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    This is a Pirate RP set in another world, and this is OPEN for applications.

    Summary: In Skin Deep, you will incarnate a young sailor taken as a slave to a fearsome Dread Pirate, becoming part of his or her crew and learning the ropes of piracy in an original world. Branded with your first Tattoo, your body will become a map of your achievements, findings and... failures.

    Do you want to live the life of a pirate? In Skin Deep you can, starting as a sailor hurled into pirate life from a raid on the navy vessel you were manning and into a life of danger, adventure, infamy and perhaps riches, if you don't get sent to Jones' Locker by your rivals!

    With a system of tattoos, from cryptic maps to simple criminal brands, your body will become a canvas of your achievements, the first one you will have being a brand treating you as the slave of the Dread Pirate that took you so.

    Oh, and keep away from that silly Caribbean business, this world is not the one you know! Starting on the Seas of either Mugwen, Rafelia or Suzule, your journey starts today!

    That it may be from the tempestuous North, the tropical South West or the swampy South East, we will surely meet again!


    Each post must advance the plot and/or deepen the characters or world.

    Deaths and crippling must be negotiated OOC before starting the process IC.

    We are all here to have fun, so don't be a jerk, please!

    Similarly to the second rule, plot twists must be agreed upon OOC before being implemented.

    Character Sheet:





    Emplacement of future Slave Brand:

    Remember that your character should start pretty young and without tattoos, it's much easier to mould them afterwards that way!
  2. Name: Willem Garrett
    Appearance: Gymnastic body build
    blonde short thick slightly wavy hair
    Light tan
    White cotten ruffled shirt tan slacks and fold topped pixxie boots
    Personality: loving when needed but indeed the jokester and dark and murderous in the back of his mind.
    History: He is the sailor child of a fisherman but is trained in swords and the parkour style of life. Not expectin to become a slave he boards a ship as a security precaution for Cap. Killed his entire family out of sheer instinct and want.
    Slave brand placement: right pectoral muscle.
  3. Is this good enough?
  4. I'm sorry but I would need more substance to him, a random murderer is not what I seek.
  5. Lol well its not random persay but he gets urges and likes the primal feeling but he tries to resist he kills because of these men that he finds are poisoning the world.
  6. Do you mind fleshing up your CS more to explain your idea? I need to have a solid grasp of your character to accept him.
  7. Personality: he is a very loyal character . Ne is complex, due to his bipolar disorder he has bouts of depression anger or plain bliss. Being midly psychotic due to the trauma he suffered as he watched his brother bleed out from Willem losing it. He kills to redeam himself as he is haunted by the memory of his brother encouraging it. He kills when he is compelled to.
  8. Interesting, reserving a spot
  9. Name: Malachi "Requiem" Ruari
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Personality: Casual and Calculating, he reads a situation and acts quickly on the results, he knows his stature, and his ability, and he knows his weaknesses which were hard learned. He bears the scars to prove it. He is always willing to look at new information, even when the information goes against his own beliefs. He understands the simple rules of life, the most directly influencing being "There Is Always Someone Better."
    History/Biography: Malachi is a professional gambler, making his living on luck and skill. He's learned to read the faces of those around him, the situations, and most importantly to his trade, the cards. He has an eye for detail, typically knows the right path to take to resolve it. He is a tactician, diplomat, and silver tongued bastard, and has made use of it in the past. He started his life as an orphan, taken in by a crew of thieves who taught him the trade. He wowed them with his mind and skill, but they learned quickly that he was rubbish in a fight. He became a highly successful con artist before he turned to more legal means of living. He now has a small fortune and masquerades as low nobility quite frequently. He prefers the more comfortable climates of the South West, and speaks quite clearly against ventures north as the cold is harder on him than for most others.
    Emplacement Of Future Slave Brand: Back of his Neck On His Spinal Column
  10. Name: Ceciliae Lynae Marlow "Celi"
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20

    Show Spoiler

    Celi is a very proud young woman with a spitfire sense of being, and a very outspoken nature. She completely despises pirates, and so she has a very hateful, and even sarcastic sense of....humor when it comes to them. As for others, she can be friendly, the best ally one could have, and an even worse enemy when it comes down to it.

    (I do not write in the First Person, but I felt the history, and bio would be a little more interesting if I wrote it this way.)

