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  1. now drawing: scottish lich and Australian Terminator chaplain orchestrating a wedding and drinking spirits.
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  4. Clare:
    "H-Hi, W-We kinda t-talked on t-the p-phone." I say suddenly seeing her in person I'm more shy then ever. So I move behind Bram and Bury my head in his back.
    Dani: I giggle softly into the kiss and move sitting on his lap
  5. now working on an Iron Ork suit.

    inspired by iron man two.
  6. Gwen

    "Belle has always been great at DnD but..." she showed a figure that had a skull mask and dark clothing and she placed it down on the table. Her eyes flickered over to another familiar one, a woman in a blue uniform and frosty white hood over her head. "My God. They seem to have us all as pawns." Her hand went over to other figures and she could identify a few as men she had seen earlier "This is creepy Jay. I really don't like this,"


    She shrugged "My Gwendolyn is a good person. She'll listen to me. Besides if something rotten happens I am capable of handling her. I doubt she will try anything major. She's out of her element. She's not Repear now, just Gwendolyn, and my guess is she is too dazed and confused to truly attempt a fight back. But if she is, well I know how she works. I can handle it." She shrugged
  7. I love it!
  8. Belle

    She nodded "Very good. That is another way we classify some of our workers. Besides their chosen identity." She frowned "We have nothing else to hide." She answered Gwen gently, biting her lip


    "Very." She agreed and kissed him back, glad he didn't think of her differently now. She still wondered if telling him was the right thing to do. "Although its better to ignore a dangerous life style for now". She chuckled
  9. Jason

    He shrugged, "In my defense, I was holding back, way back." He thought for a second, "Wait, it wasn't 7?"


    He grinned, "I don't know, I'm a pretty intense cuddler." He teased.
  10. Jason

    "Hmm, not bad." He sat in a chair and put his feet up on the table.


    He grinned. "Oh yeah, and I'll cuddle you so hard that we are both tired." He joked.
  11. the backgrounds taking ages, but im getting there