Skeezy Pervert Warning! Please take care with your Skype details!

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  1. Sometimes we get asshole sexual predator perverts. If someone with the Skype name jinin.lacross1989 contests you BLOCK HIM IMMEDIATELY. He registers here frequently evading bans, getting the Skype names of female members and then proceeds to bully and harass and abuse them for boobie pics and webcamming so he can jerk his wiener.

    If ANYONE ever contacts you asking for cyber sex, inappropriate pictures, or tries to sexually abuse you on this forum or over Skype Report their User Name and Skype name immediately AND BLOCK THEM.

    We do not tolerate that kind of crap. Make sure you are always safe and careful about the people you share your off-site details with! There are crazy perverts out there!
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  2. ANOTHER ONE!? At this rate, we might need to screen everyone who comes and joins our pretty little roleplay wonderland!
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  3. He may also be using the names jinin.lacross or some variation of heikari.izumia. Be on the lookout for ANY Skype accounts that sound close to these names.
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  5. Daaamn. Some people are just cray.

    Please be safe, everyone.
  6. Assemble the armies, a castration crusade is in order.
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  7. Geez... I swear I can't stand those kind of people... People like that make me sick.
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  8. I also got an add and interesting questions from him.
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  9. Thank you for the warning!
  10. We were added by this worm.

    And he did ask us interesting things.

    We feel that we intimidated him a little.

    He only managed to ask us for our name--

    --to which we replied with our own names.

    She means, our name here on Iwaku.

    And he asked us for our age--

    --I told him to fuck off.

    In a prim and proper manner.

    We didn't see any replies from him at all.

    We assume he...

    ...gave up.
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  11. Oh, thank you! He added me last night, and I only thought he was just a roleplayer looking for a roleplay! Things got weird when he asked me if I was a girl or a boy...
  12. ok i may as well distroy my computer then die..

    -.- sometimes i wish things where never said 2 time in my life and when ever i go on the computer my mom my sister my friends are like be careful there are gasre online every day every week

    but imust say this

  13. Could not find out how to send private messages.. so I have to post this here! He has made a public apology!

    This is our entire conversation..

    [6:54:53 PM | Edited 6:55:03 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: whatever you think.. i didn't mean it
    [6:57:21 PM] Isabella Hime: UH? Whaaa?
    [6:58:05 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: why did yoiu add me
    [6:58:20 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: .. they already ban me for bull
    [6:59:49 PM] Isabella Hime: What did you do now?
    [7:01:32 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: what do you mean
    [7:03:45 PM] Isabella Hime: *stares at* you remember me don't you..
    [7:03:57 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: yea
    [7:04:14 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: but look.. i was going legit ya know
    [7:05:47 PM] Isabella Hime: But you did just get banned.. HEY! You know what you could do is make a nation on Nationstates.. that won't make you feel better though..
    [7:06:38 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: look.. i just asked one person do they get turned on by mature rping
    [7:07:08 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: ... u mean.. it came up in with 10 other people they where fine
    [7:07:36 PM | Edited 7:07:40 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: .. but she took as i though i wanna be sexual.. but i wasn't
    [7:08:46 PM] Isabella Hime: Mature rp without sexual contact? Sounds pretty boring..
    [7:09:30 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: i know.. but i didn't ask her for nothing.. ya know
    [7:09:49 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: i mean i met some awsome prople on the site
    [7:10:31 PM] Isabella Hime: Maybe you should join a porn rp site..
    [7:11:21 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: nah.. i wanna go cleen you knpw start over.. i have so many characters and ideas
    [7:24:05 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: fine i'll make a formal apology
    [7:24:15 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: if it helps
    [7:26:00 PM] Isabella Hime: I can send it to them tomorrow.. if I remeber.. I am pretty drunk right now..
    [7:27:54 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: fine
    [7:35:00 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: I geninincide/jinin Formaly apologize for my mistakeable actions to the females of iwaku for a simple mistake i'm not a creepy a guy that sits around and prey on girls..i know i had asked a few girls "do they get turned on while doing mature roleplaying." doesn't mean i wanna have cam sex its just yea i know i have came off alittle to forward.. but time i had met some aswome peopole in my one being on iwaku.i never ment fir people take it the wrong way.. i don't wanna roleplay for sexual needs..i role play caouse it alose one imagination to go wild for along as they choose.. so for this i'm deeply sorry for comming off as a perv or a creep.. i never really ment any harm in doing so..just to know i'm not alone in most thing of life thatn people call stupid
    [7:35:16 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: there
    [7:36:01 PM] Isabella Hime: Ok! I tell them now!
    [7:36:27 PM] demon "the dragon" bishop: thanks
  14. I just want to say one thing in response to that apology.

    This guy has been banned TWICE before for doing the exact same thing that he did this time. Not only is he guilty of one auto-permaban offense (sexually harassing members), but two: ban evasion.

    He has already been given a second chance, and a third, without going through proper channels in the first place. He blew them both.
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  15. What the hell is up with this? Man, if some idiot did that to me, I would beg for the power to beat the living crap out of people over the internet.
  16. Uh, guys? I know what I said earlier, but now I'm starting to think that maybe we're being a bit harsh, don't you think?

    I mean, how many people are making these accusations? Are we even sure of any of this? If he was just asking a question, is it really a cause for all this?
  17. He tried to add me on Skype, too, but with no message of who he was or anything. I don't add random people. So I dodged that bullet!
  18. Some folks need to get a life, damn that nonsense. I have no stomach for it at all. if I had my way we'd track them down and make sure that there perverted ways ended.
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  19. We have Skype logs detailing the incidents (and YES, it was more than one person). It was also more than just a matter of a simple question. This was investigated thoroughly and, as mentioned, is a recurring pattern of behavior with this guy.
  20. This guy sounds vaguely like somebody I've seen on a site called Chathour; the person's name was orriginal BaddyClownz, and since then he's had about 20 other accounts. I've wound up protecting quite a few girls that he's harrassed.
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