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  1. I was inspired to ask about this by the winter thread.

    Is anyone here interested in skiing or snowboarding? If so, where is it that you like to go?

    I live in the mountains, a short distance away from the Telluride mountain town/resort, the most expensive place I've ever seen. You've got all of your richest folk up in Telluride. Oprah has a giant house there up on a hill (that I think you have to arrive by helicopter to get to), if you want an estimate of how expensive I'm talking about.

    Still, it's popular, and if you wanna go skiing/snowboarding without going far, that's where you go if you can afford it. I used to get a pass there for a Christmas present and would go there to ski with kids from middle school, school bus and all. I was the suckiest skier ever. I'm talking falling down every five seconds sucky. This is the sort of thing you have to start practicing young, not just never ski in your life and then go up on the lift to the top thinking you can handle it- lesson learned the hard way.

    I can't afford to go anymore. Thousands of dollars? No thanks. Can't even afford a few hundred dollars. But I realllllly want to go and learn how to snowboard. If I ever save up enough, I'm going to head up again and get some snowboarding lessons.

    What about you? If you do go, what do you like most about it? Are you good or as sucky as me? Do you prefer skiing or snowboarding?
  2. *Squints at Triana*

    When I was younger, my family would make the drive into the mountains, I don't recall whether it was Aspen or Vale, and stayed but I was a sickly child and didn't get to ski. Instead, I spent my time ice skating and am fairly decent at that. I've wanted to ski but have not since taken the time to go up and do so.

    *Squints at Triana some more*
    I am in love with Telluride and the few times I've been through, it's where I set myself on buying a house if I'm ever rich.
    Also, if this is the same Telluride....

  3. i dont do anything that involves skill and is considered a sport.

    oh but i do like rolling down the hill in the snow and pretending your a giant snow ball heading toward a village of orphan bunny children.
  4. I've been skiing and snowboarding! My favorite and only place I've ever been is in Northern California...way up in the mountains where I used to work. I like sledding and tubing better though...DO NOT like having things strapped to my feet > <