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  1. Well hello there fellow thrill seekers,

    This is Roost, and I'm searching for that proverbial "diamond in the rough" female RP partner. This girl has to love to write, has to have a wild imagination, has to be fun, and has to want to make an RP just this side of amazing. Is it too much to ask? I don't think so. I know you're out there.

    What you'll get from me:
    Well, if we get an RP going, you'll be getting a skilled writer with a lot of RP experience (though not on Iwaku just yet), a guy who has no problem adapting to your desires and tastes, and a dude with a strong desire to keep things interesting. You'll also get a partner who replies to PM's and posts quickly (within reason, of course--sleep and work do happen), and isn't flaky about his participation.

    Adult RP Interests:
    Here's the thing, I like coming up with plots from the ground up with my partner, so I'm not going to list out a litany of plot pairings. Is it lazy of me? You could argue that, but I don't see it that way. What I will do, however, is give you my strongest interests, and we can go from there.


    -Dark fantasy
    -Modern fantasy
    -Comic/game universes
    -Slice o' Life

    Sexual Themes:
    I am open to a lot of specific sexual themes. If I have a good partner, I will try to adapt to just about anything. However, I don't do:

    -Extreme rape
    -Extreme bondage
    -Pain infliction
    -Anything with bodily waste

    If you've gotten this far, I say send me a PM, or post below, and we can get something worked out.
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  2. I am also on the search for a RP partner. I believe I fulfill your qualifications. ^_^
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  3. Awesome! PM me and we can iron out the details.
  4. Sounds interesting, but I don't think I'm very skilled with writing... I do definitely think that it would be fun to plot out ideas with an experienced Rp'er.

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  5. I must say I am intrigued by your request thread. If you are looking for more than one partner I will send you a pm shortly.
  6. I can see that you already have a few people vying to be your partner. If you're ever in search of another I am readily available and would love to create a story with you.
  7. Ooooo! I'd like to Rp that is if your still open to taking partners~
  8. Sorry I've been bad about chose to annihilate my free time for some reason this last week or so. I'm working my way through PM's now.
  9. Also, I'm still searching for partners, so don't hesitate to send me a PM if interested. Thanks!
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