    I was born in the slums of Flia, to a lovely couple. My mother, Lilian Marlow, was a seamstress. She ran one of the most well known shops, one that was frequently visited by frequent buyers. My father, Joseph Marlow, worked in a smithy and crafted good swords, tools, and armor for the Flian watch. Good men with good jobs to watch out for good people, and be rid of filth. Filth like the pirates. Now, when I was a little girl, I remember sitting up in my room, and staring out of my window to gaze at the sea. I remember seeing the pirate ships, and then the army fleet in hot pursuit of them. That was the first time I had ever seen the pirates. To me, it was the most exciting thing I could remember. I had wanted the life of a pirate then, a life full of adventure, and thrill. A life full of danger, and myths.

    When I started in my school days, I would always get in trouble for daydreaming, and talking about the pirates. My teachers said that the pirates were filth, that the pirates were dangerous, and even talking about them could get me thrown in the pit for days. See, pirates in Flia were no better than dirt. They were illegal, looked down upon, and the beloved children of Flian women were sheltered from that life. Unfortunately, they couldnt shelter me. I was a free spirit, they couldnt cage me, and so the only thing they could do, was hide me from the law so that I may be saved from the pit. It continued for years like this. My free spirit would carry me to the port, my father would carry me back, humiliate me in hopes that it would stop me, but no. Nothing worked.

    Until that one fateful night when I was 15 years old.

    It had seems like any other day. I knew id get in trouble for something reckless, my father would scold me, and my mother would look at me disappointed in my actions. I would go to my room, and the day would end. Yet thing hadnt quite gone like I had expected. Before I had even woken that morning, my mother's shrill screams jerked me from a sound sleep. I rushed from my bed, and shot down the stairs only to see my mother, and father slain upon the kitchen floor. My father had tried to protect my mother, but they both had died in the process. I didnt cry, I refused to cry as a new hatred bubbled up in me. The sword stuck in my father's back was that of a pirate. The things I reveled, the people who I wished to be like....had fallen from the worshiped pedestal in my mind.

    When the day had finished, and the night was over, I was given to the orphanage of Flia, a disgraced child who had lost her parents. I was there for years....until the pirates struck again.

    That is my story. Never once had I imagined that I would now be on this ship with these.....things. But here I am, body bobbing with the waves as they rock the boat. Im here with many people, fuming, and infuriated. A slave to the pirates.

    Emplacement of future Slave Brand:
    Her upper right ribcage.
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  11. Assassins are a general preference for me, but as that's mostly a preference to the blades, I'd say the blue image
  12. Thank you, Requiem. Also, its nice to hear from you again ^^
  13. *Nods Affirmatively* How's life been treating you?
  14. -Shrugs, brushing off her shoulders- Its been hell. To put it simply.
    How about you?
  15. Well enough aside from being fired most recently.
  16. Oh love, I'm sorry to hear that.
  17. Name: Alice Bael
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15


    Shy and reserved, but with limitless amounts of curiosity. She loves to explore, but prefers to do so alone and unhindered by adults or other children. When something peaks her curiosity however, she is capable of asking a plethora of questions that she expects to be answered immediate and without hesitation.
    When she warms up to a person, she might invite them on one of her adventures or she might try to care for them. (A little straightening of the clothes, maybe pushing hair out of your face, that sort of thing).

    Alice was born on the coast in a small town that prided themselves on being a prime source of beautiful jewelry and beading. Alice's mother was a jeweler, her sisters were jeweler and her father was a jewel miner. Naturally, Alice had to choose to become one or the other, but she didn't quite see the appeal of doing the same thing day after day. However, since she couldn't really get away from her town and find another pursuit, she decided on becoming a jewel merchant. A jewel trader was someone who went all over the land trading objects to acquire beautiful and high quality gems. They then brought the gems home so that they could be made into jewelry. And although she couldn't get away from the jewel business, Alice would at least be able to see the world (well most of it) and meet different people.

    She was apprenticed under, Lorraine Woods, an experienced and seasoned jewel trader. She thought Alice everything that she knew and finally it was time for Alice to make her first trade.

    The trade would take place on a dock and it would be between Alice and a jolly merchant named Flynn. The trade was a success and Alice was on her way home when she saw it. A beautiful ship. A navy vessel, that looked simply spectacular! Alice was intrigued, she had never been this close to a ship before! She just wanted to see it, just touch it and take a look around before the sailors returned! She would jump off as soon as she heard them coming back!

    So Alice boarded the ship, and became enraptured as she observed the various mechanisms. She was so preoccupied that she didn't hear the sailors until it was too late and they were off, and sailing away.

    Emplacement of future Slave Brand: Her lower right arm.
  18. Malachi, Ceciliae and Alice are accepted, congratulations!
    Sorry for the wait, everyone, I seems to have had issues.
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  19. I look forward to this ^^
  20. Hope you have room for one more?


