped from the roof top and landed on a vampire, he didn't know if it was a student or a teacher. He found Isalien and, annoyance evident, said
    "You're not at all suited for war, Rabbit."

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    Between the distinct thumps she felt in her cheek and head with every rapid heartbeat, she thought she heard Beal's voice, annoyed with her as usual. The stench of terror and revulsion had permeated the air around her, both at the danger around her and the way her skin crawled after being handled like goods, but once she figured out Beal was there her trembling seemed to die down. Her eyes tried to focus on him, but a few seconds of clear vision was all she got before something distracted her. It was the darkness that pulled her attention from him. It seemed to be sparkly and... swirling. She was vaguely aware that her mouth was open and words were falling out.

    War wasn't this pretty. She'd been in several small wars, so he was just wrong. She was meant for war; it was just easier when everything she was fighting was evil. It was harder to be in a war where the evil and neutral were indistinguishable from each other. Here, she couldn't tell who was who, and she didn't want to kill everyone like she had done before, not even the gross mage with the rough hands, because he wasn't trying to kill her, couldn't if he'd wanted to. She didn't want to waste power when there wasn't as much around, either, because if she wasted it away that meant she'd have to bother Beal again. And rabbits didn't get in wars. She wasn't a rabbit. She'd rather be a rabbit and disappear into a wolf's mouth and not come back out. Or maybe she'd come back out as someone else again. Maybe she wouldn't be rabbit-y anymore. Maybe she'd forget the woman she had seen in the ice, the green-eyed dark-haired woman with fear in her eyes and no reflection of her middle. She hoped she would forget that woman if she got eaten like a rabbit.

    All of this she said to Beal and whoever else might have been around just then, but she wasn't entirely aware that she had said any of it. Her eyes narrowed, and she moved closer to examine him with a serious face, her constant swaying making her appear somewhat drunk.

    "Did they hurt you?" she asked, this time aware of her words.

    Something moved in the open area behind Beal, and through Isalien's dizziness she thought she saw the form of a werewolf. Her breath hitched. For someone with lumps on her head and cheek, Isalien moved swiftly, even if she stumbled on her way to the wolf. A flicker of light from her fingertips zipped towards the wolf. It yelped and managed to dodge the poorly aimed bolt, and instead of attacking her the wolf slid out the door with its tail tucked under.

    "....Was that a student?..." Isalien asked herself, feeling regretful.

    She turned back to Beal, her unsteadiness becoming less pronounced just as the swelling on her head was going down.

    "I don't think anyone is left inside. Some girl said most people already left in the night. I'm guessing that the staff didn't stick around, and the rest are probably outside. I'm going to turn the place to rubble so no one can rebuild it here..."

    Isalien gingerly touched her cheek, but found that the energy inside of her was healing her like it had before. Still tender, but it was nothing. She stared at Beal, wondering how quickly he would disappear once the school was destroyed. Within seconds, she was betting. She had been hoping for a longer battle so he'd have longer to stay around, but the work was almost done. But if he wanted to leave... she wasn't going to postpone destroying this bad place just to keep him here. Besides, he was adamant that he would do whatever he wanted and kill whoever tried to stop him. When she was finished, she would let him go away. But she wasn't sure of whether or not she would follow him. If she even could; he was fast. There was no way she could follow him.

    She reminded herself that destroying the school would take some planning.

    "The basement. From the basement. It's the core, and once it's gone the rest of it will be too, and I can destroy it layer by layer as it falls in. I need any energy you've got, though. Get out after I take it."

    She held out her hands, keeping to herself her misery of things to come by putting on a familiar brave mask.

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    Beal quickly lost interest in Isaline's babble until she was coherent enough to ask him a non-babbled question. He looked down at the claw and bite marks on his body, they were mostly shallow and deepest where two wounds overlapped. Even so only a small portion of the blood on his body was his; he let his silence be his answer. He was lightly damaged but not hurt.

