Skies of Keizaal

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  1. The Dragonborn had finally rid Tamriel of Alduin, the World-Eater. He had destroyed Miraak, and restored the peace and tranquility to Solsthiem. Now with Paarthurnax in charge of the dragons, all seemed to be perfect. The dragons and the Nords were almost one with each other. Though they hadn't gone back to ancient times of old, the Nords began to respect the dragons, and likewise, the dragons respected the Nords.

    Relations between Skyrim and the Aldmeri Dominion became increasingly uneasy. Over time, the Aldmeri Dominion marched on Skyrim, hoping to take it by force, and eradicate the worship of Talos entirely. With this, the Dragonborn requested the assistance of Paarthurnax, and other dragons, against the approaching forces. Upon hearing how the Thalmor felt about the other races, almost all the dragons told, joined in the aid of Skyrim.

    This rp requires the most basic knowledge of Skyrim, the areas/locations, and a slight knowledge of the dragon language, or moreso, a few words of dragon language, if you decide to play as a dragon. Dragons have their own rider, and are used for behind enemy lines war. Here, you can translate if you play as a dragon, seeing as dragons typically talk in Dovahzul from time to time.

    Rules(Iwaku rules apply):

    No godmodding. Yes there are dragons, but not even a dragon can withstand a huge army. Even Alduin himself would get taken down a notch against the Thalmor.

    You may control one dragon and one person, but no more, and no less. As stated above, Dragons have a rider.

    Please note that the residents of Skyrim, and dragons, have a nice steady relationship. Unless you're characters include an Altmer, or High Elf, there should be no reason for bad blood between your characters/dragons, or other players' characters/dragons



    Race:(for your two legged, no winged characters)

    Dragon Name:(Three words of a shout. Use the link mentioned above to come up with a clever name.)

    'Human' Appearance:(If there is no picture, your CS may not be accepted)

    Dragon Appearance:(If there is no picture, your CS may not be accepted)

    Human Weapon(s):(Pictures aren't required. Only three weapons max. NO daedric, or 'gods' weapons. These include Auriel's Bow, Auriel's Shield, Mehrunes Razor, etc.)

    Dragon Shouts:(Only available to your dragon)

    Major Skills:(Three(3) skills your human is more proficient in)

    Standing Stone:(you may choose only one)

    Hometown/Province:(for your human character)
  2. This is very much up my alley. I'm joining in. I'll have my characters up in a while
  3. Sounds fun! I'll be making mine later. It's 330am for me.
  4. Do I have to use skyrim dragon images?
  5. Not if you don't want to.
  6. Name: Maranwë Tinúviel

    Race: Dunmer(Dark Elf)

    Dragon Name: Durnehviir(Dur Neh Viir- Curse Never Dying)

    Human Appearance: Maranwë Tinúviel.jpg

    Dragon Appearance: Durnehviir.jpg

    Human Weapon(s): Iron Sword, Elven Dagger, Hunting Bow.

    Dragon Shouts: Soul Tear, Fire Breathe

    Major Skills: Sneak, One-Handed, Archery

    Standing Stone: Warrior

    Hometown/Province: Winterhold

    (Don't ask how we freed Durnehviir from the Ideal masters and the Soul Cairn.. It's a long story.)
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  7. For some reason it pastes everything together... gimme a moment

    Dragon (open)
    UlSahmaar (translates to Eternal Phantom Terror.)

    Dragon Name:
    Ul (Eternity) Sah (Phantom) Maar (Terror)

    Dragon Appearance:

    Dragon Shouts:
    Unrelenting force (Fus Ro Dah)
    Clear Skies (Lok Vah Koor)
    Aura Whisper (Las Yah Nir)
    Fire Breath (Yol Toor Shul)
    Frost Breath (Fo Krah Diin)

    Standing Stone:
    Currently none.

    Khajiit (open)
    Sedrig the sly


    'Human' Appearance:

    Human Weapon(s):
    Glass great sword of burning

    Elven bow

    Glass arrows]Glass Arrows

    Major Skills:
    Two handed

    Standing Stone:
    Shadow stone

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  8. Definitely accepted! ^_^ I love the name!

    I was going to use my dragon name, VokunNosNahlon, meaning Shadow Strike Silent, but Durnie doesn't get much attention outside of the soul cairn, so I figured someone should use him. May as well be me!
  9. Lol cool. So who's going to be the fearless leader and dragon born?
  10. I wouldn't mind letting someone use Paarthurnax and Dovahkiin, but I think we should leave those as more or less, npcs. People would be mad if one person got to, and that person might cause problems by being over-powered. it would be vorohah, it would be madness.
  11. I've put up my first post! Also, @Dragonized~Glory, Dragons don't have standing stone blessings. That's simply for human characters.
  12. CS:

    Name: Cassandira Terahall

    Race: Breton

    Dragon Name: Qo Nos Vahzah (Lightning Strike True)

    'Human' Appearance: [​IMG]

    Dragon Appearance: [​IMG]

    Human Weapon(s): Bastard Sword

    Dragon Shouts: Battle Furry, Storm Call, Unrelenting Force, Firebreath

    Major Skills: One Handed, Destruction, Light Armor

    Standing Stone: Lover Stone

    Hometown/Province: Solitude
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  13. @F0X, accepted :D You can join in on the IC at any time!
  14. @F0X, is your dragon a female? They had a great discussion on that matter on Thuum, and I have to say good job! Though Skyrim hints towards the dragons as genderless, they do seem to have more manly voices, instead of female voices, which is quite fitting since dovah los kiin wah rel, dragons are born to dominate. So if QoNosVahzah is in fact, female, ^5!
  15. This is one of those things where I wasn't sure if she could or couldn't be female. I am imagining QoNosVahzah's voice to sound like This
  16. That's awesome! Can't wait until we get more people for this.
  17. The Dovahkiin is acceptable but I believe that someone should in fact play Paarthurnax. He is in fact a very idle dragon that doesn't do much and I don't want to keep talking to myself lol
  18. Well, because Paarthrnax is idle in a sense, and he's generally at the throat of the world, he would be a great NPC for issuing quests and such. At least that is what I think after all. But, I wouldn't mind either if someone wanted to play him either, that is just a big role to fill since he is supposed to be the most all wise and all knowing dragon. Oh, and btw!! Cass hates the blades, just a heads up.
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