    Name: Abygail Upton
    Gender: F
    Age: 18


    Red hair, deep golden hazel eyes. She's about 5'6" in boots, and about 137 lbs. Aby dresses well when she's working at her mother's boutique or at the winery, for both jobs requires her to manage clients from time to time and that requires proper attire for a young lady. Many times at the winery, the workers do more sampling than stacking barrels, and often she would come home stained in the various flavors and colors of their finest wines when trying to avoid their advances. Her father hated her working there, but she makes ten times more there than at the boutique. Aby rarely wears colors that are too bright on her. Her hair and eyes keep enough attention on her as is; she doesn't favor anymore of that.


    Aby's a very graceful for a country girl, kind, hard working, diligent, and extremely strict on herself.She use to be full of life and a total goofball, always cutting a joke or two. But after her father's death and her big brother Joshuet's injuries at the mines around the outskirts of the city, all she's become is a overly serious young lady determined to do whatever she must in order to help her mother maintain their strong family. Being the oldest daughter out of six siblings, and with Joshuet being disabled, she's all her mother has. In a way, she's rather bitter about all of this because her dreams to travel abroad for study were put on hold due to this. She feels her future has been halted and there's no way out of it. She doesn't blame her dad or brother, but deep down she wants to blame someone... So, she blames the mines.

    But, she's got a bit of an issue. Abygail has developed a slight mischievous side, and sticky fingers. It's unknown if she steals to be rebellious, or if it's on impulse; nevertheless, it's has become a major problem because she's gotten so damn good at it. She's extremely light on her feet, so sneaking in shadows or standing within a crowd unnoticed is rather easy for her. In Abygail's mind, she's 'borrowing' what she needs for her future to come - to one day leave home when her siblings are older, and travel for her studies as planned. Mrs Clarantine believes this new habit of taking what is not rightfully hers is due to her pent-up anger and frustrations. Aby’s still seeking a way to mourn her father without blaming him for the life now shoved before her family. She just wishes things ended - differently. Unfortunately, Aby’s also gained the reputation of being a 'pathological liar', using sprout stories to cover her sticky hands when she’s caught thieving.


    Seamstress at her mother's clinic, but prefers not to be. Is studying healing and foreign language with Prof. Archet Heinsman and his wife Clarantine while working part time at the local winery as a records keeper. Since she had to hold off studying aboard in Tesla to help her family, The Heinsmens were happy to tutor her to keep her skills up. Aby use to perform at the restaurant from time to time to earn a little extra money for herself (harpist and muse), but that's something she hasn't done since her father’s death.

    After years of waiting, Aby saw an opportunity to travel with a band of Gypsies who were journeying through her town towards Tesla, setting up shop from time to time to sale their wares to the locals and restock on provisions before moving on. With her brother's recovery going well enough for him to return to working at their grandfather's farm (his old job before the mines), Abygail skillfully slipped away unnoticed, as always, leaving behind a fear-not note for her family.

    Unfortunately for her, her travels did not go as planned. The band of Gypsies were of a salty breed. Instead of assisting her warmly, they instead kidnapped her and sold her to an unlikely group of unknown leathernecks they happened upon while traveling to Tesla. Various times she'd escaped, only for the bandits to capture her again, punishing her for her boldness; yet, respecting the fact that this young lady did not fear her life to do so. The leader of the group, Raifia, decided to teach her a few things, to see if she was worth keeping. Her talent in thievery, healing herbs, and foreign languages saved her, only to end up on a ship of no return.

    Likes: She's a lover of powerful music and great conversation; and creating things of sentimental value and worth. Most of these loves she's lost because of her new responsibilities at raising her siblings.

    Dislikes: Whining, she's definitely not fond of that; People who move their lips and lies fall out (go figure), and Rain...doesn't do too well for her outlook in life.

    Her Fear – to die without succeeding in her goals.

    Strong sides: She's strict – mostly on herself; not so much to avert fairness but enough to command control in a situation and maintain stability in her environment. This makes her a very determined person, powerful against anyone that stands to harm what she holds dear or that stands before her targeted goal.

    Weak sides: Her inner struggles are her weakness. This need to succeed in some sort of goal has become a sinking ship she’s desperately continues to bail out to no avail. She fears losing herself because she hasn’t had the opportunity, like most of her friends, to 'find' herself out in the world beyond her birth home. Not realizing how valuable her time at home with family is in her personal development is her main weakness.

    Emplacement of future Slave Brand: Crested around collarbone.
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