    He watched her as she struggled with the whirl of emotion inside, impatiently waiting for her to get her feelings under control. Beal was about to walk away when she mentioned the basement and bringing the school down from there, the thought of the possibility of the whole school coming down on Isalien and killing her didn't even matter enough for him to not care. The idea made a thought vaguely float across his mind, he wondered if there was anyone else who was similar to him. The odds were not likely. Beal didn't quite understand the hopeless, almost sickish feeling in Isalien as she held her hands out to him, she was probably figured this was the last time she was going to absorb life force and was dreading his imminent departure. Beal thought that she would die soon anyway so she didn't have long to miss the power. He touched his hands to hers and pushed the power out at her for expedient abs

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    The energy rushed into her, and the additional power made her confident that she could turn the school to rubble. It should have made her happy, but misery still reigned above the rest of the emotions clouding her head. Barely five seconds passed. It was a lot of energy, but she had soaked it up surprisingly fast, leaving him some energy in the hopes that it would be useful in healing his cuts. She dropped her hands to her sides, sighing in defeat.

    "All right. Thank you. I think I will be safer with this energy. I wish you could teach me how to take that life energy. Anyways..." She cleared her throat with a cough, "You can leave now, and run around naked without being chastised. I'm glad that I met you, though, even if you are really strange and grumoy and mean. You're kind, too, and thank you for staying with me. I feel happy that I have a friend, even if you scoff and say 'we are not friends' I still say you are my friend."

    Isalien headed towards the basement, but stopped before she entered another hallway. The cloud of emotions got blown away by the overwhelming sense of loss that she had seen coming. She turned back around.

    "Please come back to see me some day. I still want to know more about you, so I really hope you come back. Well... " she inhaled deeply, trying to calm herself. "Good bye then, Beal!"

    She turned on her heel and sped towards the basement with surprisingly few stumbles in the strange darkness. When she finally found herself near the same spot where she had met her new friend, she knelt and placed her hands flat against the cool cement floor. In powerful, devastating explosions she began to destroy the school, layer by layer as planned. Looking at the school from the outside, it would look like the crumbling building was pulsating with flashes of light and vibrations that shook the ground and sounded like constant thunder.

    ((Aah, sleepy pills @.@ So loopy right now. This is sad, writing Isalien's potential death and how sad she is to lose her only friend-ish person. I might have her come back as a new dark-haired green-eyed Destroyer girl. Or she might live. No idea yet. ))
  14. ((Thanks, I made it myself))

    Beal narrowed his eyes as Isalien as the swell of chaotic, miserable emotions grew stronger when she finished taking the energy. Her profession of her feelings confused him slightly.
    Why does she persist? Because she wants you to be her friend. Bah. Beal grunted at her as she said goodbye and he walked out of the building to the waning fray to begin killing members of the faculty as the building would crumbled. For a moment there was an irritating itch in his chest that he scratched at and it soon went away. Many of the people fighting turned and watched the building crumbled into itself, some people took this opportunity to run while Beal seized the advantage and either killed or drained opponents.

    Soon the students out numbered faculty and the result of the mini-war was evident. Beal straightened himself from ripping the throat out of human with his teeth, blood dripping down his face and body. The loincloth type thing he had been wearing was now soaked with blood and tattered. He smirked at the portion of cloth, it had held together despite Isalien's doubt. Suddenly his face became blank then twisted with annoyance and he cursed Isalien's name, stupid girl. But now he would leave and most likely never see her again. Kicking a werewolf in the face and breaking it's jaw, he crouched down and launched himself upward and landed on the wall. He stared toward the rising sun and remembered how Isalien tried to coax him to her domain. A place where he wouldn't need to run or hide. Beal grimaced, he didn't need to hide or run from anyone or anything, it was everyone else who should fear him.

    For a few minutes he stared out from the school as an idea started formulating in his mind. He would conquer this land, and all will fear him. It was a rather pleasant idea. What will you do after that?
    Shut up!

    ((Beal didn't turn out the way I expect him to, I wonder if this is a failure on being consistent with my writing or what. But yeah, Beal doesn't seem to care either way if Isalien is dead or not. xD I'm not sure what Beal will do now, initially I thought he would go out and make a kingdom but thinking back on my original concept of his character he wouldn't care for anything like that. This is my first time playing him out so long though, hah.))
  15. ((What did you expect for him to be like in the end? Character consistency is difficult; I have to go back over what Isalien has done to make sure she stays in line for the most part. I have no idea what I will do with her now, so...))

