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  1. Hey everyone, Stormwolf here.

    I have been in the online role-playing scene for some time, spending time in a variety of forums and creative environs for over eleven years. Writing has always been my outlet, my way of releasing pressure from my brain before it goes Chernobyl. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels that way, right? I try and keep these intro threads short, as I prefer to pop in, say "herro", and then get to writing.

    So, herro.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku,

    I would like to say welcome to Iwaku. I am glad to see you joined we have everything from chat roleplay to thread and pm roleplay what ever you prefer. I am staff, community maitence as me banner says. Make sure to read the rules, if you haven't already, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you are new to role playing in general, welcome we have many helpful tips, and discussions. We also have many Helpful staff and memebers.

    I am Dark Disney, I have been on here a year now. Please feel free to pm me at any time, I do have a husband and Job that I work full time hours as a swim istructor, I may not answer right away. I do have a blog that will tell you what is going on in my life feel free to look at it and see where I am.

    I do love this site. Their is something for everyone, here on this website is literally a place to call home away from home. Need an outlet we have Blogs and a counseling section. If it is a major problem with a member inform the staff immediately or Administrator if it is a problem with staff member. If it is a problem with the site their is a bug report in help desk. Normally happens with updates.

    The people you will meet on here are just as nice and I am proud to say some are good friends, and some are like family and I really do love all them. Now I have put some helpful links in here for you. Now go and explore our wonderful home and welcome to the family.

    An important rule, respect the staff and here it is the most important rule Have fun.

    Your friendly Neighborhood,
    Dark Disney
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, Disney. The layout of the site is a little different than what I am used to, but I'm liking the sheer volume of content I am seeing so far.
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  4. Welcome welcome :) oh and did I say welcome? Cause if I didnt Welcome
  5. Ugggg this avatar again!

  6. Hahaha, he just wants a kiss, Meg!
  7. Or suck out my soul. One or the other. Or both.
  8. Hey there StormWolf! Welcome to IWAKU!

    My name is Ali and I'm one of many Intern Moderators a part of this amazing site.
    I'm here to basically thrash around in the many threads and forums this site has, and make sure (along with all the others) that it's a clean, well organized, and well-maintained website!

    I wanted to offer my formal welcome, and hello! It's always good to see a new member join IWAKU.
    Also, don't worry, that scary mustard-yellow won't be the colour of your name for too long! Just make sure you post and sooner than later you'll have a very pretty blue.

    A couple things to get you started!

    If you've never been a part of a roleplay forum before, welcome! I think you're going to love it here!
    If you have, then it's fantastic you're branching out!
    IWAKU is honestly (in my personal opinion) the best there is!

    Here on IWAKU, there are many different forums you can check out. My suggestion for just getting started would be the INTEREST CHECKING & CREATION forum. Here is where new (and old) members post possible ideas for new roleplays and gather others interest.

    If you have an idea burning in your head that just NEEDS to be turned into a roleplay, that's the forum for you!
    Should you wish to check out the more concrete roleplays, GROUP RP PLOT INFO & SIGN=UP'S is for you - unless
    of course you prefer to roleplay with only one person, then definitely head on over to SEEKING ONE X ONE PARTNERS.

    Now, depending on your age, you can also participate in what IWAKU likes to call "Libertine/teen" roleplays. These are the more "adult" style RP's and can be found either HERE or HERE depending on your age :)

    IWAKU is chalk-full of helpful staff and members that are really friendly and kind! So any question, please ask! We don't bite (at least, not all of us bite)
    Here are a few helpful links to get started, and if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me! Just send me a message :)

    Terms of Service & Rules

    I hope you enjoy IWAKU!! :D

    -Ali ♥♥
  9. Welcome ^_^
  10. Tjena! Pratar du svenska?

    In any case, welcome to Iwaku. You've gotten lots of tips about the site already but if you need a hand with anything, sending a message to anyone marked as staff will get you a friendly face to help. Most of the members would also probably happily assist you.
  11. Skål? Are we speaking a Norwegian skål or a Swedish skål or a Danish skål? I NEED TO KNOW! Skåla so we can understand you damn it! o_o *Gets dragged out of the New arrivals section for scaring away all the newbs* WHIIIICH SKÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅåååå....
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