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    Hakesen Academy in now open. Hakesen is supposed to be a school for "monsters." Creatures like vampires and werewovles and incubus,etc. This school is only accepting the worse teenagers possible. Kids who don't give a second thought into ripping out a humans or any other kind of perons throat. These kids are stuck at this school for four years. Where they must learn how to control their inner beast, their powers, and whatever else they might have. They have four years to change their ways because if they don't then they won't leave the school alive.
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    Misaki let out a low groan as the bus pulled out of her school. She placed her headphones in and began to walk up to the campus. A campus full of green trees and cherry blosson trees. One of the cherry blossoms fell on the top of her ghost white hair. Ever so gently she grabbed it laying it flat on her palm. With a smirk she closed it in her palms closing her eyes in the process. When she opened both her eyes and palm back up the once beautiful pink flower was now a deep black. With a pinch of her thumb and forefinger the flower crumbled. "How pathetic." She said outloud. Not really caring if anyone around her heard. There was nothing that was going to be exciting about this school. Each studet got there own room so she didn't even have anyone to pick at on a daily basis. With a sigh she began to head up the front steps of the school.

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    Oki walked along the front campus, her father strictly behind her as she stomped towards the main entrance. Today she was being enrolled into the academy, today her life would end. This had only come about because her father had caught her in one of her criminal acts. The blame was never on her, but the one time she had gotten caught was last week. She had turned and nearly took out her mother, thankfully her father had walked in and saved them both. On his terms she was now to be enrolled into the academy.

    Oki sighed as she opened the front doors. "Be polite." Her father whispered harshly into her ear. The sound rang in her head and she shook it ferociously. Boy was this going to be fun... Oki thought to herself as she made her way to the main office, a few kids occupying the seats in there she stayed standing.
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    Rigby had never been a normal girl. Maybe it was her style, what with cutting her hair into a messy fohawk and always wearing black. Or maybe it was her mother, and the godawful name she'd been given...But Rigby was not a normal girl. Rigby had always tried to stay in the background, never stirring up anything to big, until one day she had just snapped. Completely snapped. She just been sitting in one of her daily classes, her feet propped on her desk, like her usual day, until a group of girls and a few boys had decided to ambush her, provoking Rigby. In an instant the leader of the shindig had been crumpled up on the floor, clutching at her head and screaming in agony. No one knew what was going on...No one except for Rigby, who had sat there grinning like a loon.

    The girl had put charges on Rigby, blaming her for the pain that had been caused. There had been to hard evidence, but the school thought it best to transfer Rigby out of the school, as to keep her out of trouble, as well as the girl from going after Rigby. Of course, Rigby's mother got to pick her new school, and she had settled for some place by the name of Hakensen Academy.


    Rigby was outside of the Academy, slumped against a large blossom tree, the shade acting as refuge from the harsh sunlight. Rigby was messing around with her tongue ring, her opaque eyes slowly roaming over a few other students walking towards the Academy. She was surprised any of them were heading there in the first place. Most of the students looked like they belonged in a prison cell instead of some prissy school. She had a cigaret dangling from her lips. Sure it was a bad habit, and a nasty one at that, but hey Rigby had tried quitting and it'd just been to difficult.

    Something was off about this place, about it's students. Something was dangerous...But maybe that's why Rigby was okay with the school. It was a place where people were like her. Special in some way....Dangerous....But special as well. Besides they were all to stupid to see past what she could do, so she had a pretty good shot at making it through the school year without being harassed to much.
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    Misaki walked into the office and sat in one of the open chairs. Her music was still in her ears as she watched everything with keen eyes. The blood from all the other creatures made her lips twitch and her insides burn. Until her fangs grew back she would have to drink blood from cans and bottles provided at the school. She wouldn't be able to drain any blood from a source. This brought great irritation to her as she licked the human teeth that took her fangs place. The fact that her parents defanged her before she got here really pissed her off. No matter though they would soon grow back, and until she did she could just enjoy the unimaginable strength she had. Something that happened to vampires when they were defanged was that their other senses became stronger.

    Even with that being said the blood still drove her insane. She closed her eyes and her eyebrow arched. Digging her long fingernails into her skin. When she finally did open her eyes she heard someone gasp. Her eyes were shaped as a snakes and they looked like flames. She gripped the cross on her neck and began to hum quietly to herself.
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    Oki watched as a girl with white hair sat down in the office. Her nose began to twitch with pain as she smelt the stench of a bloodsucker. "Father, one is around." She whispered to her father as he scanned the room. Undoubtedly it was the white-haired girl. Oki's face contorted into that of disgust and pain. She was trying her hardest not to turn, her father said the rules restricted her from doing so without a teacher's command. She sighed.

    The assistant at the desk called for Oki. She pushed herself off the wall and towards the assistant. "The dean will see you now Oki Sloan. And suppose your father as well." It was a human, she seemed fragile and weak. Oki nearly chocked into a fit of laughter. They were now hiring humans to do such tasks? How stupid of the union. Oki's father nodded at the woman and started towards the dean's door. Oki followed and looked back towards the students waited around to be called. How wasted the time at institutions are. What need did she have to be here when she'd have forever to learn about her powers?
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    The school had given Rigby a run down on how the year was going to be, which pissed her off. She hated things being decided for her, and she hated having a schedule to keep. The dean of the school had also told her that every student at the Academy was different...And when she said different she meant different the students at the school were ranging from werewolf to vampire, to freaking succubus and everything in between, of course Rigby had no idea what she was, and neither did the dean.