    The building was a pile of dust and rocks in a matter of minutes, but the rumbling didn't cease. The students and teachers that remained were wary of the constantly vibrating ground, and exited the school ground, fighting each other all the while. After another minute or two, a deafening boom sent the school's remains flying high into the air like ash from a volcano. Some smaller blasts stuttered following the largest explosion, and then all was eerily calm. Something little squirmed under the rubble, though, but such a large cloud of dust had been spewed around the area that no one would be able to see it. It stilled for a while.

    ((When all else fails, blow stuff up and be indecisive. For all I know, an infant like Isalien could crawl out. Or an insane Isalien hell-bent on killing everything. I don't know. Or should there be a magic timeskip to save us trouble, or end it all here. Btw, when I type in white assume I am phone typing.))
  16. ((I didn't really know what I expected but in my brain the most prominent idea of him is that he's just like an animal, cunning and brutal, wasting little time with words.))

    The students and teachers were now spilling out of the front gates of the school to avoid the huge cloud of dust. Jumping down from the wall he landed amongst the crowd and began slaughtering the faculty again. His movements were fluid and brutal, some of the staff were dispatched so fast the students they had been fighting looked around to see if they were being flanked. During the spree, Beal pumped waves of fear into the group and created more chaos.

    For the students the whole affair seemed like an eternity when in actuality it was less than a minute. Most of the teachers, guards, and whoever else had been opposing them were now dead. Again covered in blood, he looked out at the students and pumped fear at them, he could tell they didn't know what to make of him. They didn't know if he was a student because he was pretty much naked yet he had been killing their oppressors. His terrible red eyes cast out over the students that looked at him, the wall standing behind him. They looked at him with a mixture of awe and fear, as it should be.

    Crouching briefly he leaped over a portion of the students who ducked and cried out and placed himself in front of the wall. Using the momentum from his jump he crashed his shoulder into the wall, causing cracks and a slab of concrete to break away. His fists drove into the wall and chunks flew away. Some students fled now that the fight was over, but many more joined Beal. Bolts of various kinds were hurled at the wall, people with great strength tore at the gouge he created. Cracks spread through the wall and there was an ominous creak. The students panicked and ran away from the wall as it's stability started giving way, Beal followed the students but only get room for a running start. He turned around and sprinted back at the wall and launched himself into the air. He hit the wall almost at it's center and the rebar inside the wall couldn't help keep it stable any more as the weight of the concrete and the velocity of Beal's impact caused the bars to bend and the wall crack and fall toward the school.

    They marveled at his strength when his hands were blackened he started smashing the wall to pieces now that one chunk had given way. The rebar didn't stand a chance against his blackened hands, his claws and fists tore through the metal and concrete with appalling ease. After their initial shock the students again began helping Beal tear the wall down, they all took one half of the wall and Beal took the other for himself and soon the whole wall was nothing more but rubble and twisted or melted metal. The student body, most of them sweaty and breathing heavily, regarding Beal once more with awe and morbid respect and half expectantly, and Beal regarding them with little interest. He could have killed them all right then and they knew it. One student stood out, a black kid taller than he was standing in front of the group. He was the last student he looked at before turning around and leaping into the distance.

    ((Stranger things have happened. I may have made, like, a six or eight minute time skipish thing. And yes, I had been assuming white meant phone type typing.))
  17. ((I'm throwing out a random thing.))

    Minutes went by, and slowly the students started to leave. All that was left was the remains of the school, a pile a junk. Nothing living remained on the school grounds, and no one came to look at the remains and wonder what happened. The only event that occurred happened nearly an hour after the school collapsed, when all the students had gone and the sun had warmed the air.

    From the center of the rocks and dust, a string of light flickered before shooting high through the clouds. It was light a ray of sunlight shining in the opposite direction, but as quickly as it had begun, it ended. The light disappeared somewhere above the clouds.

    Months later and hundreds of miles away, a baby in a hospital room lazily opened its eyes. Wrapped in a pink blanket, the baby girl could do no more than stare around her, absorbing her surroundings with eyes that were green as leaves. She could hear her mother's voice, but didn't locate the blonde woman until seconds later.

    "For both of you to be blonde and blue-eyed, it's interesting for your baby girl to have those pretty green eyes. Her hair is not so different; dark hair is dominant," a nurse marveled quietly, hovering nearby to monitor the baby's condition. "What did you say you wanted her name to be on her birth certificate?"

