Sketchbook 2010-11

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no pages pulled except for some concept sketches that were mostly scribble; welcome to five years ago Mini's Sketchbook! I'm thinking of redrawing some of these, you guys should tell me which you'd like to see!

She was a character for a Magical Girl story I wanted to draw; oh, I should warn you, this sketchbook may contain traces of weeaboo

Another OC, I forget what he was about.

AnotherOC; my pirate captain who was cursed to be half man, half kitty, all cutie

And here he is again!

Ah, an FMA fan art. The first of many!

I was pretty into Death Note then, too. Matto is still a favourite pairing of mine

Outfit swap! I still like this one, it just needs tweaking.

Overdone concept for RoyEd Art? Maybe, but it still amuses me.

NekoEdo! I often wonder at fans of this pairing making one or both of them a kitty, since Roy is so openly a dog person, but you can't deny it's adorable.

*Mind. Apparently I cropped this pic a bit


This still is a sweet idea for me, if only Ed's head weren't so worryingly swollen.

An OC, Janine. She's a bit of a slob, and also a vampire. Hence the broken mirror and boarded window.

Part of some art challenge; it's my OC Trevin, and the theme was 'light'

My OC Pokemon trainer! Ria was spunky, stubborn, enthusiastic, and kind of a brat.

I like the pic on this one still (mostly the long cloth and those gorgeous wrinkles in it) but I think the writing is a bit pretentious

Trevin also had a gambling problem. In fairness, he was a con man and usually won when he wanted to.

Remember the cat pirate? This is his estranged sister. They didn't get along well.

I forget what this OC was about, I think I quit this pic cause I was unhappy with the outfit

Cat pirate again!

Jude, another character in the same story as Terrel (the cat pirate). He's not cursed, but he is a ninja!

Avalon Code fan art. Still pretty pleased with this one

Pokemon XD fan art

I often wondered if Ed kept his watch after The first anime ending

As a RoyEd girl, Shamballa kind of depressed me.


Jude again! I remember my brother picking apart the stupidity of his stance

Another meme/art challenge I started

Haku is my favourite vocaloid

I picture Roy as a morning person.

You know how people use the term 'rock star' to mean someone's awesome? It's fun to take things literally.

My OC Sight got her moniker because she can only see in grayscale

Crossover art is fun!

Valentine art! Drew this for @Pixii Faye

I really don't do enough Zelda art

Sight as a princess. I sucked at ball gowns

Drew sight and played with colour

Jude again being flirty

My ex drawn as a puppy chibi! I drew chi is with floating hands and feet then for some reason

Aww, my ear only had three holes in it!

A redraw of an even older picture

An OC, a very old, crappy OC.

Diah! My pirate queen who was easier to draw than to write

Another Avalon Code art; I recall being very pleased at getting her hair right.

Self portrait! Most of the setting is fictional though.

A sketch of my ex. I'm not very good at drawing real people.

Zelda concept art for a fanfic exploring my Dark Link headcannon

Diah again!

Another pic of Ria; she can be a bit overconfident

A somber pic I inked for September 11th.

I can't remember the name of this anime; I drew this for a friend who liked it.

My starving artist character

I drew Alice from Pandoa Hearts as a witch for a Halloween art contest

I spilled on this one :(

There we go! This was a fun trip down memory lane :3
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