    What they could come up with together was that Rigby created illusions in peoples mind. The dean had tried to explain the power to her to help Rigby understand. She had told her that she basically took images and scenes of reality, and mixed them with illusion - a loop hole between the left and right brain - she could put images in peoples minds that could seem as real as your own hand, images that could cause pain or even death. The dean had said that anyone stuck in the illusion could come out of it, if they could see past the charade, if their mind was strong enough to distinguish reality from the false images, but it was very uncommon to find someone who could.

    Rigby was still a bit confused on what she was, but her power did intrigue her to an extent where she wanted to just test it on someone, but of course that had to be against the schools policy and would end with Rigby in a hell of trouble if she did experiment. She decided that if anyone asked what she could do she would answer with the simple word of Illusionist...Though the dean had called her a Siren.

    Rigby pushed off of the blossom tree and slumped towards the academy, stomping the cigaret out in the grass as she did. This was going to be a boring day for her, she knew it, a feeling in her gut was telling her....Or maybe it was trying to warn her about something...Either way there was a twinge there and it wasn't going away anytime soon. Before Rigby walked into the Academy, she ran her fingers through her short messy, and slightly spiked hair, as well as pulled on a pair of red lens ray bands.
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  12. Minuso had a hard time getting past the main check. Apparently, the school had a problem with his diet of fertilizer stones. He sighed indirectly and let them take his bag for entering the main office. The assistant seemed to be conversant with a shorter girl with black hair. Of course, everyone is short when you are 6'7". Minuso was actually slender. Withing the plethora of assistance, his name was called. After a long talk about his diet, he was told that he was in room 867, and his roommate would be some Oki girl. Unlike the other guys, he wasn't really sure what to think of having a girl roomate. As he unlocked his door, he picked the first bed, and filled the fridge with his fertilizer. He conjured vines, and weaved them into a hammock, and slid the large uncomfortable bed out of the room, and into the hallway. He was on floor 4, on his floor was the fitness room, which he decided to check out. He looked in one and returned to his room, jumping into his hammock, and waiting for his roomate.

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  14. Render_vampire_moka.jpg Misaki was finally calm when a horrid smell hit her. Hey eyes shot oopen but she remained seated. She could sense a werewolf somewhere the smell was strong. She was about to get up when she caught a glimpse of her. "Great out of all the filthy creatures." She thought to herself. She really didn't have a problem with werewolves which was something she kept to herself. If any of her kind found out that she actually liked the creautres she would be shunned from her family forever. She sighed closing her eyes and leaning her head against the wall. There was no use worrying about it now. Even if she wanted to show how much she didn't mind them the werewolf woulnd't give her the time of day to talk. She was deep in thought with this when someone tapped her on her shoulder. Quickly glancing up she noticed it was..a human? The fire in her eyes lit up, her nails growing two inches longer. She tried to hide the burning in her thorat. "Yes." she said quietly.

    The woman handed her some papers a a key. "These are your classes and this is where you stay. The girls and boys here all share floors, and some share rooms." Misaki gave the girl a smirk and quickly walked out of the building. Glancing at her schedule she saw her first calss was group discussion therapy. "Please no one is going to sit around and listen to anyone's pathetic little story." With that she crumpled up the paper placed it in her bag and headed to the dorm building. She could see two beds and let another groan. "I'm not looking forward to this." She thought as she covered her bed with a blodd red bed sheet.
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    Oki finished up in the dean's room. She didn't understand why her father requested that she have a chat with the dean. It was probably because he wanted her to understand why she was there and the dean sure did lay it on her thick. She sighed, key and schedule in hand as she made her way through the academy. It was beautiful. Though she would never admit that to anyone. Her father had left with a few words of advice that she didn't listen to.

    She never listened. Oki was stubborn, she believed the only opinion that was right was her own, because generally, she was right. She hunched her shoulders and looked at her room key, her room was apparently on the forth floor. The co-ed floor. This was normally where the extras were put. Room genders were not specific, just whatever could fit where. Oki sighed realising she'd have to walk up four flights of stairs. She could turn and be up there within twenty seconds, but no.. she couldn't risk that on the first day, she'd need to scope out the area and figure out where was safe to bend the rules.

    She had finally made it to her room when she noticed a bed just outside the door. "Um... okay." She gave it one last puzzling look before putting the key in the knob and turning it, opening the door to a vine filled view. At first Oki was surprised. What the hell...‚Äč Was her first thought.

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  18. Minuso chuckled lightly at the girls expression... "You know..." He made a giant bundle of roses pop out of the floor in front of her.. "You don't have to stay here if you don't want to, I wouldn't be surprised if a beautiful girl wouldn't stay with a freak like me..." he sighed. The flytrap surrounding his head closed.
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