    The gleeful but exhausted mother smiled downed into the baby's vivid eyes and sighed. She'd had a full name picked out, but the child's green eyes had been unexpected. She felt that her name should have a connection to the girl's eyes, for some reason. The name she told the nurse felt right: "Mira. Mira Viridian."

    ((Hooray for cliche's. All right. Here's where stuff either ends for Skin Deep or a time skip occurs if ya wanna continue. Isalien will be reincarnated into another dark-haired green-eyed baby destroyer girl, and I dunno what would happen after that. She might retain Isalien's memories and decide to stalk down Beal to torment him some more. Dunno. It's up to you, brah.))
  18. ((I have no idea what to do with Beal now xD. I'm thinking he's going to try and create a kingdom and rule the land. He may either get a harsh slap of reality by the government, or just destroy a bunch of stuff until he finds a purpose. An idea that my brain had was that we take our characters into another Rp or something, I was thinking of smushing them into The Many Shades of Reality but that seems like it wouldn't be wise. This isn't over, that's for sure, maybe. This discussion isn't over O.O))
  19. ((Haha there is definitely more to the story. As the plot-creator of MSoR, I definitely agree that it would be unwise to throw them into that world. I generally don't use characters in more than one roleplay; they have specific identities in my head. I can't see Beal making a kingdom, because he hates people. I can see him wreaking havoc upon everyone because he doesn't know his identity. He was pissed when Isalien made him evaluate his existence, remember? Maybe you could follow that path. Or we could bring another realm into it!!! The realm of the lesser gods, the one that Isi spoke of!! Oooh! What if Beal and Isalien were made in the Realm of Lesser Gods and sent to the human world to destroy things? Beal would have been made by a god of death or misery or bunny-chewing, and Isalien by the god of peace or purity, each of them sent to be reborn and reborn and reborn, continually fulfilling their separate duties! We could say that the world is an alternate earth so we dont hafta follow any earth-rules xD It could even be a partly unsettled world. Anyways, the new plot could involve Mira stalking Beal because she unlocked some of Isalien's memories and wanted to find him. She would also decide that she wanted to confront her creator-god and ask for freedom from reincarnation, and freedom from her power of destruction. Mira is more aggressive and stubborn than Isalien. She would insist that they belong in the Realm of Lesser Gods where the inhabitants are all weird like them. I think her plan would be to free herself or be given the status of a demi-god, freedom to roam the worlds.

    Yyyup. Your thoughts?

    Also..... D':*wails* Poor Isaliiieeen! I miss her D': *clings* I feel so mean for allowing her to die. :( And she was all alone. But she felt like she had a friend, so she felt some peace as she died :/ ))
  20. ((Yeah I guess it's kind of sad that she's gone. What I had in mind for Beals original history is that, a long long time ago, he was selected by some evil freaks to become their new hunter because of the genetic qualities he has from his parents. The fact that his parents even hooked up was a subtle manipulation by the evil dudes that wanted to make Beal into their hunter. Once he got infected with the stuff he spent a long time struggling with the emerging darker part of his psyche and in this version of him he loses to the darker part of himself but a small part of him is hidden and survives with all his former memories. When he lost to the darkness the evil dudes had total control over him and he did what ever they wanted and he doesn't remember much from that time because he was completely cut off from himself. He 'awakens' because that little portion of his humanity starts to try and assert itself. There's like two other versions of this guy and this is my first time playing him out this much at all. I was thinking that Beal is something that eventually, not right now, could become on par with demi-gods or regular gods if he finds the 'manual' for how his body works; this idea is another version I barely came up with due to this Rp =P. What we could do is some how Beal needs a memory to be sparked that will lead him to knowing that there is more what he is capable of than what he knows, and that there's a way for him to learn what he can do, or whatever and then she stalks him briefly while he starts searching for the 'manual'. That part probably wouldn't be so long though....then we could do what you wanted but the gods or demis will feel threatened...or we could do it in the reverse order after they do the demi-god crap then he goes and finds his 'manual' and the demi-gods are like "Oh shit." OR we could just do what you wanted.

    Maybe this model will be cooler and less annoying :P But peace is good. Good for her...))