Sketches and The Like

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  1. Of things I do. I'll just start fresh here and post my crap.

    This is one; I just did. You don't have to tell me how anatomically awkward he is. I can see it :|. However, it's the most decent thing I've spit out in the last month, considering it's the first time I've drawn in a month.

    He's based off of a WoW character of mine; a priest named Braedan. However, I'm going to say it's a younger version of him since he has long, pretty and flow-y hair right now.

    This originally started out as a man, and it was suppose to be Braedan.
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  2. You are very practiced from the looks of it, I can't wait to see more of your lovely work :)
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  3. Thank you :P. I feel like my abilities and patience to sit there for 40+ minutes comes and goes. I'll make a drawing or three that are fairly decent and it just seems to die after that, which makes me go on a break from doing art for a week or so. Kind of surprised by the second picture. I've never filled in a face that well before.